Ellen Meets Incredible Kid Reporter Jaden Jefferson

It’s so nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. You’re a reporter. You have to keep it together. Yeah. I’ve got to keep it together. Yeah. You can’t do that
when you meet people. All right. Oh my gosh. [APPLAUSE] It’s so great to be here. Listen, it’s a big
get, having you here. Thank you, so much. Well, Ellen, I’m
so glad to be here. It’s just so– it’s
an honor to be here. You’re the gold standard on
television and off television. It’s just so nice
to be on your show. Thank you. Thank you. You’re so sweet. All right. So tell me how you decided– because you love
reporting, right? Yeah. You do it all the time. You don’t take a break. You report– you bring
stuff with you in case a story breaks out. So when did you get
interested in reporting? It’s just really a
love for writing. It’s just a love for you know,
telling the stories of people. And it’s just so amazing for me. And I just love doing
all those things and it just really
came together for me. It came together in what way? Like, what was the first thing
that you decided to report on? The first thing I reported
on was a basketball event that was happening
at our local school. And that was the
first thing I covered. I didn’t really think it was
going to be a good story. And, trust me, it wasn’t. It was my first one. How old were you then? I was– I believe it was 10. OK. That was probably my
first on-video story. Right. OK. So, then, now, you cover
like parades and what else? I’ve covered parades,
nurse strikes, I’ve even covered some
HAZMAT situations. One in particular I
covered and I still laugh about it to this day. And one story was that we were
at our federal courthouse. All the media was there. And they found a
powdery substance. And the media officer from
the Toledo Fire Department came and briefed us. And it was figured
out– get this, guy’s– Sweet’N Low. It was Sweet’N Low. So I was– that
story, definitely, was one that I just continued
to laugh about to this day. Yeah. Sure. How much Sweet’N Low was it
that they panicked everybody? I don’t know. They just found it in a
letter so it could be– I mean, it could be– Oh, I see. Well, yeah, you
never know, then. Never know. Yeah. OK. Well, maybe somebody just
needed Swett’N Low and said, mail it to me. And they forgot to put it
in the package or something. At a federal courthouse,
of all places. Right. Exactly. So Elizabeth Warren is
somebody you interviewed. How was that? That was definitely
an amazing experience. I mean, she gave me
long-winded answers, which I love because
I had only the chance to ask two questions. And I didn’t want it to
be a short interview. I wanted it to be
informative for voters. So she gave me good
answers that– you know, I’m not going to say
anything politically. But she gave me
long answers that I think were good
length so that point where the American
people could have a fairly informed decision. It’s just logging afterwards
because I have to type all that down to make the story. Oh. Sure. Yeah. What other
politicians– who else is running right now that
you’d want to interview? I also want to
interview Joe Biden. I also want to interview– I know President
Obama’s not running, but I would love
to interview him. And I, honestly, want to
interview the president because I have questions
there, as well. Yeah. What questions would you
ask the president right now? My first question
would want to know– some of the things that
he’s posted on Twitter and that have– you know, the world has seen. Some of them, which
weren’t very appropriate. So I really want to go deep
there and ask about that. Wow. Well, that would be great. I would love to see you
interview the president. I hope that happens. I hope that, as well. My goal is– I know
he’s running in 2020, so I really want to make
sure that all voters are informed of all candidates,
whether Democrat, Republican. And this is just
one thing that I know that we all need to
know is that whether you’re Democrat, Republican, we
have to respect each other. We can disagree as much. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Yeah. But we really have
to be respectful. Yeah. You’re right. You’re right. And the way to do that is
to actually be informed. And that’s how you can all– Yeah. And if Brad’s still here– I don’t know if Brad Pitt left,
but you should interview him. That’d be a good interview. Yeah. I think so. Brad, if you’re
still here, call me. OK. Oh. He wants it to happen. Oh, he wants it to happen. He already– I’m
getting the word that he wants you
to interview him. So he’s backstage
waiting for you. He’s not going to call you. He’s there. Wow. Yeah. All right? All right. Good. Wow. OK. That’s something. I got you something because
our friends at Shutterfly love what you’re
doing, and they want to make sure that your
grandma and you continue your work as a journalist. So they’re going to give you
$10,000 worth of equipment that you can have. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. How about that? That is unexpected. Yes. Now you have equipment. We’ll be right back.

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