Do You Know Gun Laws In America?

Do You Know Gun Laws In America?

– (FBE) Today, we’re going
to be discussing a very serious and sensitive topic. Gun violence in the United States. This is something FBE has covered
in the past, but we felt the need to
bring the conversation back as more and more
of these events occur. We will not be naming
any of the shooters or giving them any attention. This is solely about the discussion
of the ongoing issue in America. – It’s a genuine epidemic
at this point. It used to just be
like a scary, like you’d hear about it every once in a while,
but at this point, it has become casual news. – This happens all the time now. Like I’ve gotten to the point
where I’m just like, it does affect me, but not
in the way that it should any more. – Yeah.
– I think that’s a problem that a lot of younger people face. – Back then, growing up,
we didn’t really have to worry about shooters or anything like that. Mainly the only thing we really
worried about were earthquakes, and fires and lock down
drill at school, and now there’s a whole procedure for classes and for students to be prepared
when something like this happens. – Having experienced the things
that have happened, I think that we need
some sort of stricter gun control. – I’m a big proponent
of the second amendment. I think I should have
the right to bear arms, protect my family,
somebody, intruder or something, come to my family,
I have the right to protect myself. But I just think AK-47s, AR-15s, only military should have those
kind of weapons. What does a civilian
need them weapons for? – Yeah.
– Who you going to war with? – When everyone brings up the argument it’s like oh, I think
the government’s gonna take over. Like I think it’s so invalid, because think about already
all of the corrupt things that our government is going,
the government’s literally gonna come knocking on our doors
and taking our guns. That’s not how that works. That’s not how that situation
should even be perceived. – I was reading an article, and it talked about people
being afraid to even go out. – Doing whatever it takes,
so that, you know, we can have our citizens
go to a movie theater or a school or wherever,
a Walmart! – Going to the grocery store, just going to get
a gallon of milk or something, and somebody comes in
and then all of a sudden your entire life is just completely
different, completely changed. – Personally,
I’m a little sick and tired of someone coming out and going “well what about my
Second Amendment rights?” Well, how about my right to live? – (FBE) We will be showing you laws
in other countries, and we’ll see if you know
the U.S. laws that are comparable. However, every state
is a little different, so we’ll be focusing only
on the laws that apply on a federal level in the U.S. If you know any state laws
that are comparable, please feel free to talk about them. – I have a feeling this might be
very depressing. – Yeah. – I’m gonna go out on a limb
here real quick, and I’m just gonna say
that probably all of these laws that you’re about to show
do not exist in the United States. – (Alberto) A maximum penalty for
aggravated firearms trafficking across national and state borders
is life imprisonment. – (FBE) And for the record,
firearm trafficking or arms trafficking is broadly defined
as the illicit trade of contraband, small arms and ammunition. – That’s why Australia has less…
– Gun violence? – Gun violence.
– The gun violence is lower out there? – Yeah, significantly lower.
– Yeah. – Ever since they had their
mass murder in the mid ’90s, and immediately reacted. – I’m tellin’ ya, America,
they just, I always say, America, we love our guns out here. The United States would never pass
this law right here. This wouldn’t even get to the Senate
or Congress floor. (laughs) – Yeah.
– They would kill this on sight. Oh no! – I think this law is acceptable.
It’s not too crazy, and I think it’s right that
life imprisonment is… – I think it’s a little harsh,
from my perspective here. – Yeah, I mean, it’s a long time. – (FBE) So do you know if
there’s a law like this in the U.S.? – Well it’s, firearms trafficking
across national and state borders? No, there’s not,
because you can buy a gun in Nevada and bring it over with no problem. – (FBE) There is actually
no federal U.S. law on firearm trafficking. So basically a person in California,
which has really strict gun laws can buy a gun in a state
with more relaxed gun laws and carry it over the state border. – Mm. – I agree how like states should be
able to create their own laws, because when it comes
to like minimum wage, everyone needs a different one, but I think when it comes to
something that’s very important like guns, there should be
federal laws that are unmovable, no matter where you live. – Let’s put it this way.
It could not hurt to have a universal law
across every state, which made it perhaps more
challenging for people. – Yeah, absolutely, because there is
the loophole with so many states, like we have individual laws,
but we still are one nation as a whole so we need rules across the board. – We have so many people
in all 50 states have a different personality. In California, you have more,
city, metro, you know, it’s different than people who
say from Montana, Wyoming, you know, the cowboys, the hunter,
type of thing. So, I think that each state
is totally different, and I don’t think that you can
have the agreement of all. – I don’t think our country as a whole
will even agree to a law such as this,
mainly because we’re all different. – Northern and Southern
California alone is totally different. – I mean, we have to have laws. It’s like some people say “Well, the bad guys
are gonna get ’em anyway.” Then why do we have laws at all? Drunk driving is a really good,
cars don’t kill people, drunk drivers kill people, right? Okay, so did laws stop drunk driving?
No, it did not. There’s still drunk driving accidents
all over the place, but when we started really
regulating some things and put tougher laws on drunk driving, the fatality of drunk drivers
