Emotional sisters get BIG MONEY or NOTHING ๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ’ท | The Wall – BBC

Emotional sisters get BIG MONEY or NOTHING ๐Ÿ’ท๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ’ท | The Wall – BBC

Let’s find out what
you’re going home with, eh? Let’s welcome back Louise. Yeah. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Come here, my darling. Hello. Oh, come here, you. Well, so… ..Isolation, what’s that like? I feel like I’ve been in there
about three days. Well, you have, actually! Yeah, somebody tell me
how long I’ve been gone! Now, you went into Isolation…
Yeah. ..with £9,214. Yeah. I can tell you that
you played a decent game, you got two questions right, which means that brought
your guaranteed total up to £14,214. Right, OK. Now, you’re going to take that home
if you signed the contract. If you tore it up,
then you will be going home with whatever’s on the Wall. Yeah. Time to tell Helen your decision. So Isolation was tougher
than I expected it to be, I’ll be honest. It just felt so intense, and just pressured, and… ..I totally missed you,
I really did. You know, for every single question,
and… I felt like every question that I answered,
I was panicking, then afterwards, that I’d got
it wrong, had I got it right? It was really difficult to decide, and I kind of wanted to think about, you know, why we came here, and Mum and Dad and us
and the family. And, you know, we’ve had
a really rough couple years, and… ..I just felt like… You know, we…we
deserve summat good. We deserve something good. And, you know, I didn’t want us
to come away with nothing. But then, all I could
think about was, how were you playing out here? You know, you could have had
so much more on the Wall that would enable us
to do even more things and treat them even better, but… ..I decided that… ..I wanted to sign the contract, cos I wanted us to go away
with some money. On the first round… ..it was brilliant. The balls did everything
that we wanted them to do. They went into some
of the really big money. We got a 25, we got all the way
over to £56,000, and that’s a hell of a lot of money
to do a lot of stuff with. But in the next round,
the money starts to chip away and we just slowly
but surely came down, and really, it all came down to
the last question that you answered. Like you say,
it was all about Mum and Dad and, you know, what we wanted
to do with the money. But I’m glad you signed
the contract, cos we had nothing left on the Wall!
Oh, my God! SHE LAUGHS DELIGHTEDLY APPLAUSE Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I’m so happy for you. Oh, my God! Oh, my God. Oh… I’m so glad you did it. INDISTINCT Well, how emotional was that? Feel like sobbing me heart out,
honestly, I was hanging on for dear life,

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  1. This was actually an alright show but the ending was so bad and so slow after the the older women said I wanted to sign the the guarantee you would expect the other women to start jumping about and that but no instead talks about what happened at the start which is so boring no one cares the most important thing is that you got the money

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