Exclusive: Islamic State Member Warns of NYC Attack In VICE News Interview

Exclusive: Islamic State Member Warns of NYC Attack In VICE News Interview

are you fighting right now a lot of Hell oh hi so where are you right now or in New York and you’re in you’re in Mosul yes how long have you been in Mosul about a month I was gonna embark before I was in I’m bar how did you get how did how do you get you guys get recruited to go to fight in Syria and Iraq no one recruited me actually no one’s focusing the word to me oh all I did I opened the newspaper I read the Quran very easy and you and someone actually came to me five or six days before I left in China yeah okay and this is the truth all their intelligence workers are imbeciles FBI so the Canadian police she said so CSIS interviewed you about being going to Syria being a tourist you said no I can’t believe how someone that has extremist terrorist ideologies sitting in front of you and you didn’t capture the next time they saw me they saw me ripping up my sum everything up my passport and all the American power we are coming and will destroy you paternal aunt Anna I made Hitler to this lands for one reason alone I left comfort for one reason alone for allah azza wajal and inshallah after sharm after Iraq after jazeera we are going for you Barack Obama [Applause] [Applause] I’m speaking with vice this is just my German friend you want to say anything you don’t get behind the camera let’s get ready book and so you have a German friend there there’s somebody from the UK how many foreign fighters are in Iraq right now fighting for Isis Oh up where’s the ten fifteen thousand upwards of ten fifteen thousand all the new recruits now are coming to Iraq will alert I’m planning a very big attack speed in Allah Allah insha Allah we are preparing to crush the Peshmerga the partners are the Kurdish army yes correct so who are your biggest enemies right now who are you fighting right now the world right everyone at that coalition that’s trying to the fight is lamina Muslims with many martyrdom operations’ hamdulillah so there will be a lot more martyrdom operations’ coming from the Islamic state going forward inshallah we’ll make some attacks in New York soon invading Allah Allah a lot of brothers they’re mobilizing right now in the way and Allah and what are they mobilizing for mobile I think ur brilliant attack might remind everybody was just at a security conference and everyone is talking about Isis and I’m saying why is nobody asking why they’re so popular why is no-one asking why they’re getting so many foreign fighters I’m also a foreign fighter and as I said before the reason is that we’re tired you know what I mean we’re tired of oppression all about all those threats that I made them put that all aside we don’t want no one likes fighting you wanna live in the desert maybe not even live a rough lifestyle who wants to live no one live this lifestyle if you leave us alone we’re gonna leave you alone right we’re tired I don’t want to come on a fight I want to be at home with my family but why why am i why am I here no one’s asking that question or why are you there what did they call me at the land of the brave and home of the free here at the home with it landed the brave in home with the free give us our freedoms you know if we want Sharia Allah leave us alone all right and this is the matter I’m about to head also ask you questions while you still can okay are you guys under attack right now when are we not under attack if they have a problem with us and they seem to be attacking us day and night right but they don’t understand the law as though a judge is on our side Allah as though a journalist on our side and be isn’t it like Allah we would destroy these planes these Kafar don’t seem to understand this apostate regimes heyday heyday this arose e the siruni plane didn’t seem to understand Allah Azza WA JAL was over it and it was down and the Emirati plane that was over our skies two days that made us that attacked our land they didn’t seem to understand but Allah Azza WA JAL was over them and now we have a prisoner from the image a fighter pilot this is the truth of the affair whatever regime attacks us we will attack them let us be under attack we love being under attack I want Shahada when every single time I see a plane over I see a plane over my head I become very happy are of the era of maybe this is the time that I will go and I will meet my lord that is what I think but I wonder what these go far think right now I wonder what this this Emirati apostate that is in our prisons I wonder when he thinks right now that’s the truth and I wonder what the thousands if people don’t seem to understand there are 1015 we’re thousands of prisoners from the West that we have that we will have to behead and I know why what they factor because it may be Allah out and maybe I have your cousin here you don’t you don’t know or your distant cousin or your uncle maybe we have them with us but you don’t know you have family in the military do you maybe you have a friend that family the military and maybe we have this brother maybe we have that’s a question you say you know look we want to have Sharia we want to just live on our old don’t attack us and we want to attack you but when you’re beheading people when you’re cutting off their heads what’s that why are you cutting their heads off what’s the the philosophy behind that come to me I will come to you economy I will attack you me you attached one of us people to talk one of you but if I couldn’t leave us alone I’m going to tell Barack Obama this Barack Obama in sha allah ya trabajo para Obama listen to this message well are you Catholic well oxen banana I mean well like we will fight you until the end it doesn’t matter and who as after you will keep fighting you keep fighting you I know so many people thousands upon thousands upon thousands that are living in the West they’re ready right now to make our operation in your land why don’t you leave us alone backup for backup well like what I see when I’m in the battlefield when I see my enemy well I see Jenna I see Jenna confer DOS I see I see heaven and what do your soldiers do when they come and fight us they’re gonna create they commit suicide that’s the difference between me and you this is the truth the only time we will stop is when they tell a beard has a black bag over it the lair Hellhammer the only time we will stop is when we paint beta Lafayette black will apply hell hammer we will stop when we behead the heads of copper with Elohim and when we turn his children into our slaves that’s maybe maybe one minute spa maybe but be crucified Benjamin listen a view for his war crimes maybe that one we will stop I knew when you’re saying you’re gonna fly the your flag over that was April ugly yeah what’s that the White House so fly the Islamic flag over the White House I and on that note

