100 thoughts on “FULL NEWSER: Media asks impeachment questions during joint newser with Trump, president of Finland


  2. The media sending a wrong message to our guest, like," we have no interest why you are here, who you Are, where you from. we are snobs, arrogant, care only our intrigues ". So wrong for an educated people such they call themselves, acting like a snobists.

  3. I find it rather disrespectful to have a foreign head of state go through questions of dirty laundry…sorry but these questions are Totally out of line…not the place for it maybe in front of AF1…

  4. how about that: 
    US lied about Iraq.
    They lied about Iran.
    They lied about Libya.
    They lied about Syria.
    They lied about Afghanistan.
    They lied about Yemen.
    They lied about Pakistan.
    They lied about Yugoslavia.
    They lied about Vietnam.
    They lied about Somalia.
    They lied about Haiti.
    They lied about Sudan.
    They lied about Panama.
    They lied about Lebanon.

  5. Trump should make an executive law that says if biased news is produced more than three times in one year that news group will be fined a years profits and the directors producing that news jailed for a year.

  6. 23:44…. "….ok..plz!!!!👈👈👈☝️🤴"
    😂🤣🤣🤣🤣… his arm movement is incredible!!!🤣🤣🤣

  7. I did not really care for Trump much back in 2016. Did not really pay attention. But Boy, am I sure glad he is our President. He will go down as one of the best Presidents we EVER had. And I am serious. God Bless President Trump!!!!!

  8. The Dems are the Liars here, not Trump!!!! I am sticking with my President, he is the only one that is not lying!!!!!

  9. Hey Trump TRASH, did you get PERMISSION from AIPAC/ISRAEL for your bile about 'SELF-GOVERNMENT'?


  10. It's INFURIATING. Amazing how you carry on with it all watching in from England.. You Inspire me, well done carry on and thanks from over here. You Are AWESOME PRESIDENT TRUMP, AWESOME. What a bunch. You'll WIN.

    Wishing you and your family & friends and AMERICA a very blessed weekend and thanks again. Amazing.

  11. Even though he doesn't know the difference between 'their' and 'there', Dirty Donny is gradually learning to read, and finding out about the existence of other countries in the world.

  12. These reporters don’t have values or manners at all.when you have a visitor over to your house . You just don’t go shooting your mouth about your personal problems with your spouse. They don’t respect the fact that Finland didn’t come here to hear problems of impeachment but to discuss matters of alliance.

  13. Copy and suppost by business online VOA and RFA Mr.Sam reasei too
    so why so crazy like this ? And copy voice trainslate for bussines distroy friend ship with cambodia and united states beause the game and small group bad wife before and my old friend school.

  14. Media is such trash what fake ass people. Trump is king 2020 hate dem 🐀 what disrespect for grate leaders!! Fake news trash!!

  15. Shameful press coverage.. Why am I not surprised.. The President is right fake & corrupted New Media better known as Propaganda Media for the Intel community without doubt they are fully weaponized against our duly elected President abuse of power.. We deserve answers as to how this is happening & who's behind it. Although we all have our suspicions of a Deep State running a Shadow Government all inspired by the C.I.A. after all this what they do overthrow Governments & Leaders by means of a Coup..This has been going on for centuries, puppet presidents one after another & has infiltrated all branches of our Government Pathic Times for America..Hold on America this is far from being over..

  16. I think the American people are demanding a lot more than just a "lawsuit" against the swamp. A "lawsuit"? If these people aren't thrown in prison, for decades, then this will happen again in every single election from now on. "Lawsuit" = Democracy is dead. Prison = Democracy is saved.

  17. wow donnyseems to be able to read a text! but he doesn't know whats been written, but u americans love this idiot,,, suckers u are! the non civilized society….

  18. You can always count on the MSM media to try to tarnish the image of the president when dealing with foreign relations by bringing up impeachment questions in a most inappropriate manner….(no class )….

  19. The abuse of power are with DNC taliking point Media donors, supporters, Democrats, Obama Admin, & DNC with setting up a opposition Presidential campaign with Fake, unverified to this day Pee Pee Dossier circulated to Press, FISA Court w/o full disclosure for who paid for it or that is was NEVER verified to spy on Trump & his campaign associates (US private Citizens during an election! US Intel Agencies, Senate Intelligence Gang of 8 received dossier copies. Remember Obama’s EO on Intel Agencies sharing info before he left office? Then there were hidden payments made by DNC, HRC & staff through Perkins Coie to a British Spy & Fusion GPS. Steele had several versions he sold & was paid 9 times. Also, DNC refused any physical access to US DHS & FBI on their “alleged” Russian hacked 113 servers. Crowdstrike a Ukrainian owned company known for falsifying IT reports did DNC forensics & wrote our Intel Agencies a report. Can you believe that? That is the real story! Guccifer was a plant. That is what President Trump wants to expose. research it Bongino Spygate, Gregg Jarrett Russian Hoax, Jimmy Dore, Glenn Greenwald, John Solomon, Kim Strassell, Gorka, Aaron Mate, Sara Carter, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Epoch Times, & former NSA Genius Bill Binney & MIPS. Lessons from Mueller Report…he didn’t write it, no knowledge of details in investigation, or investigation thorough investigations of Mifsud, Crowdstrike, Fusion GPS., origins of alleged Russia. Hack.