decreased significantly. – I feel like just overall,
everything needs to be more strict and people need to start
getting punished for stuff like this, and then maybe people will start
getting it through their heads and start listening.
– We’re only on law one. – I know!
(both laugh) – An applicant for a firearm license
must pass background checks which consider criminal,
mental, addiction and domestic violence records. I know we do have background checks
and I know it’s, I want to say it’s something similar,
like you can’t if you have a record, a criminal record, but
there’s ways around it, I’m assuming. – But again, I don’t think
that’s for the whole country. I think that’s state specific. – That just feels like common sense.
– Common sense. Background checks, criminal records,
mental addiction, and domestic violence.
– 100%. – 110%. – And I think that they should
have to renew their license every couple years and that same
background check should be run. – Doing a background check
for mental illness and mental, addiction, criminal
and domestic violence, that should definitely be
like a basic law that is required
in purchasing a firearm. – There are no background checks
for gun shows. – Yeah gun show loop is zero. – (FBE) Do you know the U.S. law? – I don’t, I know at a federal level
there’s a law that’s tightening restrictions
and background checks that’s currently passed the House,
but will not be heard by the Senate. – I know that some states
have background checks, but federally I don’t believe
there is this law. – Everybody should have to
go under a psych evaluation and everything like that. They should have to fill out
why they want the firearm. – Are people gonna break the laws
and get around this and a get a gun?
Of course. But imagine just the drastic amount
that you’re gonna reduce people that shouldn’t have guns
from getting them. Because it’s like adding
these different gates, right? Like if I can’t get past
the first gate because, you know, I’ve got
a criminal background or mental something, whatever, and then they’re like
“oh you know what, I can’t get a gun,
fine I won’t get a gun.” And then some people
will stop there, right? So now we’ve already prevented
this first layer. – (FBE) So we do have the Brady Handgun Violence
Prevention Act, which requires background checks
from specific arm dealers. After the implementation of the National Instant Criminal
Background Check Sytem, the transfer of a firearm
can be legally completed after three days,
even if the background check is not completed.
– That’s ridiculous. Three days is so short,
and you need a lot of time to actually dig up peoples’ records, and now it’s kind of like
a free for all, especially for background checks. You can look at someone’s social media
like their school records and see lists and lists of things
on anybody. It’s gonna take way longer than that. – So basically you can
get your gun already, and the background check
hasn’t come back yet? – (FBE) Yeah.
– Yeah. – Gah, I’m a gun owner too.
– Yeah, a gun owner too. – I got two guns.
– So this is like for yeah, see here’s a point. – I got two handguns.
– Yeah. – I had to go through
background checks. Federal and I had to wait,
I had to wait to get my guns. They were like yeah,
we’re gonna do state background check and then the feds came back
and it was like okay, “you’re good to go”.
I was like “cool.” Now I bought ’em in Delaware
where I’m originally from. When I came here,
I had to register them here. – But honestly, like my brothers,
they’ve gotten it done, and I’ve gotten it done. The background checks,
it takes 10 minutes to do and it’s so easy, they just go
and they run through your stuff, and like, that’s it. – (FBE) We don’t even
federally require you to have a gun license
to obtain a gun. – Amazing. I mean, you have to have
a license to operate a vehicle. You should have a license
to operate any other machine. – Things that could kill you.
– Yeah. – Motorcycles could kill you,
could kill somebody else. You need a license. A car, you need a license. The idea that a gun has
less of a process of education and testing and you know,
going through something to get a license is like insanity.
– I disagree. I think you don’t really need
gun license to get a gun. I’m a big believer
in Second Amendment rights. I think the right to bear arms. If I gotta go get a gun license,
somebody come in my house and trying to come get
me and my family, I could shoot ’em right there
dead on the spot. I don’t need to be able
to practice on the gun range
to do that. – I would disagree with that one. I really feel like
education would help. I think if you own
a gun in this country, especially in this day and age,
you need to jump through some hoops to show that you are
a responsible citizen, up to and including education,
and your mom and dad should sign off on it,
I don’t care how old you are, Don. (Don laughs) – If you look at the research
of countries with mass shootings and gun violence based on
the number of guns they have, America’s the leader.
– Mm-hmm. – So if this helps get rid of guns,
that would be a good thing. – Mm-hmm, and I know
the argument for a long time was like “oh, well criminals
aren’t gonna buy their guns legally,” but at this point,
like a huge majority of the people who have done shootings
and everything have had them legally. – You know where that
Brady law came from, right? – I’m not aware. – When President Reagan was shot,
one of the guys by him that was shot in the head was Brady.
– Gotcha. – And so it took someone on
Reagan’s staff to get shot in the head for a Brady law to come about. – It’s ridiculous that it has to take
somebody important getting injured…
– Not a six year old, mind you. We don’t do anything if six year olds
are massively shot. – (Alberto) If a person has been
diagnosed or treated for depression, substance abuse, previously
denied a license, accused of domestic violence
or behavioral emotional problems within five years prior to applying
for a firearm license, they are subject to an investigation. – This is determined if the applicant
