Doctor Reacts to Wacky Medical Memes #10

Doctor Reacts to Wacky Medical Memes #10

100 thoughts on “Doctor Reacts to Wacky Medical Memes #10

  1. please make the gym video even if you don't get 100,000 likes. Also maybe include an interview with a personal trainer giving tips on what exercises people could try at home.

  2. Look at you here

  3. gonna pretend you got the idea of showing your gym routine from my comment on a previous video & not on your own lmao ima still like the video tho bc i want the routine 🙂

  4. Love this series! 🙂 If you see this, please consider making a video of you trying ASMR; I know it would get lots of views and so many people would love to see it. Go check out W Magazine's ASMR Interviews with celebrities; they are super popular and so awesome. Thank you 🙂

  5. There is this kid in my orchestra class named Marco. Honestly if I had that name(I am a girl but still) when the teacher called "Marco" for attendance I would reply with "Polo"

  6. As someone who has seizures, i can confirm that that meme is 100% accurate. People are so dumb when it comes to seizures

  7. Dr Mike: i dont get it
    Me: seizure people cannot talk
    Dr Mike: people who's having seizure can't talk guys.
    Me: that's it!
    Dr Mike: i dont get it.
    Me: gdi!!

  8. Hi Dr. Mike, I (and probably a lot of other people as well) would really love to see your Workout Routine in a video please.

    Thanks for another entertaining and educating video! 👌🏻

  9. Watching you just makes me feel happy and healthy, despite the C5/6 fracture and Incomplete tetraplegia stuff that I live with haha

  10. Hello Dr Mike. That picture of the doctor you thought was from the Ghost Busters was in fact from a video game called ”Team Fortress”. You should watch the video ”meet the medic” to see if you differ from him in any way 😊👍

  11. My sister in-law is trying to get me to buy essential oils. Lile… I am, but for small purposes only… she told me today that she puts them in her tea……. IT SAYS "FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY" ON THE BOTTLE!!!!!!

  12. I was perusing amazon looking for a small pouch to fit in my purse, but they kept showing me "essential oils" cases instead. Almost all of them were monogrammed with "I have an oil for that." They've even got SPECIAL POUCHES, MAN

  13. Hello, Doctor, luv u channel. 🌚

    Not sure this is the place to drop questions. 🌚

    But. 🌚

    How can I convince my parents to exercise?

    Ps. Luv u #peewoop 🌚

  14. My dad actually does have too much iron in his blood. Doctors around here can't figure out why he developed it in the past 2 years.

  15. After 5 yrs YouTube recommendations showed me this. If u c this post can u react 2 it?

    Thx, loveya content

  16. At the daycare i work at I was playing dead and one of the little 4 year old boys started doing chest compressions on me.
    I asked him where did you learn that and he said YouTube doctor.

  17. Mike: That essential oil thigh massage was soo relaxing ,thank you masseur.
    essential oils: am i a joke to you
    mike: yes

  18. I've been watching your videos for a while now, and every video always gets me thinking… WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE YOU'RE WEARING LIKE AN ORANGEY BROWN-ISH EYESHADOW. but yeah bear is so cute. 😀

  19. Easy patients… I thought I was an easy patient when I went into the hospital for a tick removal on my elbow (how did it get there beats me but I noticed it on time) and the med student that was supposed to take it out looked at it and asked "That's a tick?". I said yes and she told me she's never seen one.
    Wanted to nope the heck out of there and ask for an experienced doctor cause I had to explain the whole procedure of removing a tick so she could do it right.
    One of the experienced doctors said I was correct with my answer but that's only because that was my second time getting a tick removed.

  20. What do you mean you dont recognize the medic from Team Fortress 2, he's a classic. Here watch the short that introduces him:

  21. My Mum: I bet there's lots of nice yoing doctors at your new hospital placement.
    Me, an almost nurse: I bet there are Ma, but I'm not out here getting an education just to be a stereotype.
    Also me: I would not mind if Dr. Mike absolutely Railed me.

  22. Patient: Doctor, my back is really hurting when I wake up in the morning…
    Doctor: Then wake up in the afternoon.
    Patient: Okay.
    Patient: *gets late for work, loses job and home*

    Also Patient: Hey, my back is all better!

  23. On defence of the essential oils/healing crystal community, its not that it will heal your body. It's that it will put you into a relaxed state that will help you body heal itself. This doesn't mean you should forego medical treatment. Anyone who tells you that is coo coo that shouldn't be listened to. And it certainly won't heal your bones. But if you have obesity, alcohol addiction of anorexia, these diseases are perpetuated by a stress and anxiety. Their examples of how mental conditions can affect your health. And if you do break your leg and your a busy body and you move around a lot then of course your leg won't heal as fast and you'll be in more pain but if you relax and let it rest. That's what the community is about, mindfulness, not alternative medicine.

  24. “Every day is chest compressions day.”

    Plus, how do you NOT get the joke of asking someone having a seizure if they are having a seizure, and then getting upset when they don’t answer you!

  25. I need to see your workout routine, I've been trying but recently not going anywhere, it might be because I'm only doing one thing a day (eg, on monday I do chest work outs, tuesday arm day), I've also increased the reps slowly but I think its not working… ;(

  26. As an Australian, when I was in America and the TV turned on and there were so many ads for big pharma companies me and my friend were like “wtf”

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