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Hello, today we visit Loro Parque. People ask us all the time: “Are there different killer whales out there?” and basically there’s one species of killer whales but there’s different eco types and that means: There’s different groups of killer whales found in different geographical areas and they have minor differences although they look like a killer whale their body shape may be different but what makes them different a lot of times is what they eat and how they move and where they live. Some animals travel the world that basically move from food source to food source and some animals are called resident animals which means they stay in one particular area and they eat the fish or the animals that may be in that particular location. So, all that data is collected and out of all that data we believe there’s ten different eco groups that live around the world. People ask us all the time: “Do you have enough space for these killer whales here?” and my answer is: “Yes!” Is it as big as the ocean? No, but we need to remember the killer whales in the wild move and travel because they’re looking for food. In a zoological setting here, they receive all their diet from their trainers. Now that doesn’t mean that we don’t use these pools as effective as we can – and when I say that it means that we move these animals around, they have access to all different pools throughout the day, we have variable type of sessions that we work with the animals with and one of those is exercise sessions. So, we purposely go out and we have them swim and jump and exercise – just like what you and I would do exercising we ask the killer whales to do. So, between those exercise sessions and play sessions and the shows that they do and all the other things that we do with these animals, they get plenty of activity and I believe they have plenty of space as well. We realized that we have people that don’t believe in our philosophy and in zoological facilities like this. We have extreme activists and their entire agenda is to convince you that we don’t take care of these animals and these animals should not be kept in zoological
settings. It’s unfortunate because their tactics, a lot of times, is telling you the wrong facts actually giving misinformation and even making up stories that we hurt these animals, we mistreat them, we do things to hurt them and that’s the farthest from the truth. When people ask me about that, all I have to do is saying: “Come watch what we do.” When you see us work with these animals, you recognize very quickly the relationship, the passion, the excitement, and the love that we have with our animals here and there’s no way that we would do anything to hurt, harm, or cause any distrust working with these animals. So, when you hear these stories about people that are not taking care of animals in zoological settings, please take the time to get the facts because you’ll find out most of the time, if not all the time, it’s not true. In case you’ve got further questions and if you enjoyed watching, please, don’t forget to give this video a thumb up. In order to never miss a new video subscribe our channel for free.

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