is fit and proper, mentally stable, potentially has
a tendancy for violence, or addicted to substances.
No, we don’t have anything like that. – That’s a really good one though,
because it’s very specific, to where you, if you’ve had
any of this on your record, you’re still gonna be investigated,
and it should be a long process, is the thing, this isn’t just like
a willy nilly purchase. Just like oh, you know.
– Oh, I feel like a gun today. – You know what, I’m gonna go
buy some new shoes and a gun today. It shouldn’t be like that. – (FBE) Do we have anything
like this in the U.S.? – No. – I’ve never heard of it. – When it comes to like
our mental health and stuff like that, I think
that’s something that should be looked into more aggressively
than just a criminal record, because I think a mental diagnosis is something that
you can’t control at all, and with medications,
it does make it worse, so I think that’s something that
we need to look into harder and in more detail. – From what I understand,
most of the people who’s committed,
there are certain depressions. You know, they were saying
they were bullied by people, they were outcast, it’s very similar
type of situation, you know? All of ’em, experiencing
to react to that. You know, they said
“oh, I’ve had enough of it, and this is what I’m gonna do.”
Laws and rules is good, but you need to do prevention before
get to that point. – (FBE) Do you know if
our background checks are this extensive?
– Heck no! – No they’re not. – I went to the gun shop
to buy, got my guns, and I had to wait like seven,
it was like seven to 10 days. – But did they investigate you?
Did you ask you any of these questions, like…
– No, the dude said once you do your application,
he was like “Yo they’re doin’ the background check,
we’ll call you in like seven days.” Must’ve been good, so like
I don’t even know what they did. All I can think of they did
is just went and make sure you have no criminal history,
make sure you probably had no felonies or anything like that,
or anything crazy, that’s probably it! – The mental health crisis in America
is also just like a big thing as well, because it’s not taken seriously,
because it’s an invisible illness. Going back to the past things
that have happened, they were very much premeditated,
and I don’t believe that they were a result
from mental illness. I don’t think that you necessarily
have to have a mental illness or be depressed or whatever
to plan something out and go do something
as horrible as that. It was just an anger-driven,
racist, thing. – Racism is not a mental disorder.
– No. – It’s a learned thing. And all these people spouting off
their big pie hole that says “it’s not a gun issue,
it’s a mental issue.” Okay, great! Let’s throw a [bleep] ton of money
at getting people help mentally, instead of cutting it! – Demonizing mentally ill people
like if you have a mental illness, you’re gonna go mow down
a movie theater full of people or kids at a concert
or school, like… – But you do agree that
mentally ill people shouldn’t be able
to get access to a gun? – 100%! – If you’ve been diagnosed with it. – Mental illness is not why
people shoot guns. People shoot guns
because they have guns. – Well and statistically, the deal is
if there’s a gun around, it’s going to get used.
Particularly on suicides, so, if, and sometimes I feel like
the whole mental health thing is kind of used as an excuse.
– Absolutely. – So instead of saying, you know,
this is domestic terrorism… – Yep. – It’s oh, well
it’s a mental health issue. Maybe it’s a mental health issue
for everyone. – (FBE) While we have
background checks, and individuals who cannot get guns,
we don’t have the same emphasis on persons
with mental illnesses. We focus on criminal backgrounds,
persons discharged from armed forces, persons charged with domestic abuse, and being committed
to a mental institution. – It’s one of those things, not every person
that has a mental illness or that has tendencies
to do said things, or have like said intentions
has been diagnosed or has done anything before
that’s documented. – And I think the issue is is that
a lot of people don’t get help, so it is a harder thing
to do a background check on, which is why it should be
a longer process, because you should have to evaluate
someone’s mental sanity. – How do you just
determine mental health? Is it I’m gonna be honest
and put it on my record, you know, check here if you have it?
– Mm-hmm. – And people aren’t gonna be honest
about that so it becomes kind of an issue of
behavioral and emotional prompts. How does that manifest,
what’s the criteria for that? – I don’t know what kind of database, and law enforcement
that you’re gonna have to track everything there is
come across. Even though you have the law set up, I don’t think that
any agency able to carry through. – It’s also very hard to qualify,
because I had middle school students who I tried to get help for,
because I felt that they had mental health issues,
and when you have a parent bucking you on that,
it becomes a very challenging issue. Where because, “well you don’t like
my kid because you’re saying there’s an issue there.” So it has to be something that we
remove some of the stigma… – Yeah.
– That says “oh there’s something
wrong with you.” It’s a support system,
and it’s fixable. – I think anyone
can benefit from help. Anyone, even if you’re
completely fine, have never had an issue in your life,
everyone can benefit from some sort of help. I’ve been going to therapy
since I was, I think 12, and I have never stopped going,
and it’s just, even points in my life, I’m completely fine, it’s still
like the most refreshing thing like of my, every couple weeks,
to be like okay, I’m gonna sit down and sort out my mental health. – The challenge with having that
in the United States is now take a look
at how many police officers are brought up on charges
of domestic abuse or complains of domestic violence. Now you’ve got yourself into
a little pickle, because if you say people who