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  1. A fucking somali ofc. Worst people in the world. Known for their high education and willingness to work hard…….Not!

  2. When you talk about meeting your lord
    But you probably don’t know the conditions if your Salah.

    This is the product of ignorance mixed with arrogance.

    Sad cause when he dies ain’t no replay button and suicide bombing is not from Islam. It’s forbidden and cowardly to commit suicide.

  3. That guy was so cringe!!!!!!!! and im pretty sure hes dead!!!! and dude said that he would put his flag on the white house he trippin im pretty sure hes flying his flag with satan!!!!!!!!

  4. I am a Somali too, fucking bastard left comfort? He was a losers and will always be one! There is no God on their side. Losers just wanna die let them die.

  5. they ask to be left alone by the west…..but they are an expansionist state that wants to take over every land on earth. How and why would they ask the west to leave them alone…???

  6. Thats should be his last time to hold that Canadian Passport.. He does not deserve to hold it ever and ever again… What a worst of sperm

  7. Violence is not a option. Peace and unity brothers and sisters the devil wants you to kill not Allah. We have lived along different faiths for a long time. Don’t blame the non believers blame the authorities. You want sharia law Saudi is the best place to be.
    Thank you and remember Allah created us peacefully let’s leave this earth peacefully.

  8. That guy is an idiot. Tell your brothers to stop attacking us on our soil and we will quit blowing y’alls guts and brains out. Dumb ass.

  9. This black guys is from Somalia , and with his friend some Pakistani Muslim, Syrian Muslim ,Iraqi Muslim , Turkeys muslin Bangladeshi Musla Indian Muslim Europe Muslim🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐖 etc the main leader who funded islamic group is Saudi Arabia

  10. This kid is cringy as fuk lol and idiot reporter is looking so frightened lol these young boys were used as sex slaves by the older men lol

  11. This is what Donald trump was talking about but people still support HILARY CLINTON AND THE LEFT Because they feel Muslims should be free when they don’t want us free Security and Islam don’t go together

  12. I BELIEVE IN CHRIST. And that only you should know nothing else, true Christian might and will struggle but the struggle is where we get the power and that's how we meet God.


  14. this is why we don't want them in America right here they all need to die they all are evil they kill people for no real reason

  15. I find it hilarious that he's trying to imitate an Arab accent. This fucking kid is LARPing and will most likely be killed by his own people.

  16. Allah Said we have to Respekt each other, this is Not islam islam is a Peacefull Religion, but this guys are mad.

  17. Bro stfu we don't consider u a muslim we don't want you no muslim kills another and no muslim kills ppl for no reason. Allah is not with you. And why would you bomb something from saudia that is the holy land of islam i hope America fucking kills you and your supporters u don't have any foreigners captured i have friends that was in the army i wont dislike them bcs they helped us in a lot of situations like the desert storm. U won't go to janah u don't deserve it. Disgusting representation of muslims. Also for the ppl that say there is no isis in chritianty there is the disgusting kkk who killed the africans and converted them into christians they were muslims they changed their names they gave them christian names.

  18. Your soldiers commit suicide errrrrr you clowns do as well with explosives strapped to your body dumb MF.😂😂😂

  19. Lmao and now he's dead. GOD, not allah (I know allah means God in jibber jabber but frankly my dear I dont give a damn) made it so. Hallelujah!!! This jihadi now has maggots eating him from the inside out 6 feet under, can I get an "Amen"? Lol

  20. Why are you giving this terrorist a platform in which he is able to speak about his intentions of killing innocent people in Canada and the United States? What the hell did you think this was going to accomplish, WOW Vice what a shitty thing to do!!!!!👿👿👿👿👿👿👹👹👹👹👹

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