74 thoughts on “Erdoğan showed GOP senators and Trump propaganda video during WH meeting

  1. Prince Zak is on the terror list. And, he's understandably upset about that. Why he chooses to make it worse, is beyond me. Perhaps, it's genetic. I don't know. I can only speculate, as does he

  2. ty mr lemon and mr zakaria, wonderful explanations of our nightmare situation. trumputin just backed up the bus and ran over our allies the kurds a 2nd time, plus letting that vile erdogan spit on them from our own white house. there are just no words for this, he is a traitor.

  3. الكاتب اللبناني عاكوم : Lebanese writer Akoum :
    To be a Kurd, you have to raise the flag of freedom wherever you go. To be a Kurd, you have to rely on yourself and your bullet .
    To be a Kurd, you are a fighter and very beautiful to be a Kurd I wish I was born as a kurd !
    ان تكون كورديا فانك مجبر على رفع علم الحرية أينما حللت ، أن تكون كورديا فانك مجبر على أن تعتمد علي نفسك و على رصاصتك https://youtu.be/emDaxksNF3Y
    ان تكون كورديا فانك مقاتل 👍وجميل جدا ان تكون كورديا و يا ريتني كنت كورديا ! ..

  4. Wow. Just when you think selling out America is lowest, you find out how cheaply. Just to cover up a disastrous tantrum decision he made for leaving Syria? All this just so Trump, look good?

  5. The story is fabricated because originally it was a video shown on an i Phone but the story changed to an i Pad as proven here by CNN and the story is propaganda and story is deliberately fabricated

  6. More blood on America’s hands-thanks to Trump. Kurds, Ukrainians are just the latest victims of this massive greed and corruption.

  7. The video was actually an attempt at a gift (of dirt on an opponent). Donald Trump needn't ask for favors, it is known. Trump wanted a bribe in the form of dirt, and now it's been given to him publicly. It is definitive; Trump will continue to be corrupt.

  8. Okay let's impeach Trump BUT AFTER: We seriously need look into these people in power not just elected ones but theyre also definitely prevalent. Mostly just mostly the smooth talkers. But right now they are suppressing speech? Scrubbing the internet? BLATANT attempts to swing narratives followed by herds of loud off putting people, I'm looking at you china owned reddit), money trails of corruption to OUR 'leaders'? The MEDIA!! Wow.. are we Democrats/Republicans or Americans? Have decades of their damage demoralized us THIS badly?? America..r u here..? I know you see it even if you are consumed by Trump right now. He needs to go if that wakes you up.. but maybe they would still be able to swoop in during our celebration years. Dont dismiss these things, even if you find it laughable.. I genuinely don't there's too much right in front of our face. Epstein didn't kill himself.

  9. This is exactly another example of him doing what he's being impeached for with the Ukraine.. I wish these people would make a connection between the two theatres , citing it as a pattern of behavior…

  10. trump sold out the kurds in favor of turkey and Russia. he sold out the Ukrainians in favor of russia. he sold out NATO, the G-7 and the U.N. in favor of Russia. trump sells out our state dept, our diplomatic corps, our intelligence agencies and the U.S. congress to favor russia. uummm, kinda makes you makes you think trump is working for Russia. but that's only half true! because trump is also working for HIMSELF and his own financial interests. go figure that a corrupt failed businessman might use the Whitehouse to RE-build his wealth.

  11. Is there anything else these wicked people can think up I think they should change their party name to Wicked Old People🌍🇿🇦👎

  12. Why would Bill Clinton let an intern get down on her knees and give him a blow job in the Oval Office??? He knew what was coming…
    Trump had no idea what Erdowan was going to show on the disc, and didn't until it played. But, what I'd like to know is, how do you know what was on the video, in a private meeting between, these two Presidents??? Another leaker??? I feel sorry for Trump, never knowing whom one can trust. Kinda reminds me of Julius Cesaer… Et tu Brute'.