  20. How stupid can Americans be to vote for any Democrat?  Honestly,  this party is nuts, crazy,  anti-American, Racist, Marxist, Fascist, Socialist, Communist and Anti-Semitic.  The media are all fools. Remember this:  THE TWO BIGGEST THREATS TO AMERICA ARE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THE MEDIA, ONE IN THE SAME.

  21. These guys are freaking awesome. Much respect. I absolutely love how President Trump is able to show context and purpose, towards bringing the US into a new era. And yeh, in my assessment, most of the reporters were absolutely, certifiable aholes, not legitimate reporters, imho.

  22. WOW! This is the man you elected President of the United States. SAD! Trump should have NEVER become President of the UNITED STATES. An embarrassment!

  23. Media is bad and embarrassing.. never seen in my lifetime that the fake news would go after and attack any president. Not even Mr. Clinton.. where do we see Clinton had been attack at the White House? Why is Clinton not impeached? None.. the media fabricated, untrusted and embarrassed !!!

  24. John you are the most disrespectful inhumane being I've watched for a very long time!!! This is NOT the TIME or PLACE for questions about the 'whistleblower' report!!!!!!! You should have been kicked out of this meeting!!

  25. Trump is just so awesome! Keep going Dems and Fake news, you're just making Trump stronger and stronger, day by day!! KMAG!

  26. President Trump has done and continues to do an outstanding job for the American people by himself, without even 1tsp. of help from the communistic socialistic self-serving Democrats!!!!! Trump2020

  27. I was living in Houston TX 2 yrs ago for my wife's work, now back home in Australia. I said to my navy pilot neighbor that you have a full blown coup in Washington against your president. I was an outsider from Aussie and to me it was plain as day……..whats wrong with you guys…

  28. How much has our govt debt increased under the Trump administration? How many $ trillions? In a so called booming economy too.

  29. .Typical infantile blathering by a manchild chosen by lunatics to run their asylum.
    It will be a glorious day of celebration when this National disgrace vacates the white house by means of the many transgressions against Americans.

  30. See you all americanos your President Mister Trump, barely standing awaken making a steady long sustained effort to stay awaken, 73 years old, taking best care of his people & country! A real American Hero you should not let demoncrats any success along theyr corrupt fake way.
    You re very lucky to count with such an Oval Office Chief.

  31. Trump must go After all of these Communists Socialists Hateful Racist Destructive Satanic Sauluwisk Margret Zangner Extreme LOW IQ do nothing baby Killing Demonkkkcraps Party and Leadership don't stop until he completely Destroy all of them Evil People !!!!!

  32. Niinistö said here in Fin after this: I enjoyd every minute of all of this 🙂 He just had great time of this circus:) Thank You americans:) A great show but with a big substance at the same time.

  33. I see him stronger and more resolute in making America great again while fending off a sea of lies. This is an odds-defying President who will give the best in the interest of his country in every sense of the word.

