98 thoughts on “DRAGON BALL LEGENDS – Announcement Trailer | iOS, Android

  1. Optimize this game please! It's lagging! And please make this compatible with my device too because I'm using an APK.

  2. มาเพราะช่องแอพเกมไทแลนค์

  3. Been playing the game since the very beginning and i feel fucking played by u. I saved like 3000 crystals and tried 10× summons 3 times and i didnt get any of the new banner not even a sparking at all while others get like 3 sparkings in one consecutive summon what the hell is this shit bandai are u that fuckin sad man. U should rewrite ur fucking summon algorithms this is not fair! I play ranked matches all the times i spent a lot of time playing and building around my teams and i aint gettin any new sparking just the old ones all the time its getting boring like this!

  4. Please,im from Albania DB legends is not available at my country please do something i want so much this game

  5. Hey bandi what the heck I just lost 1,000 chronic crystals because the game just closed it self I just got cheated out of a good summon

  6. So far this game is not p2p. It's all in skill. You can beat a full sparking team by just using hero units. Pretty balanced game

  7. Fuck u namco. I played since day 1 and had 3 tickets for beerus. I get kaioken goku for the third time. Fuck u. Game is deinstalled u awful fuckers

  8. Would be a great game but namco sucks hard. They put guaranteed tickets with exclusive summons and give us the same chance like the other charactet instead of giving beerus like 80% chance to summon. Fuck you

  9. Namco is a sucky company. greedy sons of bitches. Mqke games like naruto and fighterz with season passes and microtransactions plus games like db legends with p2w systems. At least u could do decent games for consoles u sons of bitches.

  10. This game is not working anymore for me bandai it's just showing communication error if my data is erased I will not forgive bandagi my account name is dark prince I am a huge fan of dbz from my childhood so please fix the problem.

  11. Por favor alguem me ajuda voces podem deixar o dragon ball legends para o celular j2 e se ja tem pro j2 me ajudem a no meu celular não tem

  12. Bandai is a company full of sons of bitches. Summon rates are stupid. Fuck you bandai. Nice slot machine uve got urself. Kill urselfs assholes. Really do everyone a favor. Sons of bitches

  13. https://youtu.be/_aWc7eKLB2A

    I hooe you guys get run over by a truck. Or your game gets declared as a gambling game and it gets banned everywhere. U are sons if bitches who only support youtuber in the game. U sons of bitches

  14. Soy de Latinoamérica y quisiera saber porque en algunos países de Latinoamérica no sale el juego en Playstore? Soy de Costa Rica

  15. Quiero que metáis a shaggy ultra instinCCCCCCCCCT, a Ricardo Milos y que en el arte esta mirando hacia atrás y luego se gire y mire a la cámara como en el video, que pongáis a elrubius patrocinando Fanta y, por último, a Will Smith, gracias y adiós uwu

  16. I lost my account could you help me recover it it would mean so much to me i had so much stuff on it plzzz help

  17. Your last update sucks you sons of bitches. Kill yourselfs u fucking idiots. What the hell is the tackle mechanic for what reasons would that be. Oh right to make it easier for stupid noobs who are not capable of using sidestep cancel nor anything because they are noobs now every son of a bitch can play. I bet ikeda after being humiliated said that has to change because he is a fucking noob too. You sons of bitches

  18. Is Sad that doesnt matter how much effort you guys put in this game launching cool unit, events etc… this game will die due to the real lag issues the game still having and having , not matter how much we like dragon ball and the game if you guys doesnt solve this and put dedicated servers we will eventually leaving and the loses for you guys are getting the game is really good in grossing rn but a really good pvp will increase and MAINTAIN this , pvp is the main focus of many , many and almost all i can say: players.

  19. Guys seriously lets all deinstall this game for a while and let these bastards see that they are cocksuckers. Worst company and worst gacha game ever. Never seen something as f2p unfriendly as this. You guys suck balls man like a whore. You are the bad guy of gamingcompanies. Fucking assholes seriously.

  20. Whoever had the p2w idea for some pve fight is the biggest son of a bitch alongside this greedy company. Ur dads should have pulled out u missborn creatures.

  21. While a lot of you say may be true for mobile games about them being p2w, this one isnt just a p2w cash cow. I haven't spent a single dime on that game and have just gotten one of it's best characters. This app is about luck its kinda like a gacha but you get daily discount bonuses and tickets to summon things for FREE. I would appreciate it if people stop judging a cover before the book is read. And what a fine read this is. Its my favorite mobile game. I can kick ass or just have fun. It all depends on how ya wanna play.

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