Fox News Admits Trump Colluded

Fox News Admits Trump Colluded

>>What Mueller was saying this morning was
fairly clear. Clear not just to people on the left, but
people on the right as well including on Fox News, Bret Baier had this to say.>>By the tone and tenor of those remarks
as he laid out his case, wrapping up this report, this was not, as the President says
time and time again, no collusion, no obstruction. It was much more nuance than that.>>I haven’t watch any other Fox News today,
I’ll just imagine that on through the Sean Hannity they agree with him.>>No, but Napolitano as usual came out and
was clear. Again, look you guys, don’t get confuse on
Napolitano for anybody who’s liberal progressive. And so he’s been saying a lot of things driving
me crazy lately. That’s because we’re two Americans who disagree,
that’s the way it’s supposed to be, okay? But on this issue, we do agree and he said,
well, mother said that there was evidence that he did obstruction. It’s like, well, what else do you need? He said, there’s no evidence or not enough
evidence on collusion, but plenty of evidence on obstruction. So you’ve got a couple people on Fox News
going, look guys, I don’t know, I can’t, it’s a bridge too far, right? I can’t twist his words to be the exact opposite,
so I’m gonna tell you what he actually said. So we’ll have to see tonight, but you know
what Hannity’s gonna say, and Lou Dobbs. Lou Dobbs is gonna say, arrest them all! Who, Trump? You know, the guys who committed the crimes? No, the people who pointed out the crimes!>>But literally, literally that’s what they
say, and they are now starting the investigations. And we’ll see if Trump’s team, Trump has told
William Barr to start investigations on everyone who investigated him. I’m sure that they’ll be just as careful as
Robert Mueller and then once they have information, they’ll be just like Nancy Pelosi and say,
well, I don’t know, how’s it gonna play out? I just wanna be careful, so I probably won’t
do anything. Or with almost no evidence, they’ll barge
in and start to lock people up. So the disparity here is out of control. But for the momeme, the important takeaway
from this is whether it’s Justin Amash, Bret Baier, Napolitano, even the right-wing, and
all those guys are a million miles from progressive. A million miles from moderate. Even those guys are saying, yeah, he obviously
did it.>>And so why don’t we play a game now, okay? So we’re gonna see how strong you can seem
like you’re being without actually promising to do anything. And the first contestant going to be Chairman
of the House Judiciary Committee Jerrold Nadler, and so here’s what he had to say today.>>With respect to impeachment question at
this point, all options are on the table and nothing should be ruled out. What special counsel mother said loud and
clear today for the American people is that President Trump is lying when he says no collusion,
no obstruction, and that he was exonerated. If Mueller wanted to exonerate the President
from having committed the crime, he would have said so. Instead, and he says he would have said so.>>And with regards to impeachment, will you
then report as say, it’s on the table, but what exactly does that mean?>>We are following through in our investigation,
we will continue to do so, and we’ll make decisions as they seem indicated.>>We’re following procedure, we’re gonna
keep to the timeline, and we expect that we’ll conclude sometime after the sun has expanded
in size and consumed the Earth.>>So about seven and a half billion years.>>Something like that.>>Yeah, so look, reporting from people inside
and sometimes literally democratic congressmen will go on TV, like Steve Cohen did, and say
the overwhelming majority of the democrats on the House Judiciary Committee want to impeach. They think that the evidence is obvious and
that if we don’t act, it’ll seem like we’re letting the President be above the law. I think that Nadler, based on the reporting
I’ve seen, actually agrees with that. But Pelosi, who was the Speaker of the House,
will not let anyone take action. Will not let anyone actually be a Democrat
