Delfinarium Duisburg: Spielzeug für DELFINE 🐬 im ZOO DUISBURG |

Delfinarium Duisburg: Spielzeug für DELFINE 🐬 im ZOO DUISBURG |

Hello, today we visit the dolphins. Roland Edler (dolphin caretaker at Duisburg Zoo): Now I’m sitting here between all of our toys, but these toys aren’t for us, but for those. Dolphins have diffrent kinds of needs and everybody knows you have to take care, that a child or an animal is not hurt because of this. That’s why we have no toys with parts that could break up and we have almost no toys made of wood, so it does not splinter. There are toys for children with parts, which break up and the children could swallow it. We are not allowed to use such toys and that’s why the majority of our toys are or are made of sporting goods. They are normally used for gymnasics, therapies or rehabilitation programs. We have different kinds of shapes. In the ocean dolphins have a habitat with seldom more shapes than fish. So we offer them a different kinds of shapes like this plate with different pimples on it. They can have it in their mouth. It’s very weak so they can’t harm their teeth. They really love this toy: balls. But there are different kinds of balls: for examples there are basket balls, which we don’t like to use, because they are very rough. We use special balls with pimples normally used during a therapy process for humans. They are best for the dolphins’ teeth: although they like to bite on this balls nothing bad happens with their teeth. Moreover this balls are hard to control, which is really interesting and entertaining for the dolphin, who will be surprised by this. Otherwise they like to chose a wall, where they throw the ball to the same spot again and again in order to get him back. So this toy is moreover interactive for the dolphins. In addition to that we’ve got toys, which is connected to get another shape. When it floats and a dolphin can touch one side and the other side reacts, which effects an interaction, which is entertaining for the animals. There are toys the animals can swim through and toy that have only one open side, so it can stay under water. First it swims and then it sinks and stays on the floor, so they have to bringt it actively back. Then there are toys, which can be used for the presentation like this ring. They can play with them in their spare time and we use the similar behaviour during the presentation. We also have got special toys, which is used, when there are no visitors here in the dolphinarium – that’s why nobody sees it. These are special tons, which origin from the kanu sport and people use it for their valuables. We cut holes in it. They are really stable and the walls are thick enough that no sharp edges, so the dolphin can’t harm theirselves through sticking something in. We fill these tons with fish, closed and are then offered to the animals. They have to find a way how they can get the fish out of these holes. We have different types of these tons, so we have different sizes and to prevent only one dolphin takes a ton for its own. That’s why we have a lot in different shapes, with different kinds of holes – sometimes more, sometimes less. So we have different tons for thos, who already can do it and those, who are practicing. Here we’ve got different forms of balls, some are filled with water and some are not. We also have got this toys, which origin from therapy sports – so called hedgehog balls. The dolphins like to play with them and attach them to rocks or the glass and then they bring them back sometimes in between. We also have pylons, which are open to both sides. The dolphin love to play with these and stick their head into them, but we only use them, when the animals are old enough, so that they cannot get stucked in them. If their head is big enough they can’t stuck in them. Of course it wouldn’t be good, when they would stay stucked in them. So we have to care that they toys are suitable for the age of the dolphins – same as it is the case with toys for humans. This pylon has two holes and we caretaker can use it actively, which I would like to show to you. We fill this pylon with water and pull it up quickly ahdn have a waterfall and the animals love it, when water falls in their mouth on their tongue. You can see how Delphi pushs her tongue in the direction of the water. She has a lot of fun and could enjoy it for hours … or the dolphins start attempts to steal the pylon, which she will start in a few moments. Indeed we don’t always have the time to do it. We use these toy, when there are no presentations, but we have special toys for the presentations. After the presentations or the feedings the animals get their toys as enrichment. At this time most visitors have already left. That’s why people don’t really often, when we use toys. Well, I think we now showed a lot of toys. There are floating and sinking toys. We also use different kinds of fenders from the ship technology. These fenders are normally used to keep boats away from walls and they can’t be destroyed by the dolphins no matter how strong they bite in them. And they are so weak and smooth they can not wear down their teeth with them. Here we’ve got a toy, which floats. They really like to use it. For example Ivo lays his head on it and then swims quickly through the pools. Same with this toy: The dolphin lay their head on it to have some buoyancy and then swim through the water like a motor boat. He has a lot of fun with it. Sometimes he also uses it while having it under his belly. In nature there are fishes called suckerfishes, which attach to dolphins and nothing more is, what he does with this toy. He kind of sticks it under his belly and swims through the water. For example we added a tube to this one, so that the dolphins see a reaction and has something special. But I have to add, that these toys are used sometimes and sometimes not. This is a decision of us as their caretakers, because we know our animals and their needs. For example we’ve got a completly intact family group in this dolphinarium. We’ve got kids, grandma, father, mother – they are all in here. These animals also engage aeach other. The best “toy” is an intact family with in the best case more babys, because they fool around, play with each other and with their parents. Then we don’t need these toys. We observed this: When there are babies, they or their mothers throw out toys. As soon as they don’t want to play with a toy any more or doesn’t want their babys to interact with it, they will throw it out. When we offer then the toys in the water and they show no interest or throw it our in the first three minutes, this means for us, that they don’t want to have it. That’s why it’s very important, that there are family groups and especially for the females it’s an important need to raise babys. If they are not allowed to do that, because of the agenda of animal rights activits, it’s completely wrong. Males form groups, which play different to females and that’s why it’s possible to have bachelor groups in human care without having babys, because in nature there are no babys in a bachelor groups, but for females in my opinion a breeding ban would be animal cruelty. If you like the video, I would be happy about a thumb up and if you have questions put them in the comment section below. Please subscribe our channel to never miss a new video.

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  1. In diesem Video seht ihr einige Spielzeuge in Aktion: 💦
    Watch this video to see, hwo the dolphins interact with some toys: 💙

  2. Lustig finde ich, wie die Delfine vor allem in der zweiten Hälfte des Films ihre Köpfe aus dem Becken strecken und den Pfleger immer wieder nass spritzen als wollten sie sagen: "Hey, wirf uns endlich ein paar von den tollen Sachen ins Wasser und spiel mit uns!". Mich würde interessieren zu sehen, wie die Tümmler die Fische aus den Behältern holen und mit den Baustellenhütchen spielen

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