Discover The Coolest Job in New Media (that no one knows about)

Discover The Coolest Job in New Media (that no one knows about)

So, what is it that I do? Sometimes I make
it up because it’s really difficult to explain, but for the most part I say I focus on creating
storytelling for the future. And I leave it at that, people are like “Huh, what?” I
am the Director of Interactive here at Tribeca Film Institute. We kind of expand what it
means to really create for a world where everyone has platforms at their fingertips. I never
in a million years thought I would be in this intersection between storytelling and technology
and art, never. With these new platforms they are just more tools that creators have at
their disposal. Technology is changing everything, not just storytelling, and it’s only a matter
of time before we have our own Kubrick. A hackathon primarily is an environment where
we place people with different skill sets to create a project. Hack, which is basically
understanding how something works and remodeling it for your own needs, and “athon” comes from
marathon. When I last counted we were at nineteen hackathons. Tribeca Hacks has been in Chicago,
Philadelphia, Cambridge, here in New York, we’ve taken this to Cern in Switzerland, France,
Germany. We’ve been now in Israel, I’ve been to every single hackathon. Some people are
just like “Oh my goodness, are you really teaching people how to hack into computers
and people’s identity?” It’s not like that. Tribeca Hacks is really about creating a mindset.
When you come to a hackathon, you’re going to be paired with other people who can complete
your brain. So you come to the table being humble, saying “ok well I have x but you may
have y and z and together we can create the entire alphabet”. I think whether it’s about
storytelling or community, the ethos is together we can create something meaningful. It’s going
to be a sprint to the finish, it always is. And we have to get through pitch training,
production completion, installation set-up, and sanity. After you have the voiceover,
something happens with the person with the camera, we’re basically saying that there
is happiness. Correct? Yes, say yes. We’re going to vote once, only once. I’ll give you
thirty seconds to have a quick argument, then we proceed. Do we want a sound effect when
someone enters, or no? Nobody will notice. And after we decide, no more discussion, we’re
going forth. So I’m laying here and if you’re quiet you hear the music from the lonely monkey
team, right? And I’m here I’m just like “that’s what it’s about”. They managed to reach their
potential. And it was worth every single ounce of energy that I have to get them to that
place. When, I’m in a hackathon and we’re close to the wire, and its just like “Oh my
God is my code going to work?” and it does, you everyone’s eyes light up and everyone’s
just like “I cant believe we did it” and you see the magic being created and you’re like
“yah, this is great and I’m glad I’m here”.

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