and will not let anyone oppose Trump. Remember when he was called the resistance? Hilarious, hilarious. So now it’s the assistance, of course, and
Nadler here has to out up there and go, Trump obviously did it, he was lying about not doing
it, and Pelosi tells me I have to do nothing but wait. And so that’s what you just saw there. So let’s go to the Chief Assistant for Donald
Trump, Nancy Pelosi, and let’s see what she has to say.>>Let me just say that I’m very proud of
our house Democrats, they’ve been very, shall we say, conscientious about how they’ve reached
their decisions. And I think it’s like 35 of them out of 238
or maybe it’s 38 of them out of 238 have said that they wanted to be outspoken on impeachment. And many of them are reflecting their views
as well as those of the their constituents. Many constituents want to impeach the President,
but we wanna do what is right and what gets results. What gets results. And we have to remember-
>>So yes, there are some and the press makes more of a fuss about the 38 than the 200.>>Okay, so first of all, if she’s telling
the truth, okay, fine, there’s 200 of them who want to help Donald Trump. Who say, let’s cover up Donald Trump’s crimes. So, Nancy Pelosi, if she’s correct, then she
just threw her whole, most of her Democratic colleagues under a bus. Another group of people that she threw under
a bus was her voters. She said, my voters wanna impeach, but we
have to do what’s right. Do you understand the words that you just
used? You said, like, my idiot, rabble-rousing voters,
who I basically despise, want to impeach, but I’m not going to listen to them, I’m gonna
do what’s right. So you framed it as not only are your voters
wrong, but they’re almost immoral and the bastion of morality is Donald Trump cuz you
will not impeach him cuz that is the right thing to do. That is as bad as you can possibly imagine. I mean the leader of the Republicans couldn’t
do more damage to the Democratic Party than Nancy Pelosi just did. And she also says, I’m gonna do what gets
results. What results, on what, what are you doing? She always says like, I got other priorities. Really, you’re against Medicare for all, your
against Green New Deal, you couldn’t even get $15 minimum wage passed. I thought you were a master legislator, what
the hell’s going on? You got plenty of time on your hands, what
are you doing if you’re not doing impeachment? Go ahead, we’ll wait. Apparently we’ll wait a long, long time. You’re not doing anything otherwise anyway,
this is at best cowardice, at best.>>I think that for Pelosi, when she’s thinking
about what will get these, quote unquote, results, she’s probably thinking about 2020. And probably thinking about the Senate, probably
thinking about who’s running for president. And I feel like she just thinks that impeachment
now probably will throw a lot of that into disarray, and I get it. Sometimes people don’t want to throw a lot
of plans that they might have laid out into chaos by sort of introducing something new
to it. But when you have people like Elizabeth Warren
who I strongly agree with and think is doing so many amazing things right. Talking about how she doesn’t care politically
what happens, we should move forward with impeachment. I think those are people who we should be
listening to.>>Yeah, so look, I wanna address a couple
of quick points that the Pelosi team makes. One is they believe that it’s the 1990s, it
is not, I just wanna correct that for the record. They believe that Donald Trump is just like
Bill Clinton. He’s not, they’re two different human beings,
I’d like to correct that for the record. Bill Clinton at the time, was incredibly popular. Donald Trump is incredibly unpopular. So your sense of time and politics is miserable,
you don’t really know what you’re doing. I mean, to go back to a cliche thing of like,
impeachment didn’t work for the Republicans in the 1990s when they did it based absolutely
nothing against an incredibly popular president. Oops. So you don’t know anything, so let’s move
on pass that. Number two is, she says, well, the Senate,
