Documentario BBC “The Italian Patient” Parte 1

Documentario BBC “The Italian Patient” Parte 1

thank you for downloading from the BBC the details of our complete range of podcasts and our Terms of Use go to BBC World Service comm slash podcasts after the re-election of Silvio Berlusconi this spring Italy has rarely been out of the headlines with its radical approach towards immigrants the judiciary and the Naples rubbish crisis in this week’s Friday documentary called the Italian patient the journalist annalisa Paris travels to the north and south of her country to examine the health of Italy when I was growing up in Italy I remembered his song moving my father to tears it’s like an alternative national anthem long live Italy in the middle of the sea of garden of prison long live the Italy that works hard that despairs Natalie that falls in love this song captures the sadness of a special nation full of spectacular beauty and hidden Horrors forever struggling to become a normal country today for me the struggle is particularly acute my name is annalisa Peters I’m the London correspondent for Italy’s les Press magazine and le7 TV I left Italy 16 years ago but have come back for the BBC World Service to discuss the health of the Italian patient at this critical time a few facts Italy as the highest public debt the highest inflation and among the lowest salaries in the EU one in five young people cannot find a job and it’s even worse for women two-thirds of the populations say that they cannot manage on their monthly incomes first stop on my journey run Italy Naples the capital of the Campania region once one of the brightest cultural cities in Europe Naples has recently been buried under a mountain of rubbish it’s also blighted by organized crime and been heavily criticised over its attitude towards immigrants but not everyone is gloomy Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is happy he won a landslide victory this spring by promising to restore the Italian patient to full health his first stop – was Naples – total journey at Napoli hello companions you know richard manthie and they say lily she touted entirely thanks to me and my government the new prime minister says at a press conference Naples all is now well with cleared streets and given Naples back to the world after his victory over the center-left Berlusconi’s coalition of his own forts italia party and the post fascist national alliance together with their ally the Federalists Northern League they became the strongest right-wing government in Europe the coalition’s most high-profile representative in Naples is Italo Buki no of the National Alliance problem a carefree to Napoli feo de demoted the problem afflicting Naples is the result of many errors the politicians of the left running this city were irresponsible and wasteful the crisis should have been dealt with immediately and of course there was corruption when you spend 2 billion euros over 15 years in a declared state of emergency without ever solving it then someone got rich somewhere the Camorra the local mafia certainly profited and they did everything to make it worse to Saviano is 29 another famous Napolitan a writer and journalist I’m in Naples but I can’t visit him we have to talk on the phone from his place of hiding Saviano risked his life to expose the the local mafia is acclaimed book Gomorrah has sold 1 and a half million copies in Italy and been translated into 20 languages if politicians are unclear or at a loss about what to do to fight the Naples mafia then this man as the answers oh you’re the good news were getting a lot of people also today the two most dangerous criminal organizations in Italy are the Camorra of Naples and Campania and the Ndrangheta based in Calabria I would define them as criminal entrepreneurs they started as businessman and became criminal to maximize their profits profit is their only objective they work in textiles transport and petrol stations but mainly in construction concrete and cocaine the poverty of the south is a boost to them labor is cheap it’s often black they may use violence to further their business and these days often work in collaboration with Chinese traders in Italy they are growing at a phenomenal rate thanks to globalization and because some countries including Britain do little to combat them they work with the state I mean so much so that it becomes difficult to distinguish they even boast that they are the state welcomed like yarmulke or bitter geonetric how close is their relationship with politics is it cohabitation or something even tighter see impossible see me shave a bespoke exchange yes once both the right and left parties had high-profile mafiosi in their ranks and it was thanks to their support that they got votes today a lean neither right nor left parties still buy votes but criminal organizations are run just like General Motors or Mercedes like big corporations with lobbyists who pressure politicians and offer them favors the Camorra is an economic problem first and foremost I am saddened after the interview with Roberto Saviano proud that Italy has created such a brave man but ashamed that Italy has forced him into hiding there is something else I’m deeply ashamed of what I detect as a new racism in my country it’s reckoned Italy as four million legal and possibly 1 million illegal immigrants and I believe it’s this dramatic increase in recent years that has frightened some people and given the new government caused to crack down this September 500 extra troops were sent here to Naples after the murder of six African immigrants the killings were blamed on the Kamara the families of the Dead say it was racism the common complaint in Italy is that foreigners are responsible for the rising crime in July the government ordered the army to the streets of our main cities and the fingerprinting of 150,000 Roma gypsies I’m on the beach today gaveta near Naples but I’m not here to relax this is where two young Roma gypsies drowned 13-year old Christina and 14-year old you later they spent a hot day trying to sell trinkets to sunbathers and decided to go for a swim the dead bodies were left for more than an hour on this Beach while people around them continued sunbathing a photograph of this shocking scene went round the world I’ve come to the punty an aroma camp just outside Naples violet and Christina lived here the camp is very dirty a small cluster of prefabricated huts and tents 700 gypsies live here without water and toilet facilities the children have led me to the girl’s mother her name is Mariana she’s crying she’s really angry you ask how’s the situation they’re racist they were there watching and doing nothing when my daughters were dying this is the girl’s grandad there is terrible racism against us Roma in Italy we are Italians many of us have been here for years decades and now they are fingerprinting us he says it’s like Hitler in the 1940s

