Frenemies: a story of Iran, Israel and the United States

Frenemies: a story of Iran, Israel and the United States

In order to understand the Iranian
nuclear negotiations you need to understand the trilateral relationship
between the United States Israel and Iran. At first blush it seems very simple: The
United States Israel allies they’re both opposed to Iran. But the way
these negotiations have gone down has severely complicated the matter. To understand by we need to look at the
individual personalities that are involved in the negotiations. First off, and perhaps most importantly is
President Obama. Resolving the Iranian nuclear standoff
peacefully is a major foreign policy priority for President Obama however it’s difficult to resolve given
supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is rather hostile to Western interests
specifically the United States. However while he does have final control
over the Iranian government he can be pushed by factions inside Iran specifically more moderate
ones that are interest in sanctions relief in exchange for a deal President Hassan Rouhani is widely seen
one of these modern figures and his 2013 election suggested too many
americans that Iran and the supreme leader might be willing
to make a deal. This has infuriated America’s ally in Israel’s
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sees the Iranian nuclear programs as an existential threat. Netanyahu: “we need a better deal a different deal because this new would
leave Iran was sufficient capability 6,000 centrifuges enables them to break
out to a bomb very quickly.” This has put
Netanyahu at odds with Obama, and order to deal with this disagreement
he’s turned to republicans in the United States Boehner: “I’ve invited prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress” Netanyahu: That’s why this deal is so bad. It doesn’t block Iran’s path
to the bomb it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.” News reporter: “47
Republican senators put their names today to this open letter to Iran.” This type of
alliance between a foreign leader and domestic american opposition it
basically unprecedented. So you’ve got a strange situation where
the United States is at loggerheads with its closest ally in the Middle East,
where the United States is divided amongst itself on foreign policy and where you’ve got
President Obama desperately trying to bolster the
standing of moderates inside Iran, a country the United States has regarded as a
serious enemy since 1979.

6 thoughts on “Frenemies: a story of Iran, Israel and the United States

  1. Just tell the truth. Iran's nuclear power was sold by Russians, funded by Loyd Bank in UK and approved by USA. It's just a power station that can produce other capability to scare the Arabs to buy more weapons from USA.

  2. USA has over 1000 nuclear warheads, Israel has over 100 nuclear warheads and Iran has non. the only country has ever used a nuclear bomb is USA, work out the rest for yourself

  3. Iran fight sadam without any assistance from external power and sadam use harmful chemicals weapons without stopping by united Nations and Iran has great management to care for their own Iranian to protect themselves from the bulling. The Iran _america nuclear deal is Iran use uranium for energy plants not make nuclear weapons that america use nuclear weapons to hiro_shima.

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