Drug tunnel found under US Mexico border

Mexican police have found an 800metre long
tunnel used to smuggle drugs into the US city of San Diego. It starts from the Mexican city of Tijuana
and is reported to belong to the fugitive drug cartel leader Joaquin
“El Chapo” Guzman. Police said they detained 16 suspects and
seized 10 tonnes of marijuana on Wednesday October 22nd. Pictures taken from inside shows the drugs
were being smuggled using a rail car system. Over 850 packages, wrapped in plastic and
tape, were waiting ready to transported. Authorities have described the tunnel as sophisticated,
because it was lit, ventilated and built with metal beams to prevent
it from collapsing. Mexican cartels have been smuggling drugs
into the US through underground tunnels for years Officials have not yet confirmed which gang
was operating the tunnel, but it is thought it was built by Guzman’s
Sinaloa Cartel, which operates in the region. A manhunt is currently underway in Mexico
for Guzman, who escaped in July from a maximum security
prison through a mile-long tunnel that surfaced right in his cell.

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