68 thoughts on “Donald Trump attacks media, calls reporter ‘sleazy’

  1. Let's be real about this…. TRUMP IS THE TRUE SLEAZEBALL IN THE ROOM! In typical Trump fashion, he attempts to deflect by attacking the media for doing their job. #SleazyTrump – via @haystacktv

  2. Behavior like this plus the protests at his rallies will make voters associate Trump with chaos. They won't vote for chaos.


  4. CNN doesn't like Trump! How can you say he attacked Pocahontas when she went after him calling him all kinds of names? He fought back,that's all! Fuck CNN

  5. As a Muslim man who lives in Saudi Arabia. I'm not American btw. I have to say this to everybody who lives in U.S. Please read my words

    I love Donald trump! I watched Every debate and events of him.. He's so great and I wish I was living in United States just to vote for him. He's the best ever that U.S. can have.

  6. it's always someone else. bullies and abusers never say you are right and I am sorry, let me fix it. why give "at a boys" to someone that raised money and donated other people's money? did he match what they donated? I doubt it. man up trump. these vets need help. you have the ability. do it. do it because it is the right thing. who gives a crap if the media gets it. do what is right. focus on the issues. Americans especially vets and the world need to know someone cares. so far trump looks like an abusive, tyrannical maniac with a power lust. those vets need the aid. shut up and write more checks.

  7. CNN what a shit bucket "network". TRUMP is a natural born leader, straight shooter, tough but fair, puts America 1st. CNN tries to be sleezy and witty stirring shit up from nothing against TRUMP only to be counter attacked 10 times harder. Then they all go to their hourly group therapy crying each other off just like a house of bitches they are.

  8. awwww poor but hurt lieing whiny media being told that they are liars that most ppl know that they do
    kudos to you D Trump you got my vote

  9. if it is advertised on cnn don't buy it. if the applicant when to a particularly progressive school, don't hire them. we can not keep playing games with parasites.

  10. Ronald McDonald Trump is never going to be president. He's not intelligent enough to run the country, & it's too late for him to start "acting" presidential. He brings shame upon himself and upon the republican party. Total, total, total loser.

  11. Aran your so full of Shit. you ain't no Burnie supporter you a piece of shit Trump supporter. Donald is a joke he is garbage. he will never win.

  12. CNN is disgusting.. they are pimps and prostitutes group. They have no ethics, no morals, no values and no integrity. They can sell their moms and daughters for a dollar and destroy USA for the sake of Hillary Clinton. No wonder they support Hillary as they have cultural and personality fit with her.

    I am not a Donald Trump supporter.

  13. I hope donald trump Hilary fox an cann burn in hell I really hate y'all but at the end of the day I like cnn and Hilary and cnn a hell a lot better than trump and fox

  14. CNN FOR YA?? I can not believe CNN actually has ratings?? THIS ELECTION HAS CLEARLY SHOWED ITS A BS PROPAGANDA MACHINE.. And if people get there news from here??,YOU would have too be as DUMB as DOG SHIT ( fact ) And i cant wait for it too fail.

  15. President Trump is not criticizing the free media and is not attacking the first amendment. He is rightfully scrutinizing the controlled media. 90% of the media in America is controlled by only 5 companies.

  16. Obama cut reporters off in mid-sentence when they gave any hint that they were about to criticize him. Why was that okay but this isn't?

  17. The fake news media doesn’t understand that Trump resonated with people when he exposed the leftist media. They’re trying to sell these video not know people love it when Trump call them for who they are.

  18. You guys are face FN NEWS. Go out there like the 1st & 2nd amendment auditors and do it live and show the whole story instead of showing what you want. You guys are a disgrace.

  19. We really need a roof. Trump and his officials sticking it to the media are just like George Dillman kicking ass of his friends acting as opponents: Impressive, but a total circus, and many Americans who grew up watching WWE wrestling, believe it's real: https://youtu.be/nUCtrCvyjS8

  20. All over the world, press medias are fake and jokes. Indian medias are king out of all. Fuck you all

  21. Shut the fuck up CNN you liberal fuckers because you hid the truth and all you try to do is attack trump.

  22. i guess being down to 500,000 viewers in the ratings…ROCK BOTTOM…..has smartened you up a little CNN? last place and heading to oblivion. good riddance.

  23. Disgusting deceitful Democrat activist loser liberal CNN fraud-journalists. Lol for increasing the Team Trump base #MAGA

  24. CNN you suck ..everything he days is right I am just going back threw things and now its more clear to me why you were bashing trump because all your donners and puppets are being exposed now like Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein..Clintons and now Ukraine baby and kids it's all coming out shortly and that's why you didn't want trump election..because he knows and is going to expose you and I can't wait lol

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