this is the number one thing they do. The Senate won’t convict, so what’s the point? The point is that you do your job and then
you worry about whether they do their job. And by the way, when you have impeachment
proceedings in the House, the whole country will see all the evidence. The 11 times that he obstructed justice according
to the Mueller report, do the American people know about that? Almost not at all, why? Cuz you never brought it up, you never talk
about it. Maybe, I know this is absolutely unthinkable
to Nancy Pelosi, maybe if you made your own case, the reality is of course she does. She represents the corporate donors, she’s
making their case. Hey, I got the tax cuts already, Trump’s awesome,
and I’m raising a lot of money, if I’m a Democrat, off of Donald Trump, that’s what this is about. Anyway, but if you actually made the democratic
case, you’d have a better shot. Then the American people go, I see. Right now they see Trump going, I’m innocent,
case closed. They see Pelosi saying, hey, the right thing
to do is not to impeach Donald Trump. What do you think they’re gonna conclude? Or what if you said, hey, you know what, Donald
Trump is wrong, this was a crime, and we’re going to investigate it and make sure that
there are consequences attached to it. Then perhaps, your side would have a fighting
chance. But you don’t want them to have a fighting
chance cuz you’re a natural born loser. And then Washington tells me that Pelosi’s
a master legislator. Is this what a master legislative does, just
lies down like a floor mat for Donald freaking Trump? It’s not like we are dealing with FDR here
or even Reagan, I got no respect for him. But at least he was, in his time, popular
and had some degree of strength. Donald Trump is the weakest, saddest, most
pathetic, most unpopular president we’ve ever had in our lifetimes, and you’re still laying
down for him. That’s unbelievable. And the Senate, you know what would happen,
the Republicans would then be put to a decision. And the decision would be one of two things,
either I’m going to say in the face of overwhelming evidence I vote no, I vote in favor of criminality. I wanna let the criminal go and then they’re
on the record on that, Nancy, did you think about that? Did you think, hey, maybe that might hurt
their chances in their state? Or they’re going to convict, but you leave
that up to to them. What’s the point of saying, I surrender to
the Republicans in the Senate, I surrender. Where’s the is the master legislator that
I hear these idiot mainstream media guys constantly talking about? She’s so amazing. Really, really, lying down to Trump, kneeling,
bending a knee to Trump is amazing? That’s the master legislator? Okay, and the most important part of all this
guys is precedent. If Nancy Pelosi says, under no circumstance,
which is exactly what she’s saying now, are we going to pursue impeachment. Here’s Muller, did two years of work, gives
me 11 counts of obstruction, and I say no. That means the President is above the law. And not only any president, which is a horrible,
horrible precedent to set, but you don’t have to think about this outlandish scenario where
we have a monstrous president who wants to do widely illegal things and doesn’t believe
in our democracy. He’s in office right now, that’s the guy you’re
letting getting away with it, okay? So if Pelosi says, no impeachment, what’s
to stop Trump for breaking more laws? He just got a get out of jail free card forever. Imagine if Pelosi’s wrong and they don’t win
the election and Trump wins again. What is he gonna do in the next five and a
half years, not just one and a half years? He’s gonna say, well, the Democrats told me
I could break any law I like and then they can appoint a special counsel. What difference does it make? The special counsel’s gonna say, you can’t
indict a sitting president and Nancy Pelosi’s going to do a preemptive surrender. I can shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue and get
away with it, and that’s not my supporters saying it, that’s Nancy Pelosi saying it.

