Generation of AC Voltage – AC Circuits – Basic Electrical Engineering – First Year Engineering

Generation of AC Voltage – AC Circuits – Basic Electrical Engineering – First Year Engineering

Hello friends in this video we are going to see how AC waveform is getting generated so the concept is Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction lets see what Faraday is saying so it states that whenever there is a relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field in which it is kept and EMF gets induced in the conductor so key point is relative motion so the relative motion may exist because of movement of conductors with respect to magnetic field or movement of magnetic field with respect to conductor to elaborate this lets see the setup so here we have consider a permanent magnet with poles N and S as shown in the figure then we consider one loop made up of two conductors so I have shown two colors red one is a conductor number one this blue is conducted number two and we have connected brushes in order to take whatever the voltage gets generated out of it axis of rotation is anti-clockwise for a coil so thing is that from north to south there is a magnetic flux and this flux need to be cut by conductor or conductor need to be cut by fluxes so here what we have consider a movement of conductor and having steady magnetic field so obviously this magnetic field will get cut by conductors by its rotation so the thing is that here we are having three terms first term is a magnetic flux also denoted as magnetic flux density be active length of conductor that means that part of a conductor which will come under the influence of magnetic field and last it is the velocity of the conductor when it rotates so lets see how it is related to each other now diagram number one has shown a direction of rotation and as for that we have seen sometimes it may happen that playing of conductor and magnetic lines are parallel so at that time there won’t be any cut of magnetic field by a conductor even if it is in motion so what will happen if conductor starts moving like this then magnetic force is getting cut whenever it is perpendicular then maximum flux will be cut by the conductor at that time we will be getting maximum voltage so if I relate this term what I will get by faradays law of electromagnetic induction EMF induced E is given by BLV sin theta so whenever I see velocity is there so velocity has two components one is a V cos theta and second is V sine theta V cos theta will always come in parallel with magnetic lines so that no flux is cut by the conductor hence EMF develop or induced is zero but whenever I consider the sin theta component of a velocity that will always cut by the magnetic field and it will be maximum whenever it is perpendicular so I will get a equation equal to BLV sin theta volts where B’s flux density of the magnetic field given by Weber per meter square L is active length of a conductor which I have discussed earlier that is nothing but a portion of conductor which is under the influence of magnetic field and V is obviously velocity of each conductor if I consider this BLV as a constant and denoted as EM which is nothing but a maximum value of EMF induced and that is false when theta equal to 90 degree giving sine thet as one so that means whenever conductor is like this it will be perpendicular to the magnetic field at that time maximum flux will be linked to the conductor giving rise to a maximum voltage as per the different location of the conductors have seen how the EMF is getting induced so for every point ABCDEFGH I can get a EMF like this if I join these points I will get a sinusoidal curve so what I can say ultimately EMF induced is given by Em sin theta so basically it is a sinusoidal function so what we have learned from this video EMF is induced by the virtue of electromagnetic induction and secondly the nature of this voltage is sinusoidal thank you

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