Dragon Ball Super 2020 | Teaser Announcement

Dragon Ball Super 2020 | Teaser Announcement

breaking news this is the biggest
draggable super news that we have received in the past six months it
appears that the chances of a dragon ball super 2.0 announcement in the next
two weeks has gone up significantly over ninety percent now a few days ago I told
you guys that there was no plans for a dragon ball super panel I jump festa and
basing the based on the information I had to keep it real I didn’t think that
there was gonna be an announcement however that has completely changed case
I wrote on Twitter reports looks like there’s two anime Dragon Ball super
special stage events I jump festa the 21st and 22nd of December 11:30 a.m. to
p.m. Japan Standard Time voice actors from the anime are going to be there as
well or let me gente survive here and we’re gonna break this down because I
have a lot of information for you guys regarding what’s gonna be announced when
it’s gonna be announced and why it’s gonna be announced and of course I’m
gonna give you guys the evidence now my friend Dragonball hype on Twitter has
kindly given this information over to god reg on twitter who is a Japanese
translator on the first day September 20 is first
at 10:30 a.m. we have the introduction of new travel products and big presence
stage featuring King a yaku kingyoku is a pen name for Akio yaku who is the top
dog the big boss he is the man the leader of the dragon ballroom Ashu Asia
and whenever he comes on stage something massive happens the last time that I saw
him on stage he was announcing the Dragon Ball super Broly movie so
hopefully he has some massive news for us
but then after his panel we have confirmation of a Dragon Ball super
anime pan featuring Masako Nozawa the voice of Goku and Takeshi kusa now the
next day on December 22nd we have the Dragon Ball super anime special stage
once again this time featuring Masako Nozawa
and Ryo horikawa a few days ago Ryota car went on Twitter and publicly stated
I just had a meeting with two Animation can’t tell you why though
hashtag voice actor hashtag – animation hashtag Dragon Ball I told you that he
wouldn’t be teaching something unless something massive was coming he’s not
that type of guy and I also told you that he was speaking not as the voice
actor but he was speaking as Vegeta as the character Vegeta had a meeting with
– animation so what’s gonna be announced on December 22nd well my prediction is
that on December 22nd they’re going to announce the Dragon Ball super movie
number 2 I don’t think there’s gonna be a trailer but there’s going to be at
least images and maybe slide shows maybe some behind the scenes now on top of
that I think that Akira Toriyama just like they did with the drama both super
television series and the movie he’s probably gonna have like a written
statement poster online alright that’s gonna give us more
information as to maybe the story the characters and what the overall movie is
going to be about now let’s talk about when this movie’s coming out and when
the television series coming out well before that I also want to give you
confirmation that the Dragon Ball super the official Dragon Ball super Twitter
page is promoting this event as well so again this is massive this is not
something small this is huge so my prediction for the the Jumbos super
brawling movie is that it’s going to end with mirrors showing up it’s going to
transition into the Dragon Ball super television series in turns from a story
perspective so if you’re looking at it from a story perspective timeline wise
it makes sense for the movie to come out first and then the television series the
movie coming out probably in the summer and then the television series in
December however from a production standpoint that doesn’t make any sense
man the Dragon Ball super burly movie is currently in its pre-production stage
the Dragon Ball super television series according to our sources earlier this
year was already in its key animation phase so it wouldn’t make any sense for
them to have the movie come up before the anime series most likely what’s
gonna happen is that the television series gonna come out in the summer
maybe July and then the movie in December that is
my prediction now my friend Dragon Ball super 2019 on Twitter who has proven to
have credible sources he says will valid will validate this translation but if
it’s accurate interesting my sources remain steadfast that there will be no
Dragon Ball super related announcement I jump festa my reaction to that is of
course of course they’re gonna say to that bird for the past six months ever
since the people working at toy animation the staff the animators were
telling us yes yes yes Dragon Ball super is coming back ever since geek the 101
and Janka production gave us the massive leak that it is coming back everybody
had told it has been Shh silent nobody has said anything they’ve
been keeping complete silence and obviously it makes sense that if you ask
them hey it’s Dragon Ball super kind of gotta come back in a jump festa they’re
gonna be like I don’t know no no I don’t know don’t ask me of course they’re not
gonna say anything right they’re trying to keep quiet for this massive
announcement they don’t want to piss off to animation right now because Toei
animation they’re not happy with the whole Dragon Ball super being leaked and
lastly I want to conclude by saying this if you think that this is something to
do with a video game no they are very specific that it is about the anime okay
so let me know in the comments below what are your thoughts on this do you
guys think that the drama by Super Tucano television series is coming out
very soon that they’re gonna announce that I jump festa and a movie number two
or do you guys think that they are teasing something else but if you think
it’s something else let me know what it is don’t just say something else and not
give me info so in the meantime guys click on the top right to watch a
special video breaking on the origins of moral click on the bottom right to watch
part two breaking down the symbol on his belt and I will see you guys later

