Even Fox News outraged by Trump-Putin meeting

Even Fox News outraged by Trump-Putin meeting

They were gonna have some big talks
today and surely they did and here they are. What I was hoping to see today and what we didn’t see was a forceful condemnation of Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. There wasn’t even a hint of that. zilch. Putin won. Trump missed the opportunity to call them out in no uncertain terms.
He dodged every opportunity to do it and he missed a chance he won’t get again. He did not say I side with the with the American intelligence agencies. This was the time the place for the president to look Putin’s squarely in the eye and
said you will be punished for what you did in 2016 and don’t ever think about
doing that again. But he didn’t and that’s what made it disgusting that’s what made his performance disgusting I’m sorry the only way I feel. He had multiple opportunities to call Vladimir Putin out for election interference the
best I see is that he said at one point both have made mistakes. He wanted to find a way out of that answer even though he was asked in numerous times. Unfortunately it’s that President Putin scored a great propaganda victory and I
think that nothing was really nothing was really achieved here. The president was asked whether or not he believed the intelligence agencies or what Vladimir
Putin told him about meddling in the election. He completely deflected. I don’t care what party, Republican or Democrat. That is just unreal, it’s just unreal.

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  1. It seems that Putin and Trump are the best of friends. So I am bewildered, I do not know what the immediate reactions will be by the leaders of Europe, but after the NATO summit there are tensions, Trump's behavior in England could be considered near hostile and now this. From a European perspective, this is a disaster, I can only imagine what the leaders of Ukraine, Estonia, Polen and so on are thinking. This has international ramifications in the entire Europeans arena. Does Trump really know what he is doing when he turns the table upside down? Does he understand the impact of his words? He has totally changed the balance of power by letting Putin and Russia know that they are free to do whatever they want. People in eastern Europe will not sleep well tonight. The people of the USA have never been invaded so they do not seem to understand what is at stake

  2. Common Sean Hannity, you can still kiss Trump's ass and call it ice cream when you tuck him into bed at night and give him his cheesburger to suck on, right?

    Hey F***er Carlson, how you feeling over there at Fox News? Got anything nice to say to Donny?

    IF ANYONE thought this was not going to be a huge bending US over and making us kiss Putin's ass after the reach around Trump gave Kim Jong Un, then you are living in an even stranger fantasy world then Fox News could create for you!

    We're Putin's bitch now and the safe-word is in Russian and we can't pronounce it so the pain just keeps coming! So I wonder how you say "womp womp" in Russian and N Korean?

  3. Fox News starting to see that Orange Moron for the traitor he is. Abasing himself before Putin and Russia at the expense of the USA.

  4. Impulse reaction has never been given time for true logic or a honest period to evaluate ( thus ) we end up with fox wanting to push how they think our president should have responded on the topic of a Russian attempt to dictate the outcome of our elections. Let me keep it simple, Trump is much like me…you can't fully trust your neighbor when they say….I saw your other neighbor kick your dog and I recorded it but have yet produce that visual evidence after multiple request to view it before addressing the matter with a firmer approach. Give me a freakin break with people and their misguided veiws….Common sense is not taught folks.

  5. Not all FOX commentators are against President Trump.  I search the full summit in U TUBE before I watch the news.  Thanks U TUBE.  There I was able to hear what President Trump and Putin in their own words and not from a fake media.  Putin also revealed that there is money transferred to the United States from Russia for Hillary's campaign.  Why don't you mention that $400,000.000. sent to Hillary's campaign from Russia?

  6. Putin announced that Hillary received a $400M dollar campaign donation from a Russian national!
    This is illegal and needs to be addressed.

  7. Ever consider that the (((media))) is just a Zionist propoganda outlet? It really ties all the bullshit together

  8. After this, would there be more than ONE American who still believes this delusional fool, apart from himself? As often so before, when he lets others fire people, when he dodged draft, this shows what an incredible COWARD your president is.

  9. Again what is the new "evidence" this time
    Didnt even CNN journalists said that this was going nowhere some months ago

  10. That's mostly not outrage. Most are just disappointed like it was just a bad pr choice rather than say… Treason

  11. Well, when one helps you to become president, it isn't easy to criticize the one who helped you. So, Trump seemed so miserable beside Putin that he made America shameful again instead of making it great again.

  12. That is why President Trump won the election because voters see that Democrats; the obstructionist do not have solution to the matter. They just keep whining. Right now "WALK AWAY" is going viral!

  13. I love how REAL Americans are waking up to trumps be. Even fox cant defend this traitor. Lock him up along with the Republican and Democrat parties.

  14. Do #walk away test. Pretend few days that you have walked away. Many don't love you, but ideology. Find out the truth.

  15. Duh timmuS Tutin/Prump

    The bi-headed bi-polar global axi of supposed power,
    The remocrat, capitalist totalitarian/notsee one,
    The united suck of assassins, and the notsee/totalitarian
    Extreme capitalist communist/socialist one, the Russian
    Cleptocracy ('cause, if you want to double your pleasure,
    Double your fun, you have two, two anti-christs in one),
    Attempting to determine no one can even perceive
    The possibility of being non: materialists, humancentric,
    Criminally insane, are having a tete en tete in Helsinki
    Tommorow, where our king-sized terrible-two, Prump,
    "…Will ask Tutin if he meddled in our election…",
    "…He's not expecting a Perry Mason…", Tutin to confess,
    "…But he'll ask…". This, after a year and a half of
    Prump's making believe "…Tutin may have not done it…",
    And over 2 years after our intelligence community definitely
    Knew about it, way to go first responders. They'll probably
    Meet totally alone again, no cameras, and the only way we'll
    Be able to dicipher how it went is from telltale signs like
    Smeared lipstick, and others from the press, the Russian
    Press that is, 'cause ours won't get a word from Prump on it,
    Like the last time they met alone. Later, I think he falsely
    Projected that "…they just talked about…", the purchasing
    Of Russian (white) kids, "…adoption…", for an hour.
    C'est la unvie, no? When's Mueller going to be done,
    Before or after Trumpler's visible coup steals the midterms?
    If you didn't vote for Hillary, you voted for Prump/Tutin.
    "…We(e),…" must protect the vote, vote early, GOTV,
    And protect the results more than ever, before the country
    Gets used to being drunk on democracy's backslider's wine.


  16. Trump is a sleeper, bought and sold and played by Putin! Watch Putin have a smile on his face when Trump speaks you never see that smile on Putins face when he is around other world Leaders! Question is why?

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