100 thoughts on “Fox News Admits Trump Colluded

  1. Please give another listen to what Ms Pelosi said and then review your comments. She didn't say all constituents wanted impeachment, only many of them.

  2. I agree with you most the time but there's more to it for impeachment and it will happen. I think you should rethink what you said about Nancy P.

  3. I don’t agree with you about Nancy Pelosi though I think it’s taking too long. She knows more than she’s telling. Impeachment will happen.

  4. So, what happens when they impeach him and the Senate sets him free and Trump does his victory parade of No Collusion No Obstruction and he gets a bump from it? Every day I go back and forth with this. The right thing is to impeach him, cause if there was one person that deserves it, it's him. Clinton getting impeach for a blow job was a joke, but these are legit crimes. I would actually impeach under the emoluments clause instead though.

  5. NEWSFLASH: Mueller and his cast of angry Democrats took two years and $30 million to determine there was NO Collusion between Trump and Russia. Sorry, Donkeys, you're smoking too much Wish-Weed again.

  6. The young Turks deny the Armanian genocide still, the fact that Turkey genocides native Armanian Christians is well documented and held up by historians worldwide. Can we get an on tape admission that it happened and an apology for denying it? Till then these scum bags shouldnt be allowed money from YouTube

  7. At the moment impeachment is a failure given the corrupt nature of the senate. The senate has already said that they won't vote against trump
    For the moment pursuing the investigations is a better choice. Push him to resign then criminally charge him. If that fails then impeach nearer to the election.
    People have an extremely short memory. TYT is taking a failed short term view. Trump has not received a get out of jail free card but if he is impeached and it fails (which it absolutely will in the senate) then he will absolutely have clear path to more misdeeds.

  8. Right now, the Republican-led Senate will quash any articles of impeachment out of hand. That is reprehensible, because there are grounds for impeachment. Yet we can’t escape the fact that there will be no conviction. So impeachment is not worth it right now. Let the existing investigations continue and the slow drip of Trump misdeeds come out. The criticism should be on the Republicans, not the Democrats.

  9. This guy acts like he could do the job better than Donald Trump or even Nancy Pelosi. I think someone should put him in his place. Give him a platform other than this one.lets find out.

  10. I have to be honest with myself, Pelosi is not making sense these days. The more I learn and see her real, (un-doctored) actions. The less faith I have in her abilities and the more disillusioned I'm becoming with her on the whole!
    Peace 🙏☯️☮️

  11. HAVE YOU NOTICED TRUMP WAS COMING OUT FOR NANCY PELOSI TO BE SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE BEFORE SHE GOT THE POSITION AGAIN. now she cries don't impeach! it seems obvious to me what is going on.

  12. The COMMUNIST " YOUNG TURDS " , what a bunch of LOSERS ! …… Doesn't it HURT to be an unwanted bunch of "TURDS" … ……At least he has a Real – Genuine Birth Certificate and is real AMERICAN born PRESIDENT . You 2 faced b'stards are ALL benefiting under him so GROW the Fcuk UP ….. Cry baby LOSERS !!!!

  13. So here is s the thing. Trump should be impeached. Let's set aside the fact that Mueller said that Trump was guilty of obstruction. Let's just take a look at his public behavior. He has shown many times in public that he is trying to appeal to the worlds dictators and not the people who voted him in. He openly lies to the public on promises, actively promotes violence and bigotry, only interested in policies that further is billionaire friends and his family. He also throws his own intelligence communities under the bus and believes a dictator over his own people. Has met with Russian oligarchs in the white house and admitted to releasing government secrets.

    He openly mocked a disabled person in public, laughed when a person in his crowd said they should shoot Innocent migrants escaping violence, Keeps telling people not to follow the law and go to their congressional sapena, told border patrol to break the law, makes light of Americans suffering in Puerto Rico, and so so so much more. Those behaviors alone that even if the Bushes or Obama committed while in office would have them impeached. These things alone should of gotten him impeached because he was behaving like a dictator and not a human being with understanding and compassion.

  14. i detest donald trump as much as cenk but this guy is hateful and obnoxious and angry to listen to. that's why i unsubscribed and stopped watching TYT. it's too damn stressful to listen to his rants wondering if he's in danger of stroking out midstream. agree fully with much of what he says but the tension and strain in his voice is palpable.

  15. Please people read the report. There is evidence of collusion and of obstruction laid out in over 400 pages. They said their wasn't enough evidence to say there was a criminal conspiracy. The Report also said that they did not charge Don Jr because he was too dumb to realize that meeting with Russian Spies was against the law. If Muller had done his job and charged Don Jr bc no one is that dumb they might have found enough evidence that there was a criminal conspiracy. He also said that he couldn't charge a sitting President so its up to Congress to charge and impeach him based on the 400 plus pages of evidence. Please read the report before commenting.

  16. Of course there's collusion, regardless of what they could legally prove.
    Obviously, there's obstruction, blatantly out there for the world to see.
    That being said:
    I generally agree with Cenk, but he got too passionately carried away here. Dumbed down Pelosi's "not right this minute, heading down that path eventually" comment to "never ever!" He totally demonized her w/ Trump's "5th Ave killshot" nonsense. He (to a lesser extent) did to her what the likes of the right & Megan McCain did to Ilhan Omar deliberately pretending she was anti-Semitic when she's NOT!

