George Orwell’s 1984 – 1954 BBC TV Movie

George Orwell’s 1984 – 1954 BBC TV Movie

[dramatic intro music] This is one man’s alarmed vision of the future. A future which he felt might, with such dangerous ease, be brought about. [EXPLOSION] Atomic war, famine, revolution, the collapse of a civilization And then, in its place, the formation of a new way of existence. This, in 1984, is London. Chief city of of Airstrip One, a province of the state of Oceania. [Telescreen:] “Face the telescreen….” “..You have been at the window of Bay 2 of the Records Department for over 80 seconds…” “What are you doing there?” I came for a replacement valve. My speakwrite. [Telescreen:] “Your speakwrite is defected?” Yes, just now. [Telescreen:] “You should’ve notified Only a moment’s worth. I found the right title valve. [Telescreen:] “Put it back. You know it would have been brought to your work cubicle on request” “This irregularity has been recorded.” “Return to your cublice, Smith.” “KZ-609W. The repair to your apparatus will be executed immediately.”

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  1. In an age where man becomes more like robots and robots become more like man you too may come to love big brother. George Orwell

  2. What was the strange motion he did with his eyes at 2:37? Was it I see you, or something else, like, some weird salute?

  3. This movie should of been called 2008. Obama was the closest thing we've had to this. Liberalism is a mental disorder

  4. Actually this is a recording of the second live transmission that went out several days after the first. By all accounts this version is more polished – BUT Peter Cushing said the sheer terror and rawness of the first presentation is absent. While there was a recording made of the first broadcast it was subsequently wiped. In Orwellian terms it now unexisted.

  5. If this isn't modern day liberalism and the SJW movement. I don't know what is. When Big Brother came on the telescreen after the 2 minutes of hate, the looks on the people's faces, reaching out to him like he was their savior was almost exactly like it was when Obama became president and the brainwashed liberal masses, especially the women who many were crying, with that cult like brainwashed look on their faces and reaching out to him like he was a god, it was utterly frightening and truly ungood!

  6. FACE crime? Don't remember that one from the book…but yeah. Makes sense. Christ.

    And that KID. Just mouthing off to the parent. That's what backhands were invited for.

    Good thing nothing like that exists toda-…….

  7. the giant sign of "ignorance is strength" reminds me of " diversity is our strength" and make me shudder with revoltion and disgust elements of this lurid tale have already been forced upon us the communist democrats in USA have used this story as a blueprint

  8. The "look" of this film is too sci fi for me. Everyone looks too neat and tidy. I think the Richard Burton/John Hurt version captured the misery and squalor of the book perfectly.

  9. A MOVIE is exactly that;…An audio-visual representation of someone's "imagination"…but I invite you; the reader, simply to look objectively, at the ways this planet is treated by the "human species"…and the "Governments" of "the people", as chosen & elected by people just like you…So the question is not "WHY is it like this".?? But "How could it be any different".?? 1984….1994….2004….2014 – 15 – 16 – 17….???  Hahaha[giggle]hahahya.!!

  10. I saw this in 1977 when the BBC showed one repeat from each year since 1952 to commemorate Jubilee year. It was strong stuff then, never mind how people must have reacted in 1954.

  11. The endless war… sounds like today.
    Cant punish the thought police (kids).
    The telescreen (cell phones).
    Big brother (government).
    Hate speech (free speech).
    Antisex party (planned parenthood)
    Lovecamp (jail/ prison)
    Victory Gin (Big pharma)
    Goldstein (the belief & actions for freedom)
    The outer party (the people)
    The inner party (government)
    Hate week (conditioning of the people)

  12. CNN is the Ministry of truth.

  13. Holy shit, I watch horror movies but they're just hollywood. This shit in this movie is starting to resemble what's going on in 2018. All this PC shit, class warfare, identity politics, SJW, THOUGHT POLICE. It's too fuckin much. I suppose things could go either way in the next 10 years. Sad thing is , most people are ignorant to it all or don't give a shit. We're at the crossroads.

  14. In my humble opinion, this piece of art, both the novel and this film, illustrate clearly where blind following can take us. There is no magic dogma or single political, social, or economic doctrine that can save us. Nature is not black or white not even grey, but a multitude of colors. We have to take the best in all and come up with something reasonable we have yet to find. He who claims this depicts left, right, liberalism or conservatism, capitalism or socialism is in fact not far off, for it depicts the face of extremism, whatever the flavor. The lesson we learn here is extremism, whatever the flavor, will lead to our demise. The only hope is an open mind, but we all seem too focused on our political bias, our block, village, city, county, country/state, nation, our faith (or lack of) and our fellow countrymen when we live together (actually apart, sadly) on a small planet. We all depend on each other and we all need each other! You can blame the politician, but who elected them and why ? Why do we elect billionaires, parvenus, nepotists, populists, or the ambitious ? Let's try to be careful what we sow … each day its lesson!

