Dana Loesch talks CNN town hall on gun control

Dana Loesch talks CNN town hall on gun control

100 thoughts on “Dana Loesch talks CNN town hall on gun control

  1. Raise the age limit for a person to get a 'deadly' weapon? Really, Geraldo? An unstable teen driving a car through a school parking lot when school lets out can kill just as many people as they can with a gun. Why not raise the age limit for driver's licenses as well? And if a person is not ready for responsibility why let them vote at 18? Or in some states drink before 21? Be honest, does turning 21 automatically make someone ready to own a firearm? Or drive? Once again we confuse the machinery used with the lack morals, respect for human life and mental stability.

  2. We would have these situations where we have 15 dead or 25 dead if the police weren't pussies and stormed the schools immediatley instead of waiting outside for hours while the wounded bleed out

  3. I can't carry a weapon because I'm mentally ill but I'm probably still going to join the NRA just to protect all of your rights

  4. Just look at the numbers of casualties in other countries and at their gun control rules. If you are capable of rational thinking . . .

  5. Dana went back to her republican white people base good for her. She’s afraid of the new generation as are the rest of them they can run but can’t hide

  6. Hannity is a shill of a clown

    The NRA used to teach firearm safety and marksmanship

    Now they are just whores for firearm manufacturers

    It's sad my father who grew up a military brat and served over three decades has fond memories of the NRA and it is unrecognizable to him today. He is a expert marksman BTW and the Apple didn't fall far from the tree. I own several firearms myself but will never join a shit group like the NRA 🖕

  7. I'm going to start buying guns for as many law abiding African Americans as I can. The ones who really need protection.

  8. Fox should've had their own town hall like this. All of those to the right of Marx that appeared at the CNN one made a huge mistake.

  9. Hannity is a real cock. Geraldo good point. Stop wasting it time with these idiots. No logic and common sense

  10. This NRA parrot is TOTALLY UNREPRESENTATIVE of the NRA which is overwhelmingly white, fat, male, and middle aged or old. She's also a liar. Five million NRA members? BULLSHIT for 2 reasons: 1. the NRA doesn't publish its membership roll, and 2. the NRA membership roll has NEVER been independently audited.

  11. Interesting all comments ! I feel for the people in FL in this sad situation ! Sad that the NRA is taking so much flak ? What did the NRA ? have to do in this situation ? I was watching and the students ETC ! re-marks ? how unfair remarks ! I am not a member of the NRA, but know some people that are, I do know the NRA is big with gun sports ( safety programs etc. ) hunting and as myself interest in military historic weapons.
    When Cruz got his guns, there should be when filing out the gun applications, there should be some way a on line flag come up that he had problems !
    Lets all come together and not lash at each other !
    I am retired military and what is going on with sadly in FL is what we call PTSD,

  12. Dana don't worry about the Sherriffs comments …and the liberal crowd only grows testicles when they have large numbers threatening a women …I hope u have a gun…………..you'll go down in history advocating for and defending your rights …..Sherriff Israel will go down in history as having hid under the table and defending cowards.

  13. Hmm, looks like everyone wins some publicity here. What was the point of a debate after a mass killing? Really?? Everyone should be ashamed of themselves. Go to your room and pray for sanity. Let's open our hearts to take care of the mentally unstable instead of letting them become monsters. No gun control will matter when bombs become the tool of a mad person. Just my 2 cents.

  14. She is one cold bitch. The NRA don't care about seeing children protected just sales charts. The more mass shootings the better the sales. Get it on!

  15. Dana Loesch is so ridiculously hot i dont even have words, when the man upstairs was handing out looks she was the 1st through the 200th in line

  16. REF: CNN Meeting
    Bring rude to people does not help ! in this event ! the AR remark to the Sen, was terrible ! And Saying that the NRA was the problem ? WHAT !
    Being rude to the NRA person ! How Rude ! disrespect ! Lets not forget ! the shooter and the Law + system was ( IS ) the problem !
    People sure are in pain ! but why ? lash out at people who had nothing to with what sadly happened ! Go Army

  17. This is so great to see, Dana with all her people and not in that staged piece of shit that fake news, CNN had her go to with those stupid liberals who wouldn’t even let her speak and was screaming like, morons. I swear to, God, I am so proud to be a member of the, NRA and just love, Dana to death. A great spokesperson. She’s the best and NO, LIBERAL WILL EVER PRY MY .44 MAGNUM FROM MY BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HANDS!! GO, TRUMP, DANA, NRA AND USA!!!

  18. Liberals are such pieces of shit. Threatening, Dana and some even rushing her. Does anyone hate, libturds and demcraps as much as me? Seriously. I, loathe these people with all my heart.

  19. Search: America’s unique gun violence problem, explained in 17 maps and charts. Read. Watch. That should clear up any doubt for any intelligent, decent person.

  20. Click here to watch my rant on why gun control in the US is useless in saving lives:


  21. Geraldo, please leave. You have no business discussing issues that require some level of an understanding of the US Constitution.

  22. Dana is stunning and smart. Isnt it funny that the people that want to ban the AR-15 ( really meaning all guns) said burn her , so i guess burning people is more acceptable. Geraldo cant talk he is Puerto Rican ,he is clueless on how our island has a law that requires you to be 21 but yet we have criminals who are even 15 with fully automatic rifles AND handguns. Also Puerto Rico has had 3 public massacers 2 month within the year. So yeah Graldo should not be there.