  34. " Impeachment To Mr.Donald Trump As President USA Nation + Big Black Negatip Campaign To Mr.Donald Trump As President USA Nation & To Mr.Benyamin Netayahu As PM Israel Nation & Mr.Vladimir Putin Lewi Teribe Jewish Israel Nation Blood In Body Self From Army Kavalery Rusia Dynasty – Red Baret Army Military Rusia Nation + Anti Semitism & Anti Zionism & Anti Israel Nation & Anti Catholic Religion – Vatican City At Roma / Italy Nation & Anti Protestant Religion & Anti Buddhism Religion & Anti Hinduism Religion + Anti Islam & Anti Moeslim Brotherhood In The World & Anti Palestine Family ( = " Mayority 58 % From Palestine Ethnic As Follower To The Late Of Mr.Judas Iscariot + Middle From Arab Ethnic As Catholic Religion & Protestant Christian Religion + Minority 10 % From Palestine Ethnic As Islam Religion " ) As Residence Family Community Living In Israel Nation + Terorist ( = Include Hamas & Hezbollah In Lebanon Nation ) & Mafia & Pirates Tie Money – Pirates Tie Intellectual Property Right & Cycber War Internet + Teror & Intimidation Everyday W/O Never Stop Until The End Of The World Use For ' International Tribunal Hollocaust Victim Affair ( 3 Chemical Factory At Tangerang Regency Banten Province Indonesia Nation Start Since West Java Province Indonesia Nation ) & International Tribunal Un Tolerance Victim Affair ( = Many Islam Phobia Mosque Keep Big Anti Semitism & Anti Zionism & Anti Israel Nation In Indonesia Nation & Etc ) = Just Only Want Make Robber For Ownership Right Budi Self ( = Include Budi Family , Always Get Direct Monitor From Independent Council International Crime Justice Sup Court – UN Organization – EU Nation Region Parliament W/O Budi Family Make Protest Also Make Complaint To Do It ) From Ownership Right Budi Self Give Idea Plan To International World Community Since Jan 2009 By Send e ' mail Internet Get Legal Legitimation International Justice Sup Court From International Crime Justice Sup Court & UN Organization Although They're Many Big Robber & Big Black Conglomerate Indonesia Nation Citizen & Team In Indonesia Nation Have Been Kept Dirty Money Total Amount US $ 866.000.000.000.- Still Keep Investment To Many Tax Heaven Country In The World Always Use Singapore Nation As Safety Place Office Operational Out Side Indonesia Nation – Original Poor & Wild Moral Behaviour Characteristic & DNA Human Being Life Indonesia Nation Citizen Family Community Living In Indonesia Nation ' To Budi Family A While Time As Indonesia Nation Citizen Not Forever Life Living In Indonesia Nation For 2 Rd Time Period ( = " For 3 St Time Period Budi Family W/O Use For ' Zakat Money & Syariah Economic System + Circumcision To Baby Boy Child & Baby Girl Child 10 Day After Born + Madinah Charter & Islam Religion Rule From Moeslim Brotherhood In The World + Indonesia Nation Constitution & Indonesia Nation Justice Sup Court ' As Step Beloved Children From Mr.Benyamin Netayahu PM Israel Nation Stay Together Home Large Land Area Harmony Living With Calm & Relax Style W/O ' No One People Family From Indonesia Nation & Moeslim Brotherhood In The World & Palestine Family Community Living In Israel Nation ' At Elite Area Inside Capernium Near Jesus Christ Church Also Near Galilea Lake In Israel Nation By Legal Israel Nation Constitution & Israel Nation Justice Sup Court = Ownership Right Budi Family Get Truth Real Of Fact Protection From International Crime Justice Sup Court Charter & UN Organization Charter " ) Start Since 15 – 12 – 2007 At Citra Raya Taman Raya Jl.Musik 9 Blok M8-22 Cikupa Tangerang 15710 Tangerang Regency Banten Province Indonesia Nation Include For A While Time Budi Self & Budi Family Make Come – Visit – Stay Together A While Time At Budi The Late Of Father Big Family Home West Jakarta Indonesia Nation : Jl.Palmerah Utara 3 / K6 Jakarta Barat 11480 + LGBT / Lesby Gay Bisexual Trans Gender For 1 St Time Get Legal Married At Each Religion Place In USA Nation By Legal USA Nation Justice Sup Court After Than To Many Nation In The World Same Like With Hyprociate Feminism Movement Organization In USA Nation = As Platinum Student From Clinton Family & Team & USA Democrat Party In USA Nation = As A Part Of All Legal Secret Document CIA USA Nation Agency Office In USA Nation Get Leak By Step Beloved Wife From Mr.Bill Clinton As Woman CIA USA Nation Agency Officer Give To Wiki Lead Media Internet & Un Told Storie Internet Also Give To ICIJ / Independent Consorcium International Journalism With Release Leak Legal Secret Document Information For Panama Papers & Paradise Papers & Luxemberg Papers Include Give To Independent International World Community From Many Journalism & Many Media TV By Send e ' mail Internet " , Ok !

  35. For those of you that didn't watch here's a summary of what happens. Trump talks a bit about what happened in the meeting. The Finnish president talks about what happened in the meeting. Some foundation leader talks about getting an native American grave yard sent back to it's original place from Finland, and thanks the 2 leaders for securing the deal. Then they take questions. Instead of asking any prudenent questions like maybe whether it cost any tax dollars to get the remains sent back or did the foundation pay off the Finnish museum(if I were there). The media just started battering him with questions about the impeachment inquiry, witch he "eliquently" explained was a houx. Things went down hill from there. A Finnish reporter tried to stay on topic but by that time Trump was already pretty puffed up. So the circus continued.

  36. Can you imagine if every time Obama had a press conference to announce the news of his day to day duties as president and he just gets asked about his birth certificate, or fast and furious, or IRS targeting, or solindra, or bingazi, or Michael's dong etc. Etc. I can't imagine Barry's reaction being any less exciting.

  37. What about us we're fake country after 9/11 but Trump is helping us out great deal giving us back self-respect in these other politicians are nothing but political assassins

  38. What trump has done, is actually DEMONSTRATE that no one is above the law. Despite being accused of it, he’s actually protecting it. Pay attention.

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