100 thoughts on “Don Lemon Defends CNN’s ‘Down The Middle’ Coverage

  1. Don can you plaes admit that you are biased and double standards and you hate Trump and you love liberals and CNN is biased? It’s so obvious you know. Conservatives are still watching you guys and yet you have very low in ratings. Just be honest.

  2. I appreciate CNN for their attempts to present a balanced reporting of the news. However, IMO, they give too much leeway to the Trump surrogates. If they want to present both sides of an argument, that is perfect. Unfortunately, the Trump surrogates simply lie, spin, or divert attention away from his likely crimes. So I often wonder what is the point of bringing on people who you KNOW are going to lie??? Kellyanne Conway, Jim Jordan, David Urban, etc. have all been caught lying.

  3. Truth is; there is a segment of the white population who can't stand seeing a black man having the power and authority that Obama held as president. That's why the Obama's endures so much disrespect. Now that Trump is president, they feel comfortable expressing their hate and bigotry openly.

  4. Remember when cnn showcased obama drinking flint water and declaring their poisoned water crisis “solved” they haven’t addressed that again.

  5. earthquake 08(02-4- must I see ready 2018 we are all good and some time birds are in the Hart sorry we are just out there

  6. Don Lemon is such a pompous ass. He is not honest and is not on our side. He has this huge chip on his shoulder about race. He can never be criticized or corrected about anything he always comes off that he is the one deciding what goes on the air, which is total bullshit. He and Anderson are two of the most self obsessed people on TV.

  7. Kimberly Weston : So sorry your boyfriend left you he thought you were a Loser for watching the Fake News channel , also he said you sucked in bed !

  8. Liberal snowflake SJW here – I had to tell google news to stop showing me CNN (huffpost too) because I was tired of being pandered to. The middle of the road are Politico, The Hill, and the Washington Examiner.

    At least with Fox, I can tell myself I'm seeing what the opposition believes. CNN is useless.

  9. Don Lemon, Trump was only stating the obvious…. Wonder why the viewing of CNN is so low… it would be even lower if they weren't in every airport or foreign news network…. CNN has found a way to spread fake news around the world.

  10. Down the middle? Seriously? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills! Fox is a hard right, but at least they wear it on their sleeves. CNN is just as left as MSNBC, they just refuse to own it. I honestly can't think of a news show on a major network that can truly call itself down the middle. Maybe it's not possible…

  11. Don i have watched you and man you can spin a good lie bro, but i get a laugh out of you and your bullshit thanks

  12. Lemonhead Is the biggest libturd propagandist.
    He said judicious when we talk? Oh ok lrmmonhead but u constantly race bait.
    This guy is an utter CLOWN

  13. Don Lemon my favorite CNN anchor and Chris Coumo God Bless you all 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️


  15. Trump is wrong, don lemon is not the dumbest man on TV, its stephen colbert, don lemon is 2nd dumbest man on TV.

  16. Aahhhhhh the day Trump gets re-elected, I will watch these so called journalists cry themselves to sleep 😴

  17. There are almost 9 billion people in this world..7 billion people live in poverty..your offering no punishment for crossing the border..heath care and jobs when you get here..what if just 5 billion show up..theres only 400 million in the us today..imagine 5 billion more…

  18. Ms.Don Lemon "Worst Journalist of the Year 2014" is a Race Baiting Racist Piece of Black Shit…Why anyone relies on this idiot for journalism is beyond basic comprehension. You are better off doing your own research than listening to this drama queen.

  19. Cnn and all other msm are not down the middle when it comes to healthcare. They are very much against single payer.

  20. Final someone who knows Trump talks in opposites. Once you know this you know how to decode pretty much everything he says. Sometimes he does slip and say things as they are, "they can go back" as an example of his rage overriding his opposites tactic. The more you know….

  21. Down the middle? LOL This clown Lemon is the most biased as_shole on CNN and has attacked TRUMP from Day One! He is a complete moron and doesn't know the first thing about journalism. Lemon and Colbert, accomplished Democrat ass kissers.

  22. Wake up America! Stand up for your rights!
    We have to rise up all over the nation like folks did in Puerto Rico to kick trump out of the white house! We must reject tyranny before it is too late!
    trump is a fascist and a racist like hitler: as we are sleeping he is slowly preparing a "coup d'état" for 2020.
    That is why Moscow mitch blocked bipartisan laws designed to protect 2020 election against foreign cyber attacks!
    That is why he is putting a partisan at the head of DNI to disinform the american people and hide the truth!
    That is why he prefers to radicalise his base instead of broadening it!
    We are going to have to fight to keep our freedom!Buy a gun right now and get ready to rise up if trump and his allies try to steal 2020 election!
    Moscow mitch and Criminal trump must be judged as the traitors they are and certainly shot down by a firing squad!

  23. CNN RATINGS LOSERS What a joke, Lemon spends every minute calling everybody who disagrees with him a "racist", even a black pastor, the pastor refused to attack Trump so the Lemon went ballistic & called him controversial, now the Lemon has the balls to claim CNN is a network, instead of a bunch of political activist beholden to the Socialist Democrat party, no wonder why FOX NEWS kicks CNN's asses monthly.

  24. To biased of a reporter more opinions than facts. That's a shame. This is one of the reasons I'm having a tough time telling people I'm still a Democrat

  25. CNN “down the middle” 😂😂😂😂 Don does go down a lot though, when he’s not busy shoving his stinky fingers into other people’s faces.

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