have domestic violence history can’t have firearms,
and you have a lot of, not all obviously,
but a pretty good percentage of police officers who have
domestic violence in their history, now what do you do? – Possession of a gun may not be
permitted if a relative or spouse living with the applicant
can be expected to pose a threat to the life or property
of other persons, within reason. Oh, there’s an interesting clause. Now, correct me if I’m wrong,
but doesn’t Japan have a very low number of guns
in the country? – (FBE) They have been regulating guns
roughly since the 17th century. – Yeah.
– Oh wow! – So.
– Okay. – So guns there, must, the problem
there must be suicides then. – I don’t know how difficult it is
to purchase a gun in Japan, but I know, I say, some of that area,
every bullet they have to record it, you know, that you purchase. – Yeah, in Vietnam, they’re very
strict with their gun laws. – Exact, like you know, and most of the guns
on the street is illegal. – I feel like it could be
something in some states, but I don’t think it’s a federal law. – I’m gonna go with they don’t
even have it in states, because then that would require
a background check. – That’s true.
– Or interview even, with people who
live with the applicant. – (FBE) There is
no federal equivalent. – The Sandy Hook shooter,
his mom owned the guns, but she wasn’t mentally,
he was mentally ill, but she wasn’t, she was fine,
she was at work. – You know a person you’re living with
is mentally unstable, and you have guns around,
and they’re accessible to that person, you’re culpable. – I think that’s also another thing
we should incorporate into gun laws is having safes that are fireproof
and there’s some that are explosion-proof, and they’re not
even that expensive. Like yes, they’re a hundred
or 200 dollars, but you’re also insuring that your son
doesn’t accidentally grab the gun or your son doesn’t go on a rampage
or somebody else you know what I mean? So I’m taking a more conservative side
when it comes to this law, just because like I said,
I think something else that we can do that
this law’s just too vague. I just don’t agree with it. – I think it should be
a little bit more strict as well, because it does endanger
the people in the household, and endangers the neighborhood
and the people around them. – (FBE) Do you think we could
implement something like this in the U.S. if we looked into it? – I think this would be
a great additive, because you should look into
the people around you. I think I read something that was
if a woman has a gun in her house, she’s 10 times more likely
to die from gun violence. The reason a lot of people
do own guns is to protect yourself, so the fact that it can
put you back in more danger is very scary.
– Yes, and remember anything you protect
yourself with can ultimately be used against you.
– Be used on you. – (FBE) What are your thoughts
on the Second Amendment? – So it’s a well regulated Militia,
being necessary to the security of a free State,
the right of the people to keep and bear arms
shall not be infringed. – I think law, like myself,
law-abiding citizen, I believe you, in your house,
you should be able to keep, you know, bear arms in there. I mean, I think certain guns,
like handguns, certain guns, I think, should be outlawed,
but I think you should have a right to protect your family,
protect yourself, in case of intruder or something,
should happen inside your house. – This simple sentence
is what the NRA and people that think it’s okay
to have military grade weapons hang their hat on,
shall not be infringed, period. It’s non-negotiable. That’s, one gun is all guns. One musket from the 1700s
is an AK-47. – Yeah there’s definitely
a difference between… – Right, exactly.
– What the military uses. – And it doesn’t…
– And what our homes should have. – If you can kill nine people
in 30 seconds, that’s a problem. – If you’re looking for something
that can do that, why? – This is what’s done.
– It was done long ago. – 200-some years ago,when
we were fighting with the British. That we do need to bear arms,
you know, in case they attack us, is a totally different time.
– Times have changed. – Exactly, you know?
– We don’t need this. – I don’t want a gun. But it doesn’t mean I want to say
that nobody should have guns. But there has to be something
put in to place to help us get somewhere better
that we’re not shooting each other. Whatever time you feel like
was the “good old days,” we’re not there, it’s done, it’s over.
We have to change the way we treat each other,
or we’ll never, we’ll never fix these problems. – Yes it is your right
to have that gun. It is your right to have that handgun,
it’s your right to have that rifle, and that shotgun. But God damn it, you’re gonna have to
go through some things. You’re gonna have to get a license,
you’re gonna have to get a background check,
you’re not gonna be able to get that gun
until that license and background check come back.
You’re gonna have to wait two weeks. You’re gonna have to wait two weeks until you get ammunition
for it as well. And every year,
you have to renew your license. – We’re not trying to take away
your guns or your right to have them. We’re just trying to make it
stricter so these guns can’t get in the wrong hands. Like you said, everybody should
have to go through this extensive background check
and have to go through a psych evaluation, and have to
get the right documentation and the right paperwork
and the right license, and have to renew it every single year
because, one, things can change, your intentions can change,
you as a person can change. – We are still a democracy.
So thats kind of the beautiful thing. We can believe in our
Constitutional right. We can keep the,
we can preserve the Second Amendment and still change things so that it’s not so simple
to kill people. – You can keep these guns,
but we gonna take away these certain guns, that’s it! – (FBE) The president,
in a recent address, has proposed red flag laws
which would allow law enforcement to take guns