  15. I watch this just to hear the Prole lady scream "Thems stew with salt thems stew without…cmon now cmon now…

  16. Anyone else old enough to recognize Stepford senior of stepford and son? For you Americans. It is the British equivalent of Stanford and son. Hilarious show.

  17. All other thoughtcrime aside the creation of the hugely successful and popular Comrade Ogilvy was not only Winston's finest work of propaganda for the Party but was also the nail in his coffin. How could he ever doublethink his own best work out of his mind. They knew he was faking it. How could he keep it up knowing he'd made Ogilvy out of thin air.

  18. 1984 is today, only it's liberalism and feminism and the Democratic Party. There will probably be a civil war in America in the near future.

  19. Brilliantly done with great acting from the cast.
    These are interesting times. We are seeing the warnings that Orwell gave us come to reality within our lifetimes.
    It's quite remarkable that he should have seen things so clearly at a time when the mood was presumably high, following the end of WWII.
    He saw what the future could hold, and we are seeing it come to fruition.

  20. I thought I would try to find this old classic considering what is actually going on in Britain now. Can you believe the UK has actually devolved into this?. The arrest of Tommy Robinson with no due process and one-hour sentencing, arresting people for Thought Crimes such as Tweets, while at the same time mollycoddling Muhammadan jihadis and pedophiles. Ignorance is knowledge. Wow…it's surreal. Orwell was not only a great writer, but a prophet.

  21. The individual reduced to the status of an ant in an ant heap. Individuality, creativity, or spontaneity in any form cannot be tolerated.

  22. Wait. Winston ends up running the dark side of the force and was responsible for the building of the, Death Star. General Tarkin I presume?

  23. This presentation is far superior to the Hollywood version.
    It has better acting, better characterisation and is closer to the book.

  24. Here's a chemist's take on the composition of Victory Gin:

  25. THAT WAS AMAZING all I can say is WOW its horrifying and at the same time meaningful its one of the best films I've ever seen and now I wanna read the book

  26. The eyes of this portrayal of big brother comes across to me as those of Joseph McCarthy.
    It's also interesting that George Orwell's dystopia 1984 was published in 1949. And it was also at that time where the analogy between the members of pairs or sets of linguistic forms that serves as a basis for the creation of another form became HUAC of the House Un-American Activities Committee like newspeak which is of INGSOC through Orwell's novel. Big brother becomes BB speak. But hey, I'm just a baseball.

  27. That girl sounds like the narcs that the far left want us all to be in the future. Sounds like our future in the US if the democrats have their way. Same way of love the far left doesn't want the cohesive strong family. Just sperm and egg donors. And reeducation of children at government centers. Same.

  28. Looks like nwo stuff plans of total control and brainwashing. If we keep voting in socialist dummies into office then this is what we will have. If you have any common sense keep this as only a silly film. But if you keep voting stupidly this could be a future for us.

  29. People compare this novel to North Korea, however it bears ridiculously plenty resemblances to The United States Of America

  30. Yeah, keep talking about how lefties are exactly the kind of mindless people this movie portray, keep believing your ideology is the right one. Keep thinking what your party wants you to think. Two sides of the same coin. Nothing more than that.

  31. The Parson's kids are even creepier in this than in the book. They look and sound almost exactly like the youth of the cultural revolution in China. No wonder people were disturbed by this when it first aired!

  32. Very compelling performance.Even though I know what's going to happen, I still cringe when Winston and Julia get found out.
    1984 and Fahrenheit 451 are two of my favorite books.

  33. There's a really good BBC radio drama of "Fahrenheit 451" here on YouTube; just as prescient as "1984" and, an industry in which I work, "Brave New World".

  34. Entertaining but Horrifying lol, this is the perfect solution if the powers that be could do it, they would.

  35. Asshats in this comment section using the book and it's premise for their own agenda are fucking annoying. Not saying there aren't similarites to today but tbh both sides do it all the fucking time and it's so annoying. Like wow you're so deep but actually you're fucking annoying, and should probably look into it a little deeper before jumping to conclusions.


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