17 thoughts on “Documentario BBC “The Italian Patient” Parte 1

  1. Non tutti conoscono bene l'inglese.
    Posso essere d'accordo con te in quanto a migliorarlo ma non di certo per un video di 8 minuti saluti.-)

  2. 1'-nella prima parte si capisce perchè tanti italiani, come me, hanno votato per Berlusconi

    2'-L'italia non credo sia un paese razzista ma credo che si sia creata una guerra tra poveri a causa dell'assenza di regole sull'immigrazione che difenda le persone volenterose e bisognose che siano italiani o immigrati dai sopprusi di criminali e delinquenti

    3'-sul fatto delle zingare questo e quello che succede a una società ANTI CRISTIANA

  3. Non credo che il governo abbia risolto il problema della gestione dei rifiuti alla radice e ho il sospetto che questo si ripresenti presto.

    L'Italia è purtroppo un paese xenofobo, sarebbe da ciechi non ammetterlo, ma allo stesso tempo l'italiano – come individuo – sa essere tollerante e generoso verso gli stranieri. E' strano come un italiano chiamato in causa sappia mostrare il meglio di sè mentre come società non è che funzioniamo alla grande 🙂

  4. Io non dico che l'italia non sia razzista. Anzi molti italiani ammettono di esserlo. Io ho assistito a scene di razzismo nei confronti di miei amici e compagni di scuola provenienti da altri paesi. Queste cose non le accetto e sono sicuro che un giorno riusciremo a superarle. La scena dei corpi sulla spiaggia è stata agghiacciante, e per certe cose mi vergogno che ci siano degli italiani coinvolti. Per il fatto delle impronte sono d'accordo, Censire i rom è utile, si sa chi sono e quanti sono.

  5. L'italia nel mondo è stata ulteriormente sporcata con un filmaccio volgare utile solo ad arricchire chi l'ho fatto. La camorra, la mafia e la drangheta di questi film sa cosa s e ne fanno? Una pernacchia! In quanto a Saviano a mio avviso avrebbe fatto bene denunciare tutto in segreto alle autorità e al capo dello difesa e non in telvisione. Facendo come ho detto forse non vivrebbe con la scorta e si sarebbe messo a riparo anche la vita.

  6. Santo cielo che tristezza…eh già…la verità ci fa male. Ma è una verità molto nota…e sinché il popolo non avrà una vera coscienza di gruppo, un maggior grado di cultura politica e di "senso dell'altro" -invece che imbottirsi di menzogne televisive e demagogiche- non ci sono buone speranze. In Italia pare che ognuno viva per sé e curi il proprio orto….e tutto va allo sfascio.

  7. @deepenhancer Io non sono del sud, ma mi sento come te. Credo che siamo un po' tutti nella stessa barca, le mafie ci riguardano come nazione, da nord a sud.

  8. @MsDonato54 A sporcare l'Italia sono i criminali che spadroneggiano, taglieggiano, uccidono, inquinano le loro stesse terre, e obbligano gli altri a vivere come cani. Non certo chi ne parla. Se non capiamo questo, vivremo schiavi dei sistemi criminali in eternità.

  9. @deepenhancer Credo il nostro sia anche un problema culturale. Dobbiamo liberarci dall'idea di vivacchiare sperando che i più forti ci facciano il favore di gettarci un osso, come fossimo cani, e pretendere dignità, diritti, non permettere che depredino l'istruzione pubblica. Invece ammiriamo i furbi e siamo fermi a un'idea feudale della società e dei rapporti con il potere. Dovremo darci una svegliata se non vogliamo restare una società di vassalli, clienti e favorite di corte.

  10. @djunimax Non c'e` nessun americano in questo video: la BBC e` sempre stata britannica, la narratrice e` chiaramente Italiana, mentre la presentatrice all'inizio e` inglese.

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