away from individuals who are believed to be a threat
to themselves or others. This is also supported by
gun control groups and mental health advocates, however they believe it will not
solve the problem. How would you feel about
a law like this? – Well, I mean,
the fact of the matter is nothing’s gonna ever solve
the problem. So if you’re looking for
that oh, this one thing is gonna solve the problem,
then you’re an idiot. You know, we have to
go at this. Let’s start there,
but the thing is all these people are getting killed
and nobody’s doing anything! Nobody’s doing anything! – Sometimes I feel like
it’s just rhetoric. And every time there’s a tragedy
we talk about it, and we talk about it,
and we draw committees and the committees are gonna
talk about it some more, and I go at some point,
something has to happen. – We’re gonna stand by
and watch the weaponry get more and more sophisticated.
The carnage more and more, the children, petrified. I mean, my daughter has
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because she hid under a desk. Like sincerely, there was a kid
that brought a gun to school, and she wasn’t in
an active shooting situation, I can’t even imagine
what those children who survived that or the families that
lost their children go through every single day
to listen to nonsense! That we have to preserve
some antiquated bull[bleep] law from the beginning of time? You have kids almost voters
in Parkland, Florida. – They still was like…
– They fought so hard, and brought a nation to its knees
weeping, and nothing changed. – You want to get these politicians
out of office? Go the election, vote!
– Yeah. – (FBE) You’ve learned quite a bit
about how other countries do things, and how they compare to us. Do you think some of these laws
would work here? – Hell yeah they could work!
– Of course. – Domestic violence, if somebody
been accused of domestic violence, boom, you know what I mean? It’s all type of red flags
you could do, put them laws in it. But they not gonna pass
them things in Washington. – You have to get out and vote!
You have to! – I grew up in the country,
and it was common. It was common to go
to a friend’s house and the parents or the dad or whatever
had a gun in the home. I was taken out to shoot the guns, so I could learn as a kid
how to properly operate a gun and I was definitely told
you know, the negative, the consequences of what could happen. – I think it comes down to education
when it comes to guns. You know, if you raise a kid
on a gun, and you teach them exactly, you know, the dangers of it.
How to operate one and stuff like that you’re less likely
to see these things happen. There are some things
that we could do that will have a huge impact,
and that maybe a lot of people won’t like, but it’s something
that we have to do, like for example, the Australia law, literally if you get caught
smuggling anything, you’re screwed. – I think the one from Australia
is not gonna work here. You know, life imprisonment, you know. To have either guns or bullets,
you know, on accessory that goes with it. – I do agree with South Africa’s laws,
with a lot of background checks. A lot of tests to make sure
this person is mentally stable to own a firearm. I will believe that
guns don’t kill people, I do believe that people kill people,
and that’s why I do believe that there should be stricter laws
and regulations for people who want to purchase a firearm
or people who have them. – We should, you know,
advocate and implement it perhaps. And take it slowly,
it’s gonna take a while for people to accept and adjust
and get used to, just like anything else. People need to get used to it. – I think we need something
larger scale at the moment, because the difference between
their laws and our laws is we already have so many guns
in our country, our issue needs to be
how do we control what’s currently happening,
and then how do we also regulate the continuous purchases. – Reduce, yeah.
Anything would be better than nothing. – Yes. – Start with doing something,
instead of just talking about it. And whatever law you make,
someone’s gonna be unhappy about it. – Yeah.
– But at some point, you go, “you know what?”
– It’s better than nothing. – And it isn’t just gonna solve
mass shootings, it’s gonna solve all the shootings
that are going on all over the country.
– I lived in Orlando for about 15 years,
and the Pulse shooting. I mean, that was in the backyard. When you’re so close to it,
it’s just a moment of like how, is this real?
Is this a dream? And then you start to see
people posting things or friends that had friends
that are now gone. – My best friend was killed
point blank at her own concert. Christina Grimmie. She was an amazing person,
first of all. For some reason, security let
this sketchy-ass guy into the venue wearing,
I believe he was wearing a trenchcoat, from what I read in the police report. She loved everybody, I mean everybody. She had nothing but love
in her heart. And so she goes to hug this guy,
and she was shot, I think twice in the abdomen and once in the head. The gunman tried to pull his gun out
and shoot Christina’s brother, as well, but it jammed,
and then he freaked out and pushed himself against the wall
and then killed himself. Just innocent lives in general are taken in literally
just a split second. So senselessly, because any
person with any intention ever can own a gun.
She was on The Voice. She was doing more and more shows.
She had toured with Rachel Platten. She was amazing and talented
and kind, and had just everything in the world
going for her and it was ended for no
[bleep] reason. There is actually a charity called
The Christina Grimmie Foundation in Christina’s honor,
and all of the proceeds go toward helping victims
and families of victims of gun violence, whether it be
helping them get therapy for their PTSD
or whatever they need it for. Helping pay their mortgage,
helping pay funeral costs, helping pay any bills, groceries,
whatever. – Thank you so much
for being strong enough to share that. – Thank you.
I’m gonna give you a hug.

