Gucci Apologizes For ‘Blackface’ Sweater After Fierce Social Media Backlash | NBC Nightly News

Gucci Apologizes For ‘Blackface’ Sweater After Fierce Social Media Backlash | NBC Nightly News

100 thoughts on “Gucci Apologizes For ‘Blackface’ Sweater After Fierce Social Media Backlash | NBC Nightly News

  1. Besides being a poorly designed outfit with an outrageous price tag, I see no racism. People are too easily offended these days. What's the difference between this piece of clothing as opposed to a black hooded jacket with a black balaclava? Oh yes those lips, those racist lips.

  2. I’m black and I really don’t know what’s going on with all this race stuff always popping up. I truly feel the left, liberals and it’s allied media are purposely making these stories relevant for financial gain. I don’t understand why we can’t just move forward as a society.

  3. White people are asking why it's wrong to wear blackface. The answer is white people have a satanic history when in comes to the treatment of black people in America. If you're white and don't mind reminding black people of the horrific history of this country, then by all means go ahead a d put on blackface.

  4. Really this racial insensitivity joke is getting out of hand now everybody's a snowflake in a crybaby pretty soon you can't wear red might offend Indians, can't wear brown might offend Mexicans, can't wear white might offend white people, can't wear combination of colors might have been homosexuals in the rainbow…….

  5. More ignorant American lawyers going after old European fashion houses…. “if there were more people like me in the board room” ohhhh please the fashion world is a gross tyranny not a democracy. If you don’t like it don’t buy it and move on. So sick of everything becoming a politically statement and all about race.

  6. First Cast out the price. I understand luxury for wealthy people, but if Gucci is truly made in Italy, Is everyone from the designer to the custodian who sweeps the floor getting fair wages for the amount they are charging. I don't shop at Wal Mart to prevent exploited labor in China, but I definitely would not pay high end value to make a designer rich even if they did pay the sewers and custodians $90 euros an hour. I purchase fair trade, where a pair of pants is about $40 – $90 and T shirts are about $25 and will last years. Everyone still gets decent wages and no one is making millions. Also the company is eco friendly and sustainable. Natural dyes or just opaque. But putting insults and references for racial insensitivy is not right either. I like Turtle necks, and the girl with the glasses looks quite pretty, but that style and insensitvity and price would not turn to Gucci. Never heard of it before NBC, might as well purchase $5 t shirt at wal mart because Gucci does not look any more sustainable and fair wages.

  7. Gucci is Italian get a grip. What is your idea? Import black people to Italy so they can recognise something that can offend them. Sorry that something American did we will not. And stop being offered by everything.

  8. I wear a ski mask all winter that is all black besides the mouth and eyes, that is blackface now? Not everything is racist! That looks like something a woman in single digit temperatures would need. What color would you like the lips to be? Are lips not red? Do women not wear lipstick? So old this race card is.

  9. I wonder if the sweater came in different colors, and the liberal owned media is only showing the black one to create outrage.

  10. Awww, did the SWEATER offfend the "poor, oppressed victims pof society"? The WHITE man who was murdered by 5 BLACK CHILDREN WITH GUNS doesn't offend them! Don Lemon calling white males "TERRORISTS" on the air doesn't offend them! We can certainly see their "values" in this. BLACK SUPREMACISTS!!!!

  11. Why is blackface racist yet when someone paints themselves Orange to make fun of Trump, Jersey Shore or other white people it’s OK? I smell double standard. Btw I’m Hispanic so race plays no part in this for me.

  12. Anyone who bought one of those is probably stupider than they look when they put that ugly thing on. They should get their $890 back and the company should pay a fine for taking advantage of rich, but mentally handicapped people.

  13. These designers know exactly what they are doing…you don’t need to hire someone for diversity training to just have some common sense

  14. Looks like the perfect sweater if you’re out in below zero temperatures. The thing would’ve been just fine if they just wouldn’t of used to red.

  15. Gucci Tommy Hilfiger and all the rest of these designers are racist old guys anyway. I will never understand Black people buying their crap just to impress the white establishment. Stop buying their stuff and support Black designers.

  16. ok off a person, a black turtle neck with a kissy lips actually looks cute. but thanks to social media now its black face…honestly, i think no one thought of blackface because they weren't thinking baout black face..they were thinking of asthetics…albeit ugly lol

  17. They designed and put it out there on purpose….
    Why are folks mad?? They have already made their fashion statement and gotten away with it…
    What next?…..A Noose hanging in Walmart with an immediate apology 🙄

  18. Hmm. The white female wearing the Gucci blackface turtleneck is supporting racism against black people. I wonder if she supports sexism against females.

  19. Nice to see that these companies finally show how the feel about us. Oh well, let's just keep supporting them because they make us look cool 😕

  20. What if gucc i did it to embrace the past and show the world we have come far from it. To what was being a ridicule start to what now is actual black people on tv with whites.. Showing the world we have come a long way… What if???

  21. This is why I want a mixed white or Mexican baby.
    That way my child won’t stress so much on racism for being
    black black 😑😆

  22. Don't you guys get it? Gucci planned this incident so that they could announce to the world about their Global Diversity program!! This takes maybe years to plan:

  23. Imagine being this much of a racist race baiter that you claim a sweater is blackface and a racist offense.
    The regressive left are out of their minds.

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