Graham: CNN hired alleged architect of the conspiracy against Trump

Graham: CNN hired alleged architect of the conspiracy against Trump

100 thoughts on “Graham: CNN hired alleged architect of the conspiracy against Trump

  1. If only Hannity would ease off his interruptions of knowledgeable witnesses just when are getting to the juicy bits. We need to hear them since they know their stuff Hannity should give them space.

  2. Thumbs Down to CNN, the ultimate Fake News and they hired McCabe, laughable and you finally but not quite yet hit the bottom of the barre

  3. In the Future, Republicans will say "Democrats didn't impeached Trump, so they're unworthy to govern"

  4. Here are the facts: 1. Russia meddled in the 16’ election. 2. Putin wanted Trump to win the election. C’mon people, put 2 & 2 together, you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

  5. Now that sotero's COUP has failed, WHEN do the trials for Treason begin? The U.S Constitution has a cure for Treason. Love of country Trumps hate for Donald. MAGA

  6. Seems likely that all the enemies of the American Public could possibly be in one building at once. Boy that would be convenient for a mass arrest. CNN surrounded by Armed men with FOX news on hand to film the perp walk on the way out of CNN…

  7. Barr has lost all credibility now.. insane we have been listening to this for over a year and IG recommends prosecution he refuses to do his job.. fire him


  9. I have confidence that more Senators like Lindsey Graham will call the corruption of the Democrat Party and expose the truth. Neither party is great but the Democrats violated the codes of ethics to such extent that they have become crippled

  10. Hannity Insanity lies every time he opens his mouth. Miss Lindsey is smoking the crack pipe and licking Donald's little mushroom again.

  11. The left is correct" the world is laughing at us" actual reason is we will not bring the Obama administration and Clinton's with cronies to justice.

  12. I don't know can all of this have some connection with Clinton's foundation and now every one must pay the taxes?

  13. I believe what we see the political lawyers got corrupt with the intelligents and this is why no justice for all.

  14. I believe too A.G. and Director of FBI was "working " for Bush and now for Trump this can change something for America for American people ?

  15. comey is laughing no collusion no conspiracy all the way to the bank his law suit is a slam dunk now wommp wommp cha ching he might get his job back lolololol

  16. Trump is his own worst enemy (didn't he learn anything from the Italian mob that he hung around with and tries to liken himself to, don't you know the number one rule is to keep your mouth shut ?) TOO LATE NOW

  17. If your boy gets voted out in November he will be hunted like a dog and you will be named in the conspiracy against the US

  18. After two years of Trump crying like a baby, Comey is found innocent of breaking any law, and that was the decision of Trump’s own DOJ.
    If Hannity had a set of balls, it is time to give Comey an apology.

  19. Fox hired Donna Brazil proven liar who leaked debate questions to Hilary. I’m a patriot thru and thru and non of this stuff is right. Absolutely none of it.

  20. I'm assuming Lyndsey Graham is a Non Practicing Mormon, Maybe if he went back to Church, He can Practice telling the Truth.

  21. CNN is pretty sleazy to hire Mc Cabe. I don't like the idea that he and Coney are going around loose nothing off when they should be behind bars.

  22. Right, no wonder perjury is undermined by condar, bs. Poor fbi. May as well burn you own flag if the crimes are blurred in vague terms. overengineered contempt (enforce at 3 with 2 lesser strikes) and obstruct quickly to hammer, Discovery too, perjury. Clear case study results. Front sign fails to state on entry (court rooms) as silent right is official record. First of five steps, no?

  23. Cnn shows videos of graham and Hannity knocking trump before he was elected both of these fools are bought out bitches and the trump supporters are all ignorant fools for listening to them. The steel dossier isn’t what started the investigation and that has been sorted out butFox keeps pushing the lies then call the democrats everything that the republicans have really done the evil dirty fucks

  24. LOL… YOU CAN BUT former President Obama under oath once you put the big orange buffoon that’s in the awful office now under oath whether he obstructed justice or not

  25. About McCabe and Comey, and the whole coup, sometimes you don’t know what to say anymore, just that God will judge all of us accordingly.

    Lord, protect us, the President and the United States of America.

  26. CNN makes RT or any state sponsored platform look like pikers. At least RT is out in the open about it's sponsorship, CNN claims to be unbiased journalism!, unbelievable!

  27. Why is no one asking how the FISA court was so easily tricked w fake information? This means that the test for a FISA warrant is very low.

  28. CNN is terrible, slandering openly to the world.. And remember how they set up the students… Imagine the degree they can go, they are worst than murderers..

  29. Just another let me ask a question so I can interrupt while you're answering at the best part Hannity video….shut up Shawn.

  30. Lying to Congress put a few in jail. Only the Trump supporters are put in jail? Gee, what is in store for all in the next few years…sad.

  31. CNN is the propaganda arm of the Deep state and the Democrats. It is no long a news channel it is " I hate Trump and Trump is bad " perpetual opinion channel 24 hours a day.They have zero integrity. And very dangerous to our republic. Because They lie and accuse daily with no consequences. Very evil Stuff.

  32. My God ! The people who actually believe the puke that comes out of S. Hannity mouth are pathetic. Living in a fact Free world of fear & ignorence.

  33. The maestro President Trump,, among the English of old vaguely known as the Trumpa emporium, and the Physeter consortium is the present Cachalot of the French, and the Pottsfich of the Germans, and the Macrocephalus of the Long Words. He is, without doubt, the grandest inhabitant of the globe; the most formidable of all leaders to encounter; the most majestic in aspect; and lastly, by far the most valuable in commerce; he being the only from which that valuable substance is obtained

  34. And overweight donna bazille, who was was leaking to the hillery camp gets hired by fox?? Ironic isn,t it. The major news outlets have no credibility

  35. Crap Not News, CNN the lying network. Obama knew, remember his face when he said, Trump will never be President. he knew.

  36. Why are Republicans bailing out on Trump like rats from a sinking ship?… Is that right?…. Yeah, I guess that makes a lot of sense.

  37. McCabe is the 'fall guy', H. Clinton with millions to spare, and appointments to give is the source of the corruption, further fueled by Obama and company (J. Brennan, J. Clapper, Comey – power hungry sharks, swimming in the Washington D.C. Swamp)

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