  23. Sad, Sad. People who just don't understand. A six shooter pistol or, a bolt action rifle satisfy anyone's 2nd amendment rights. I, personally, would like an M240 machine gun . I qualify for one, but why?
    A 40 round mag for an AR 15, AK 47 , whatever, is a weapon of war. They should not be allowed in society. Period!
    If you have a dispute with a crazy neighbor, who threatened your family, would you like him to go to Walmart and buy a bolt action 308 or, a 40 round AR 15 from wherever?! Admit it, blasting away with a monster semi is a rush. But, when a kook gets ahold of one, bad things happen.
    It's time for weapons of war to stay with the military.

  24. I read these pathetic comments from other videos and they have no clue to what the NRA is about, they just believe what the liberals tell them. The guns were not a factor in this shooting. Law enforcement was a factor, the cowards waited outside and did not go in to confront the dirt-bag.. Social Services and Law Enforcement was a factor because they did not do their job in taking this kid off the streets when he was reported to them as being unstable. There is a lot of blame to go around, but the NRA did not put a gun in that idiots hand. The liberal anti-gun freaks really believe that banning guns would have stop this shooting and in reality if someone wants to do harm, there is plenty of ways to do it and they could find them on the internet. . How many laws did this idiot break when he took guns onto school grounds? Gee, the gun free zone sure has not worked or the other laws that the dirt-bag broke when decided to cause harm to the students of that high school. You folks need to look at reality, banning guns would have not stopped that criminal act. BY the way, the liberals are owned by the anti-gun organizations. The NRA does what my dues tell them to do and that is to protect my right tow own a firearm.

  25. I highly suggest that you carefully examine Barry Soetoro's aka Barack Obama's "Promise Program! The NRA had NOTHING to do with the Parkland shooter. Apparently a policy implemented by Barack Obama and Eric Holder had much to do with the tragedy of Parkland!

    180226 Rush Limbaugh How Obama's PROMISE PROGRAM led to Broward School Shooting Shooting

    "To those who want to blame Florida Governor Rick Scott and/or President Trump for the Broward County school shooting, you might want to consider what specific OBAMA policy resulted in the shooter not having been arrested despite no less than 40 different civilian tips about him to the authorities. The Obama

    "Promise Program" rewarded schools for every occasion they did NOT charge a public school student for a crime in an effort to reduce criminal records for minority students.:

    "The law is ESSA, the stipulation within that is the: The Promise Program. signed Oct 5th, 2016.. updated from the 2013 signing. It is legislation from hell. It is a coddling of offenders and ask any offender, if you get me off the hook, then to be sure I am going to offend again. The ESSA law glitters, but it is pure fools gold. You are correct, their were like 21 agencies tied to the Promise Program bullshit. I have the 33 page document. Here is the link: I am writing to each and every person… and will personally ask to speak before the house for my 3 minutes or however long I can speak, to detail my response to the subversive legislation known as ESSA and the Promise Program. Sheriff Scott Israel is a bastard royal".

    Broward County Promise Program – Fully Executed Collaborative Agreement – Final Document

    Obama's/Holder's PROMISE Program And Endangerment Of Students Rush Limbaugh, caller)

    #Parkland and Exposure of the PROMISE Program https://youtu.be/48bvUpbX-bE

    Ingraham: Broward's PROMISE program and its deadly effects

    The Rush Limbaugh Show PODCAST – February 26 – 2018

    #Parkland Aftermath: Rubio Takes On Holder and Obama's PROMISE Program (Rush Limbaugh)

    Persons who would have us believe that the "government' will protect American citizens.NONSENSE!

    Judge Jeanine: Shame on you Sheriff Israel

    Jeanine reacts to the news that four sheriff's deputies stayed outside of the school during the parkland shooting.

  26. Liberals will never be happy untill all of are rights are takein from us like my god ol dad used to say liberalism is a mental disorder by the way I'm a black trump supporter like my father be for me. And I think that this is a liberal plot to get destroy the 2nd aminment

  27. Dana will put lead in your ass and drink a cup of tea. Ohhh lala aww we we. You say Muhammad ali I say bashs clay you say butter I say parkway!

  28. You already know what it's about when I run up in your house
    Put the gun up in your mouth and get the money out the couch.

  29. The moment that you realize that the NRA lovers care more about their guns than the lives of children in high schools.

  30. Crazy stupid ass wingnuts. But keep embarrassing the GOP. No one in the military or law enforcement respects Fox Noise garbage

  31. These people are totally from planet called Fox News and the day their own loved ones are the target. Than they will realize it.

  32. Thank goodness in that entire audience of 100s there is at least one black and one hispanic. And they both on the stage🤔

  33. Dana "context of the time "…..if we are working under that concept, the right to bear arms didn't include semiautomatic weapons in terms of "the context of the time ". Also when looking at chain of events there doesn't mean there is one cause, so yes a number of times the ball was dropped in terms of preventing this tragedy but that includes poor gun control and regulation. That is also a factor or example of one of the balls that were dropped.

  34. If your argument for raising gun ownership age is "he cant even buy a beer yet" you've lost… it's not about protecting his beer, its protecting the house he can legally buy, the car he legally owns or his family.

  35. I have never had much respect for Geraldo since he tried to put a sand table of the coalition assault on the eve of the push to remove saddams forces from Kuwait. I am sure he was just trying to look knowledgeable but I would have escorted him to the nearest boarder and booted him from the entire theater of operations. He put hundreds of thousands of lives at risk. He has no credibility with any one associated with the military from that era.

  36. Geraldo cant walk whats up with that? notice him sitting on the steps then gets up last and tries to walk normal to his seat .

  37. So what Heraldo is saying it is ok to die for the government but not buy a gun. I have been hunting since i was a kid about 10 i think i got my first shotgun i never shot anyone because i am a responsible gun owner and my father taught me how to use it and when.

  38. Anybody who listens to Fox news is braindead! A bigot and needs a talkin to! Hannity is a coward! Right wing men who vote Trump are pansies!

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