100 thoughts on “Do You Know Gun Laws In America?

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  2. I'm from Serbia and here you can't have gun unless you have good reason to do it and we don't have any problems with shootings. It's pretty much same in rest of Europe. USA have very special problem that should have been solved 200 years before.

  3. In my country the only people allowed to carry gun are military and cops (and depends on the type of cop) so if you have you going to prison automatically and our prison are holes in the ground

  4. The black dude is so paranoid and anxious, he can't even form a full sentence. The woman next to him was probably rolling her eyes and screaming internally. Dumb.

  5. The woman with the glasses is wrong what if an intruder broke in to your house and you didn’t have anything to save your self or your family. But thanks to the second amendment if you had a gun you can safe your self and your family and if we didn’t have the second amendment you would be murdered.

  6. I saying that yes their definitely need to be stricter gun laws but you shouldn’t repeal the second amendment which the left is trying to do.

  7. The megority of school shootings where done by a hand gun and only a small percentage was done with a machine gun

  8. The world is not going to end well at all as long as there is Annabelle, guns ice, caps melting, pollution, shootings, Aliens, meteors, Abortions,over population and many more were doomed

  9. I'm like my guns and will keep them. The right to bear arms Is to prevent the government in check. Look at what there trying to do know, stripping gun right to a skeleton. A gun at my side is better than police 5 min away.

  10. As long as people turn a blind eye to the problem, nothing will change. As long as people don't see the problem with not restricting guns and how to get them, nothing's gonna change.
    People need to swallow their pride over owning guns and too just be able too buy them without proper license, that's when things can start to change.

  11. Guns aren't the problem, society is. Guns have been around forever, but these "mass shootings" are fairly new. Not too long ago, kids would bring guns to school for gun clubs. What changed in society?

  12. If we take away guns, criminals will still find a way to get guns because they're criminals. Do you expect people already breaking the law to follow that one?

  13. But if you have a gun you will be prepared for something like that. If we repeal the second amendment the constant fear of intruders will become more common.

  14. It is usually people who shouldn't have guns who has them for the purpous of "protection against someone else with a firearm" probably the most stupid excuse to use a firearm I've ever heard

  15. A gun is a tool and always has been a tool, the idea of limiting the firearm is absurd to me but the limiting the person is a wonderful idea. I don’t think that going after the guns is the way to go in the slightest. I understand both sides but stripping the people of their firearms will not work it might start a civil war. I do believe that more in depth mental screening would help limit some of the guns falling into the wrong hands. Now that being said ninety percent of the firearms that are in the civilian market aren’t up to military standard and full autos are incredibly hard to get and further more I don’t think most people understand the capabilities of the military.

  16. The 2nd Amendment is not meant to be a privilege given to the people by the government, it is a right of the PEOPLE which restricts the power of the government against the people.

  17. Canadians do have to renew their possession/acquisition licenses every 5 years and are also subject to "continuous eligibility" where an automated background check is done on the individual every day the license is valid. Effect on crime and violence : none that can be measured, lawful gun owners never were a problem here, neither have they ever been a problem in the US. If the 100 million or so lawful gun owners in the US (2.2 million in Canada at last count, with women outpacing men 4 to 1 when it comes to people who get their firearm license) were any kind of serious public safety threat, then they wouldn't be several times <less> likely than the "general public" to be involved in any sort of crime. And when it comes to the various "what ifs" and ways other people "should" be made to do this and that so you "feel safe" I see as infantilizing holierthanthouism from people who clearly do not feel themselves capable of the level of responsibility that comes with the right to firearm ownership.