  17. what if the Senate does not vote for impeachment? Does Trump get away free?
    but, If he gets voted out in 2020 then he will be free to be charged? Best way to reach the public flood the media with wittnesses and keep pointing out their hipocracy. Make them own it, maybe there are some that will hear facts.

  18. I wonder how Pelosi would handle having every one of the Democrats in the House all stand up, together, and vote no confidence in her leadership. That they want her primaried and removed from office. All of them together with one voice. If they are not willing to do that, then they will have failed the country the same as Pelosi.

  19. Pelosi . Nobody likes you . You are a useless old grandmother who should not be dabbling in politics . Pelosi you are an incapable woman and always have been incapable. Wearing pink all the time will change nothing. Just remember Pelosi you are nothing but a stupid stupid woman .

  20. We should be hating on these so-called liberals and progressives in San Francisco for constantly reelecting this idiot. If it wasn't for them, and all the other retarded left wing buffoons in this country, we wouldn't have Pelosi, Schumer, or Debbie Schultz. We like to think we are smarter than backwoods rednecks but the dopes on our side are no different.

  21. But here's the problem, she said that 238 house Democrats have been "conscientious" (whatever that means) and 38 have been out-spoken, well that maybe be lies but it's still a majority technically. If those 38 could just get the majority to go with them and Pelosi still said "no impeachment", I would understand the criticism.

  22. C'mon Cenk. I've followed you and the young turks since you were on MSNBC. I think you are a needed point of view in the social discourse of the body politic. However, I have to differ with you on such harsh criticism of Nancy and the Dems. I myself and my wife are both left leaning centrists who will always default to insuring civil liberties and opportunities, and security of the everyman in our country. I believe we are in the impeachment process now. And at every turn the case of the house is being reinforced. The courts have, for all intents and purposes been beating Trump's ass since inauguration. And in these most recent cases, the house's position on their rights of oversight
    affirmed, it was like the court backhanded Trump's team like a parent who gets you before you can finish your sorry excuses for why you got in trouble.

    The tide is rising. These oversight hearings aren't the Dems shirking their duty. It's is the process toward the formal hearing. It is the manner in which much of the public will be educated. Reality check. The majority of the public will never read the report. They prefer to be spoon fed, and with the GOP's steady defunding of the public school system for the last 20 or so years, there are, sadly, not many folks out there who have a clue as to how our government was formed, the constitution, or how the checks and balances work, or that the free press is accounted for constitutionally. They do not know that we are already a social democratic republic. Et cetera, ad nauseum, and the band plays on…., yes? The funny thing is, ironically, that the very immigrants they have been led by the nose to believe are the cause of all their ills and the ills of the country, by the time they become citizens, know more about this country, it's history, and how the government is supposed to work.

    It makes me angry too. So, please, consider that this is part of the process. And consider this also. It is by nature, a laborious task. And that is the way the framers intended it. For years I have been shaking my head, my fist, and gone through much rending of hair and gnashing of teeth at the Democratic Party's inability to get out in front of issues and frame them properly. For example, this impeachment issue should be framed around the fact that Trump is actually the one prolonging it (more karmic irony as the "death of a thousand knives" becomes ten thousand because of his actions!), by continuing to obstruct justice. And The Dems have actually passed some solid, progressive leaning bills as well as dealt with this "Little Lord Fauntleroy's" petulant, whiny, infantile example of how money does not imbue anyone with class, honor, intelligence, or any redeemable human characteristics. And where are these bills? Pigeon holed in McConnell's senate where everything that might benefit the common folk of this country goes to die. I don't know why that video you guys had with Mitch calling himself the "Grim Reaper" is not being seen at least a 100,000 times a day in this country. Again, spoonfeeding. You can't just say, "we can walk and chew gum at the same time". You have to show the people.