  13. bro for the last month no matter what video i watch on youtube …its a weird ass trump survey ad…shit cringe and bizarre

  14. Exactly, you tell something enough times and they'll believe it… Hummmm, That's what I said on my FB page in 2014. Right is wrong, up is down, even black ick was growing on the Whitehouse! Pure evilness creates black ick but it ain't there now! It's all gone, why? How? Hahahaa

  15. Normal behaviour for trump sucks up to the foreign countries. He is shit scared of Putin, Kim,Erdogan, Saudi guy, any one with power he wants so much to be like them, its sickening to watch.But the difference is he has no spine to defend anyone or anything. Hell he is even scared of CONAN, that’s why there was never a follow up story of Conan because trump was scared the dog would look at him

  16. TRUMP’S PERFECT PHONE CALL SHOULD BE RELEASED AS AN AUDIO RECORDING. A summary of his call has been released by the WH as a so-called transcript; there should be no problem in releasing the actual recording. It could be an example for heads-of-state to follow and also showcase Trump’s unmatched wisdom and genius. We may then enjoy the perfect call as we drive to work or prepare dinner. Why has the recording been “buried”, depriving us of that privilege?

  17. Terrorists are invention of USA and Israel to commit war crimes against the people in the middle east. 🙊🙉🙈🦈☠

  18. An observation on dictators like Putin and Kim of North Korea I’m just waiting for fake 45 to show up on his horse 🐴 on the Whitehouse steps for photo op 😂😂 it just gets worse every day beyond words

  19. Americans deserve Trump. Not one US official has formally demanded that Trump steps down. There are no demonstrations, no strikes, no outcry from public for him to step down. Everyone is sitting and talking.

  20. CNN propaganda mainstream news channel.

    YPG is linked to PKK which is recognized as terrorist group by U.S itself ( I can prove this to you just make a request). What these clowns are talking about? Wake up Americans. You are allying yourself with terrorists.

  21. Boris Trump should be aware that Kurds are muslims, and last time I checked, those people have no qualms with murdering anyone who crosses them. Trump should watch his back because it's only a matter of time till he actually gets taken out.

  22. OMG !!! They shovel shit with dozers !!! Nuff already , get with it people , let that crap go and let's go ! Trump has an awesome plan he got from God !!! OUR TRUE BOSS !!!
    Ps : it'll save your soul 🙏🙏🙏🤙

  23. Trump is a fat boy and a weakling, bet anything he never had the ballz to EVER fight anyone face to face. LOL…Erdogan, Kim, Putin, they all gang bang his dumbass. LOL

  24. It's a shame and embarrassment he was even invited in the first place. It's now been apparent Trump is ready to sell out the United States and our values with hostile governments in exchange for his own selfish benefits. But this is Trump, we all know that by now, so we'll just have to get use to it until impeachment or 2020.

  25. The deaths of the Kurds are on trump’s hands. He needs to be dropped into Syria and shown what the hell is going on and his responsibility in it!!!!! Treasonous trump. Treasonous trump. Treasonous trump needs to be held accountable!!!!!

  26. How low can this man Trump go? Come on Republicans, cut this traitor loose. Stop protecting this wannabe strong man. Please.

  27. How can people support trump? He is destroying this country. So he was watching propaganda videos with that horrid president of Turkey while children were shot to death in a California school……he's no president

  28. I don't blame Trump for bowing down to Turkey. He stands to lose a lot of money if he doesn't go along with Erdogan. Trump is only doing what his party supports. If looking out for #1 was wrong, they would stop him.

  29. trump has a formidable secret service agency : erdogan 🙂 strangely, he didn't trust him about Khashoggi's murder by MBS 🙂

  30. Actually it is surprising because apparently the principal security agency along with its sisters fail to see the obvious which is Trump is selling out the country and one of his main concerns would be to do this in as subtle a manner as possible , this showing of a videos is probably a part of their way of giving the Americans the poison and also trying to make sure it is spread around or one could say to sow the seeds of everything bad for a democratic country.

  31. Turks had effectively been contained and stopped from ever occupying European lands for centuries, enter Trump the russian asset. WOW! Erdogan will flood Europe with muslims. LOL


  33. Whenever any Muslim country choose wisely to adopt the great Muslim value, then this anti-Islam propaganda channels go against that country. this time Turkey.

  34. Its possible, that the Kurdish leader is a terrorist! Leader leads with open mind not closed head like career politicians and fake news media🤔🤔

  35. It's funny how Trump's defense evolves every time.. It's fake news never happened.. Ok it happened but he didn't do anything wrong.. Ok he did do wrong but it's not a crime.. Ok it's a crime but he's stupid so it doesn't count.. Ok it does count but it could've been worse and "outlandish" so doesn't he deserve credit for that??

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