Exoskeletons to be tested by US Navy

Exoskeletons to be tested by US Navy

Life is about to get much easier for construction
workers! Introducing next-generation, unpowered, lightweight exoskeletons. So what is an exoskeleton? Well basically,
it enables workers to operate heavyweight hand tools for longer by transferring the
weight of the items from the body directly to the ground. Lockheed Martin. the company behind the product
says they’ve been working on it for five years. According to reports, the company has been
awarded a contract to test them with the U.S. Navy to give maintenance crews on ship extra
strength to lift heavy objects. The company claims the construction allows
its operator to move freely in a natural and flexible way, which greatly increases a worker’s
productivity. The invention is designed to make workers
more productive and help combat injuries.

9 thoughts on “Exoskeletons to be tested by US Navy

  1. hey uhh, whats with the name change from ITN? what exactly should we come to expect with change? il admit i love this channel but it would appear to be going closer to a CNN style of direction…

  2. this was the last thing needed, now all WOMEN will be enrolling for construction jobs….. it will be easy now… right….

  3. hahahaha, it's exoskeleton for the crew
    and can be viewed as human flesh for the machine!


  4. Winder if it'll cost billions to 'test' and to 'improve' much like the F35.

    Lockheed basically has a licence to print money in the us

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