    Then we get to Mitch. How about a constant hammering of McConnell's "obstruction"? He obstructs the ability of the voting public knowledge they have a right to by insuring his GOP members have no real voting record to defend, or run on. Growing up (i'm 60) the voting records of candidates were a major source of information to the public. This information was key in many cases on how to spend our voting currency. He should be called out on it. And I do agree with you the Dems should not be so afraid that impeachment without Senate conviction is a disaster for the Dems in 2020. I believe it will be closer than people think. there are many GOP senators up for re-election in states that are moving closer to blue all the time. And with an educated public in the run up, many who vote party line could pay a heavy price.

    Finally, this is the only time in my life that I feel that everyone who is a "not Trumper" needs to suck it up and insure that whomever the Democratic candidate is wins. I have never voted for someone because I was afraid of who the other candidate was. But I'm gonna do it this year. I am, The Reverend Rude Dog

  23. Nailed it Cenk. Pelosi and these right-wing corporate democrats like Pelosi are the worst. Just republican lites running around running interference for the republicans and Trump of all people. Pelosi is worthless, has no master plan because she is right now conducting her master plan which is nothing. We have to get rid of these frauds like Pelosi, chase them to the curb otherwise they will keep on aiding and abetting the right-wing.

  24. Wow! Eat your own young much? Last time i checked the Senate was Republican. Impeachment ain't goin anywhere bro. I get it. Orangemans a POS. Most peeps want him out. This is chess. Think a head. Have a cocktail bruthr

  25. TYT still hanging on to the conspiracy delusion. This is why no one takes them serious. And seeing their downfall is glorious.

  26. Mueller 😇👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌😎✌

  27. Everyone that reads this just google president Donald Trumps accomplishments. Just do it.. What do you have to loose?

  28. Mueller said that he did not have evidence to prove a darn thing after 3 years and about $40 million dollars blown or what the facts were. Mueller didn't even check out the illegally obtained based on nothing FISA warrant. No evidence was presented if Muler has oral sex with donkeys.You'll have to make up your own opinion on that too. You will have saved $40 million dollars and 3 years for your own nothing proved report.

  29. Pelosi is so damn weak, she'd cut off her own nose to spite her face. Grow some guts and impeach Trump, or step the hell down as leader of the Democratic party!

  30. I want the removal of all members of Congress who have done nothing for the American people for 3.5 years except try to remove a President they don't like or want in office! You've done nothing! You're collecting a fat check for nothing! You have to go!

  31. Clear as day, your explanation… COMPLETELY understandable, to the point, and covered everything exactly.
    Thanks Cenk.

  32. You guys are dumb assess for falling for there lies go do some dam research for once instead of getting your information from CNN and young terds before it's too late because right now your all traitors to are country and we are watching you

  33. Every single US president (except maybe William Henry Harrison, due only to how fast he died) deserved to be impeached.

  34. It's about time that 79 year old has been, with Parkinson's disease stepped down in favor of someone much more capable.

  35. The group of people, the Right Wing, who attack the Left for criticising law enforcement officers, the Police, for police brutality are attacking law enforcement officers, the FBI.

  36. Prosecutors never go ahead unless they know for sure they will convict.
    Pelosi is smart; she knows that there's no way 27 Republican senators will vote to convict Trump, and if they impeach him and Trump doesn't get convicted, that would be a massive victory for him. And then, they wont be able to try him for them same crimes when he leaves office and has no immunity.

  37. Why are the cutting interest rates when the economy is doing so great? maybe its all smoke and mirrors

  38. Thank you for expressing your outrage against pelosi's cowardice. There are so many people who believe that the impeachment inquiry conducted by the house is what would convince the voters of trumps horrendous documented wrongdoings. Youre right. We dont need a big breakthrough. Weve got what we need. Launch the inquiry!

  39. And FAUX is turning on the Marmalade Mussolini……… , oh , my …………the sun is rising to the truth ,,,,,,vote BLUE in 2020 !!!!!

