Green Turtle Laying Eggs CAUGHT ON CAMERA | BBC Earth

Green Turtle Laying Eggs CAUGHT ON CAMERA | BBC Earth

I met up with two guides who knew where
to find the intrepid travelers who come to this Beach which is protected by the
Omani government can you see just down here with the
tracks like a dense it’s like a tank exactly this is very exciting married
very exciting it wasn’t long before we saw the first
visitor my god there’s one just there that’s an enormous and endangered green
turtle one of the greatest ocean travelers for just one night every three
years she leaves the sea to look for somewhere to lay her eggs I can’t tell
you how excited I am to witness this because I’ve never seen anything like
this before and you really see nature here involved in one of its eternal
struggles no my good niggas give me sir all right okay
yeah well go let’s go there goes another one she’s just
flopping out her eggs one by one there aspirates the size of golf balls or
ping-pong balls so she’s totally focused on her birthday
it’s all she’s thinking she’s not worried about us oblivious to our
presence once she starts laying she’ll now bury around a hundred eggs in the
sand the turtles that hatch he arranged for
thousands of miles over the entire Indian Ocean but they’ll always return
to this Beach to lay their eggs one of the world’s largest breeding sites close
to the Tropic of Cancer it can take all night to dig the nest
lay the eggs and then cover it all up again just from looking at their
behavior utterly exhausting missus they’ll shift a bit of sand and they’ll
rest no shifts or more sand than their rest and as one turtle was laying eggs and
others were hatching oh my goodness look oh my goodness
tiny little turtles crazily flip-flapping together understand oh yes
guess you’re out you’re alive it was an inspiring moment as I
witnessed the birth of endangered turtles that find protection on this
corner of the Arabian Peninsula you you

94 thoughts on “Green Turtle Laying Eggs CAUGHT ON CAMERA | BBC Earth


  2. Another spectacular video by BBC Earth!
    having grown up watching David Attenborough documentaries, the natural world has always been my greatest fascination. It has inspired me so much that I created my own channel about wildlife. In fact I recently had the opportunity to film a spectacled caiman, just like the crew did in Planet Earth. I would really appreciate feedback, please check it out!

  3. SHAME ON YOU bbc —> theres a reason Why its so RARE n Why their so ELUSIVE to human populations
    …exactly bc of what u just did (most likely those eggs n even perhaps the babies will now all be doomed)

  4. CAUGHT ON CAMERA! As if it's the ever elusive Green 🐢 lol. It's not going anywhere. Take your time. Hell, use a time lapse.

  5. Great video!!!👍👍👍It's wonderful to see animals NOT being killed for once!!!🙏🙏🙏Turtles are SUCH beautiful creatures!!!💖💝💕

  6. Itd be better if the eggs would freeze to death and then the turtle and its friends were all emotionally devastated..on Mothers Day.

  7. Thank you BBC earth for all your hard work it is greatly appreciated. Please ignore these crazies in the comments some people always need something to complain about I've learned it's best to just ignore them or they'll suck the energy and fun out of you as well

  8. You all are weird, calling them perverts and treating this like "turtle porn". She's just laying eggs, it's not like the turtle is grinding on a stripper pole. You guys are almost as bad as PETA when they claimed that the late and great Steve Irwin was harassing animals on his shows.

  9. Sultanate of Oman… A country of natural marvels… Highly recommend everyone to visit it once in their lifetime…
    Your views about middle East will change once you do so… A lesson in peace and harmony… In how a country can grow from nothing… A lesson in how safety and peace can exist in society…
    The hospitality of the Omani people will overwhelm you…
    #omantourism #omanair

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