Elton John stuns Graham with juicy details on his fiercest rivalries | Elton John: Uncensored – BBC

Elton John stuns Graham with juicy details on his fiercest rivalries | Elton John: Uncensored – BBC

There are so many famous people scattered
through your story. Are you nervous about any of them reading this book? A bit. There’s not many nasty stories. I put the record straight. Tina Turner and I had a falling out at the VH1 divas thing. She went and did the Oprah show and kind of bad mouthed me and said I was a spoiled child. In fact I wanted to put the record straight on what really happened. I think at the end of the day, we were both culpable of- you know. I shouldn’t have done what I did, but she drove me to it. So it was her fault. Billy Joel, who I love, and toured with three times, fell asleep at the piano. At Madison Square Garden, during Piano
Man. I learned more about Rod Stewart in this book than I- Oh, Rod Stewart and I were always so much fun together. We were rivals in the sense that we were both happening at the same time. He a little bit before me. And we’ve always had a great sense of humour with each other. We’ve always played practical jokes on each other and we’ve always had such a laugh. I’ve had more laughs with Rod than anybody else probably. I’m not showing with you dressed like that, I can assure you. Why not? With that on? You’re not going with that
hat on? Why not, look at you? It looks like Dusty Springfield in a nightmare. But it goes quite far, the Earls Court blimp. Well he had a blimp because he was playing Earls Court for about five nights, which I wasn’t happy about, the fact that he was playing for five
nights. And I was staying at The Inn on the Park, which is now the Four Seasons in London. And I could see it, hanging in the sky. So I rang up John Reed and said ‘Rod’s got a
blimp by Earls Court, can we get it down?’ and I didn’t have to say anything else and
he mysteriously got it, I think shot down. Different times. The next time I looked, the
next day it wasn’t there. So I rang Rod up and said ‘Oh dear, can you see your balloon? Your blimp from where you are?’ ‘Oh yes, dear I can. Isn’t it fabulous.’ And he looked out
the window and said ‘You bastard.’ And then the next year I played Olympia and I had a big banner right across the road, where Olympia is. And I swear to god it was up for about thirty seconds and he’d already had it down. It went up at 2’o’clock in the morning, it
was down by 2’o’clock and 30 seconds. Wonderful memories. He and I have laughed so much over
the years. He has a great sense of humour. We’ve both got the same sense of humour. Now, some people obviously aren’t still around. I didn’t realise you were very close with
John Lennon. Yes. I met him when he was just finishing his crazy phase and going into his
laughing phase. He’d just done a rock and roll album, which was a very hard album for
him to do with Phil Spector. I think he had a lot of issues at that point. He was with
May Pang at the time, he’d broken off with Yoko and we more or less hung out together
for a year and a half, two years. He sang on my records, I played on his. We did a lot
of drugs together. But we had so many laughs, him and Rod Stewart are the two people I’d
probably laugh with the most. And Freddie Mercury. There’s a very New York story about
you and him, holed up in a hotel room. Oh, yes. It was like we were doing cocaine and
it was like 1:30 in the morning and there was a ring on the doorbell and I thought ‘oh,
who’s this.’ So it took me about ten minutes to creep over to the eye hole and look through
the door. It was at the Sherry Netherland hotel and I went to him ‘Andy Warhol’ and
John said.. And so we didn’t answer the door and so I said ‘Why didn’t you want to let
Andy in?’ and he said ‘He’s always got a bloody camera with him.’ Nothing private with Andy.
So I thought god, he wouldn’t let Andy Warhol in but that’s because we were high as a kite.

27 thoughts on “Elton John stuns Graham with juicy details on his fiercest rivalries | Elton John: Uncensored – BBC

  1. Elton john is a dick head. Spending so much time and suing the papers accusing him of being gay when infact he is gay yet the media paid out millions to him. What has he done with the money? Since he decided to come out he just pretends now that he was never in the closet.

  2. I LOVE how Graham is so genuine and LISTENS.
    He truly one of a kind host and "interviewer". The ability Graham has to make essentially every guest comfortable and at ease is unmatched. He doesn't talk over or interrupt. And I've BINGED his shows.

  3. There is no relation between "Elton Jon's" private gay life and the spied composer's music he performed. Period.

  4. He's Evolved, from a Fancy Feathered Fandango into an over-stuffed divan. His Music moved the Globe, but it's time to Fade with Grace. leave them with happy thoughts when you go.

  5. He is what he's always been talented, over-privileged, spoiled, and just an old Queen. He does have philanthropic endeavors so he's really not all bad.

  6. not that juicy, interesting details about stuff I had always believed happened… would like to hear more about Freddy. I used to record Elton off AM radio onto my first cassette recorder, then sing along to it… I think it disturbed my mother somewhat. lol Elton has been there for me ever since. I wonder if he'll outlive me… now there's a thought.

  7. Elton seems to have a "spat" with everyone. I can't recall ever hearing about Tina throwing tantrums and she's worked with a lot of other big personalities, so I'm guessing Tina probably put him in his place and he's not used to that.
    Link to coverage of their feud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXgzG8tZrFQ&t=4s

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