  40. Did what? Just smugly saying "yup he did it" over and over doesnt prove anything. You should have listened more to jimmy doore and kyle. Its clearly just too late for your sanity now.
    What evidence do you have for this nefarious conspiracy of "collusion" with Russia? Did hillary not also conspire when she sold nuclear info to russia? Are u outtaged by that as well? Watching you all is torture. Trump derangment syndrome indeed.

  41. I fully and publicly admit, The Young Turks deny the Armenian genocide. Now, they are just as guilty as Trump is since I admitted that they did it

  42. We know truml is a compulsive liar and traitor. He s colluded with russua and made a mockery. Of america. He s a whoremingering lying piece of shit.

    If the house votes to impeach then everyone knows where Democrats stand AND the swamp spills out on stage.
    THEN when the Senate does not impeach THEY look horrible and Dems win back the Senate in 2020.
    Pelosi had BETTER get her war face on because this is war.

  44. whoever calls that trainwreck of a politician a master legislator is as deluded as the trumpers. no she is not. im not gonna vote for a democrat ever again if they dont impeach. because they are too weak to defend us against tyranny in the future. ill just let the madman have this country and put the democrats in prison camps. then maybe someone will rise from the ashes and defend us.

  45. Candidates Weigh In? Of course. Every one of them is a pandering giveaway artist & liar promising things they can't provide. Once elected they'll blame Republicans for their failed fantasies,

  46. EVEN FOX? FOX has always included contributors from the Left. Idiots like Juan Williams, Sheppard, and Others make it feel as though your watching CNN or MSNBC.


  48. Even the liberal bias of YouTube can't get this crap channel any views lol. You guys suck! Think i'll go back to Steven Crowder's channel. It's actually WORTH watching.

  49. how can you obstruct if their was no collusion, obstruct what crime. If their is no collusion there is no obstruction

  50. Pelosi wants everyone on board Including the Republicans for impeachment, because if we start the impeachment Trump can use this as a tool to help get more support and voters in the 2020 election

  51. Pelosi has to be bought out entirely or made a deal directly with Donald Trump. There is no way she could be this bad, nobody is that stupid not even Pelosi. She seems to be doing everything Trump wants. Trump is defending her on tv against AOC, he only does that for the people that are obviously on his side. If Pelosi was any kind of advisory at all he'd be attacking her and saying how crazy she is, but he actually admires her. She has to have made a deal with Trump. If anyone asks her directly about it she immediately gets frazzled and comes up with her ridiculous reasons.

  52. I would love to see john in public . Bammm punch in the nose …thump kick to the ear … crunch.smashed eye socket. To bad i live so far away from the loser.

  53. Trump 2020 best president ever. He made america great after Obama's shitty attempt. …….. p.s thanks for the great job and health care mr trump.

  54. San, Trump is a liar, a fake, a fraud. This country was broke and 10 trillion in debt, with two wars, when Obama got in. Trump's ridding the wave that Obama done. Your racist views is opened to run Bill Clinton who had a affair with a legal woman over 21 out and vote sexual predator poor little Russian rich boy in.

  55. take a moment and imagine if the crazy lunatic conservative Fringe cats control this country and someone like Trump declares actual martial law and Americans have to start running for their lives away from their own militaryimagine when we head towards the Mexican border and all of a sudden either we run into our own wall that we built indiscreetly unexpectedly finding that that wall wasn't really aim to keep out Mexican immigrants or any other kind of immigrant it was meant to keep you in and what happens if Mexico lines up a military ID points guns at Americans trying to get the hell out of America because the lunatic fringe republican-conservative has turned our own military against us f*** you're going to feel real shity then dumbasses

  56. Muller was told by the ass A/G his investigation had limitations. Look how many people he had to report to. So many Trump's people made sure it would be a cover up. 3 A/G's,Nunes 1ass.A/G,FBI director. Republican Inte, GOP and remember Republican's ran both HOUSE. He did His best with what space he had.He should be commended for getting what he got out.

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