80 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super 2020 | Teaser Announcement

  1. I really dont wanna to go another whole year year and a half just for a 2 1/2 hour movie. Yeah it was great but i want more dragonball im having withdrawls. Please please get to work on the anime and make sure its the Moro storyline. Moro feels like dbz days kid buu like pure evil. Im very excited for that

  2. This guys like Geekdom just talking about nothing basically. I'm not a fan of super but it would be nice if it came back, just sit back and wait patiently guys. People have been making bullshit announcement videos for over a year now and I get it.. we love Dragon Ball but let's stop with the rumour's and updates. Make videos until there's an actual confirmation, too many fanboys and it's fucking annoying

  3. They should bring back saiyan tails
    Techniques matter in fights not just power level.
    Stop making all characters who are not saiyans weak!

  4. Cant wait to see Goku go ultra super main protagonist mode 2 I put a bet out that it was going to be rainbow colored

  5. Tone down the hype everytime people say its coming back it ends up being more disappointing than finding out Santa wasn't real

  6. why the hell do all these anime producers or whoever think we wanna sit around and wait years (literally) for them to finally get back to the damn series,
    my god

  7. I want a better written story not just oh hory shiet bad guy shows up, trainning, then tournament then yay dragon balls back to normal

  8. Why do they beat around the bush so much about this stuff, I live in the hood. I will get killed before they get things moving again sheeeesh!

  9. I don’t like that Vegeta learned the instant transmission technique. That one along with Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb should’ve been Goku only abilities.

  10. Beating a dead horse. Stopped watching dbz soon as buu saga ended. Because that's when the show actually had a story. Now its equivalent to making another devil may cry or bayonetta game. Meaning more ovee the top nonsense.

  11. what they need to do is come back with a saga of goku trining with uub. not that bull shit from gt. or at least vegeta fulfilling his promise to cabba and going to his home planet to visit the other sayians. who know maybe vegeta knows who this sayian from the 6th universe is or has heard of him before? maybe the sayian from the 6th universe knows king vegeta?

  12. If they do bring dbs back then maybe they can make the saiyan teens actually look like teens, give gohan some much needed screen time, make piccolo train with whis for some god ki, and actually give some development to the human characters like tien or yamcha and maybe give us an interesting arc about universe 6 where we get a backstory for hit and give redemption to frost so as not to make the frieza whole species look like evil bastards and am I asking for too much.

    Do you people honestly realize how old dragon ball is (SINCE the very first episode) and still happens to be overly relevant in the year 2020 THESE GUYS ARE BEYOND LEGENDS

  14. Shit, back to watching undecisive fights and a shit ton useless episodes and waiting a whole week just to see the second part of a 6- 38 parts to see the end of Bulma finishing a new dragon radar.
    And just hoping I see a good fight.

  15. so where is other supreme kais of the other universe? and why is beerus linked to east supreme kai? and not grand supreme kai?

  16. Hopefully my favorite character Vegeta, they will give him a good break I mean he was very awesome at DBSuper! I want to see more of him!

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