  18. drunk driving is an act of negligence mass shooting is a oremeditive crime you can only compare manslaughter to drunk driving laws nit shootings

  19. "Gov won't knock down our doors…" um, they already did it in New Orleans after Katrina. Law-abiding citizens defending what property they had left had their guns confiscated. So don't tell me the government wouldn't roll up on any of us.

  20. When they were discussing the Australian gun law then they used the excuse of there being several states in the USA so everyone's different….um Australia has states too yet they still managed to do it.

  21. Laws designed to stop negligence only work hand in hand with awarness you dont go out to run somone 9ver when yiur drunk but if yiu go out and shoot somone that is planned

  22. Pbackground checks actualy prevent victims from buying guns as people who have been victimised in the past are deemed a risk of criminal behavior acording to criminology which is the key to these background checks

  23. I feel much safer when I know that people dosn't have gun when I walk in the street. And If someone have one that person is going arrested.

  24. Look at the cities like Chicago and DC. More gun laws on the books than anywhere else yet they have the highest violent crime rates than any other place in the United States. Coincidence? I think not.

  25. Actualy to plan somthing that horible you have to be fucked in the head the average person is neither good nor bad and killing people for no good reason is absolutly against human nature may it be anti social personality disorder, narcicisyic personality disorder or bad larenting , this is the lroblem people are uneducated, take a day of criminology the amount of killers who are fucked uo is almost 9/10 with clear indicators in their history trust me on this i used to be obsessed with genetic theories from genes that cause bursts of agression to chromosone abnormality but in the end the evidence points at social causes not natural people are not inherantly evil ilness and circomstance really does push people to do horrible thinhs

  26. Im so sick of how people are discussing this issue. Why aren’t we talking about increasing security at schools or letting teachers have guns with proper background checks. Guns aren’t just going to disappear and the black market is always gonna be there. We need to to start talking about how to protect and stop talking about how our laws are responsible for insane people

  27. You really thought its just a tick list 😂 and for one background checks take less than ten days its digital all of this can be done easily with the right resources if its linger than aweek their doing more than mentle health and crime checks unless their technology is outdated

  28. U can’t just go buy a gun at a gun show 😂😂😂 people don’t even know facts they just say stuff and you do have to renew your gun License

  29. Being pro-2nd Amendment doesn't mean being pro-"I should have any gun I want at any time." Too many people seem to think that it's restricting the right to bear arms too much just to make sure you're sane enough to not use a tool of violence. I do believe in the "bad guys will break laws to get guns" argument and don't believe guns should be completely banned. However, the fact that obtaining guns are this easy is ridiculous.

  30. Where are the claimed “diverse opinions”?

    You get people from the cities of California to talk about gun control. Of course they all want gun control. They’re all brain washed dummies!

  31. People just want to blame on everything OTHER than the guns. It's simple, the countries that have these laws have significantly less shootings so they must work.

  32. The amount of misinformation in this video is sickening.

    No different than any of the big news channels. Shame on you react.

  33. Why is it that every time there’s one of these shootings, they don’t want to put the blame at the shooters feet, they want to put the blame on the NRA or pro-gun people’s feet.

  34. There are still far more shootings in 4 specific cities and people ignore them and then flip out over isolated incidents. Don't blame guns, blame mental health issues. Guns protect people far more than they are used to commit crime. These people have no idea why the 2nd ammendment even exists.

  35. There is no citations of any of the information about the so called laws. Also you can't buy another firearm in a state and bring it back over. You have to have gun license in the state you reside and purchase a firearm in that state you can hunt and shoot for sport in another state but there are laws for that as well.

  36. There should at least be a petition to shut down the NRA. It is an institution that promotes guns, not anti-gun laws.

  37. gotta love all the people crying
    I NEED IT FOR PROTECTION…. yet way to many dies by shootings and noone stops the shooter with their so called protection

  38. The leaning of FBE on this topic is painfully obvious. I’m not saying I support either side, I’m just saying be more impartial. Also find a more diverse group next time.

  39. There aren't issues with gun control. Bad people will always get guns. Doesn't matter the laws. And if its shootings you are talking about we can't have mental health tests for guns. A person can easily lie. It's not exactly a solveable or even preventable issue. All we can do is continue to bear arms and embrace our rights to defend ourselves. Not take people'a guns away and leave ourselves more vulnerable. I unfortunately had to use a gun to defend myself. It wasn't a pleasant experience. But by god that gun saved my life.

