Film Theory: Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?

Film Theory: Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?

37 thoughts on “Film Theory: Is Fake News KILLING the Internet?

  1. Me: Getting told that the internet if fine and fake news is fine by my friends who call me paranoid
    Me: Watches this
    Me: Stands up and flips a table

    note: See? We need more videos like this. Praise this man. And his cat.

  2. I don’t really care about politics, but I at least used to think that Hillary Clinton got more votes, but due to the way voting works, Trump won by getting more votes in a system of states, as confusing as it can be.

  3. 5:00 You mean like your Hollow Knight video? Haha jk I love ya MatPat. But seriously, you were way off on that one, and I would love to see a response to mossbag's response to you. Although I should thank you for getting me into Hollow Knight in the first place 🙂
    Keep on Theorizin!

  4. I am a fucking idiot mi actually believed the things he said at the star and the I saw the title and was like “you fucking idiot”

  5. You give the information too us I honestly don’t think I would know over half the stuff I do without these videos you’re not only someone who comes up with amazing ideas but you also give other people knowledge that is above their grade level

  6. i got youtube red because i hate commercials and so i could close the screen while the video continues to play

  7. Laughs in German Tagesschau

    (Explanation: the Tagesschau is a News „Show“ at the end of the day (20:00) and is 15 minutes long. What makes it „special“ is that it’s produced by the ARD, the German tv Station which is paid from taxes, so they don’t have to rely on ad money. They’re not allowed to show ads after 20:00 o‘clock or on sundays. There is a second news programme by zdf which is exactly the same system, yet they still air different news (in the detail, the top themes are the same))

  8. For some reason my phone speaker made the audio sound like it was coming from a original ds and kinda bitcrushed. Can someone help?

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