  40. I would have enjoyed a more diverse group to have this discussion. I also think a person who wants a gun should be willing to have a more extensive processes in obtaining a gun. I believe the 2nd amendment is a law that can be respected, but it is a law written in a different time. The violence of now is what makes the restrictions necessary.

  41. Education for a background check? That is probably the dumbest idea I've heard about "improving gun control"

  42. So many of this is completely untrue. The amount of things the ppl say that they think are true are totally wrong. Like background checks are almost ALWAYS done at gun shows. And it usually happens quickly u don't have to wait for days.

  43. I don't get it…I really don't!!! I am 36 years old, I am German, living in Germany, I have never seen or helt a real gun in my life…I don't have the need to have a gun to protect myself. And there is NO NEED to own a gun…I wouldn't even know where to buy a firearm here…it is just so insane…it is mind boggling 🙁

  44. One, ak47 isnt a firearm that can be bought in the country. 2. Ar15 is functionally no different than a hunting rifle and would be worthless in a military application.

  45. We have over 22,000 gun laws already. I've lost friends & family to suicide none of us ever blamed the gun or gun laws. Ive had guns pulled on me 4 times & been shot once. Shove your gun laws.

  46. Driftor made a great video regarding this topic I would really recommend watching it

  47. A bunch of people who know nothing whatsoever about guns talking about what gun laws should be…yea thats some smart. Why don't you bring on that guy and his ghost gun while your at it.

  48. Why dont you get an expert on weapons and gun laws so that way we (the viewer) and the reactors actually view the "facts" and see which is bs

  49. The problem with the US which is causing these shootings is simple: its not guns it is..
    -increasing amounts of laziness
    -loss of accountability
    -skyrocketing depression
    -a culture based around feelings and not reality
    – a culture not based on actual hard work anymore due to fact that we have been living so comfortably for a while
    – Big Pharma (the majority of these mass shooters are on some type of drug)

  50. This is so disingenuous and filled with lies. Imagine doing your own research and having your own opinion in 2019, almost unheard of. They just keep regurgitating the same crap you see in the media.

  51. "In the past 48 hrs, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings.

    On average, across any 48 hrs, we also lose…

    500 to Medical errors

    300 to the Flu

    250 to Suicide

    200 to Car Accidents

    40 to Homicide via Handgun

    Often our emotions respond more to spectacle than to data." ~Neil deGrasse Tyson

    While it is not meant to diminish the tragedy that happened. It does show how media exacerbates something b/c it will get the most clicks. Because strategies to improve car accidents does not get the clicks. Just think about that logically. If we HAD to choose which to solve (obviously this is hypothetical) on guns or car accidents. We would save 46 lives to mass shootings and save 40 lives to handgun deaths (within said 48 hrs). If we solved the car accidents we would double the amount of lives saved. These numbers were fact checked by multiple media outlets and while the comment may have been ill timing. It does not make the numbers any less true. Thoughts? And I ask since any solution should take all views into account to come up with an actual solution.

  52. wow the comments here are insane, hopefully I don't need to visit the US again until it passes sensible gun laws.

  53. When it comes to the point of having a gun license, not having one required comes down to rights. In the USA owning a gun is a right that you have. Driving is not a right, but a privilege.

  54. We are not a democracy,U.S.A. is a republic.We have rights that we are born with.And no we are not the leader in shootings,countless other countries are higher.People do your research.

  55. I'm honestly sick of hearing about this. Feel free to pass your laws as long as there's a clause that they can be reverted if /when they don't work. Just don't come into my house and take the ones I already have

  56. I was in school not far away from the STEM school in Colorado during the shooting. You can’t describe the feeling not even being there but knowing that people, kids, trying to go to school and get an education going to school not knowing that it will be the scariest day of your life feels like. It’s just so frustrating.

  57. Honestly, why were guns created in the first place? Hunting to get food is natural, but now it uses more of a weapon against our own species. It feel like even though human suppose to interact with each other. It clear that we cant…

  58. 9:05 are you serious? these idiots obviously don't understand the difference between a privilege and a right you have the privilege to drive a car you have the right to own a firearm that's why we don't have licenses for firearm ownership because it is a right not a privilege idiots.

  59. Question: Just how many guns do you have there in US? Where is it mostly concentrated? How often do you personally see smb carrying a gun?

  60. I stopped at about 12 minutes. Listening to the loose ethics we in the US have regarding firearms was making me sick.

  61. 1:13 – you're not in support of the 2A if you say stuff like that, ya shill. Civilians need to have the same capability as a modern military in case the government turns tyrannical. Look at Hong Kong right now: I'll bet they wish they had something like the 2A that would legally allow them to be on equal footing with the CCP's forces. :/

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