100 thoughts on “Hannity: CNN’s creepy new obsession

  1. Cooper a moral authority ? Really ?
    Cooper: Describe in full detail you own affairs, and say with whom.
    Why not Coop ?

  2. Hannity is amazing. Who else can spend 20 minutes accusing left wing media of the same shit his own network is guilty of with a straight face? I didn't see any Fox coverage of O'rielly's nor Ailes accusations. It's like he's accusing Jim of eating all the donuts when he's got powdered sugar on his lapel. A+ for the propaganda though.

  3. Am I missing something? Cooper is creepy because he interviews a couple of women in the porn industry. Meanwhile Donald Trump is Hannity's God. He does realize Cooper would not be talking to them if Donald Trump hadn't spent intimate time with them, right? If Cooper is creepy for an interview what does that make Trump?

  4. look at her………….why would he ruin his marriage when he has an elegant and beautiful wife like Melania? I do not believe her story….she is just plain ugly and melania's shadow looks better than her…..Melania is a beautiful intelligent woman and she had a beautiful son……How could anyone believe the Storm story……she is looking for money no doubt….

  5. CNN DESERVES TO HAVE A SPOTLIGHT ON ITS ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT NEWS it is no problem for these CNN jerks to find Lying Whores to talk trash Sluts for sale are adime a dozen ..CNN SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN …Americans should all know about the CNN's Absolute lack of ANY Ethics at all ..TABLOID JOURNALISM IS CNN's Game

  6. An "affair" with the President? Last time I checked it was called a "one night stand," not an affair. Geez she sure likes to get a lot of mileage out of a spurt and a spit.

  7. Fox news coverage of Stormy-Trump case is to play and criticise other networks. Can I have Fox (Hannity) take on Trump payoff to porn stars?.

  8. “You saw his… private parts” FUCK YOU ANDERSON YOU PERVE you make me ashamed to be a gay man go to hell

  9. why CNN didn't report that the world countries are expelling all Russians now including Stormy Daniel? I need to hear some good news! Why there isn't anything reporting about the FBI investigates over Illegal immigrant Prostitution?

  10. Mr Hannity…I have so much respect for all the years you have always given us the truth and have never compromised your principles because of persecution. You are my HERO for the huge population of Conservative Americans!!! The liberals have NO IDEA how far outweighed they are! If another Civil War is necessary, it won’t last more than 1 DAY!!!!!! Liberals will all freak out in their big city coffee shop hangouts, hiding behind their backpacks and media devices! The democrats will turn on each other and go buy a gun. I’m not being funny. It’s the honest truth! Open a Bible and learn who you are. What are you afraid of? It will blow your mind. What do you have to lose? No one will know….keep it a secret. I’m not being mean or sarcastic…I care because it’s the TRUTH. Find Todd White

  11. A brief encounter that would for sure is gonna turn this shithole Trump administration into a deeper shithole.

  12. Trump would not have sex wirh pregnant whore who was fat with baby like Stormy "spankmee" Daniels was at the time in question….she then had an abortion not knowing which trick was the father.

  13. Likley story Stormy….you were fat pregnant at the time and then killed your one night trick's baby through abortion.

  14. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. SHE’S A PORN STAR!!! The bitch will sleep with anybody who waves the right amount of cash in her face. SHE HAS NO MORALS for crying out loud. Of course she is perfect to work at CNN. This is what CNN considers a credible person. No wonder your ratings are low dumb asses. Is Hillary or Soros or the Democratic Party paying you to do these rags. CNN, HOME OF FAKE News.

  15. It's incomprehensible to many of us that people could support a president who is compulsively dishonest, who is a bully, who actively represents the interests of the billionaire class, who is anti-science, and who is trying to divide us up based on the color of our skin, our nation of origin, our religion, our gender, or our sexual orientation."

    Based on various trusted sources and a dab of cognitive science, it's fair to conclude that there are three main reasons for this unlikely phenomenon:

    1. Trump's Followers Believe They're Better Than Other People

    Nationalism, exceptionism , narcissism, racism. They're all part of the big picture, although it's unfair to simply dismiss Trump people as ignorant racists. Many of them are well-educated and wealthy. But well-to-do individuals tend to feel entitled, superior, uninterested in the people 'beneath' them, and less willing to support the needs of society. Thus many wealthy white Americans are just fine with Trump's disdain for the general population.

    Poorer whites also feel superior, in the sense that they're reluctant to give up their long-time self-assigned position at the top of the racial hierarchy.

    Trump and the suck up republicans don't seem to care at all about poor people, especially people of color. It's nearly beyond belief that they'd allow a father to be torn away from his family after living in the U.S. for 30 years; that they'd allow tens of thousands of Americans to sleep outside in subzero weather; or that they'd ignore the women and children being blown up by our bombs in Yemen.

    2. They're Driven by Hatred for Their Perceived Enemies

    According to an ancient proverb, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." For many besieged Americans, the friend is Donald Trump, the enemy of his followers' enemies, based on his belligerent put-downs of so many target groups that have been recklessly blamed for America's problems. He's been against a 'lying' media, 'job-stealing' immigrants, 'business-stifling' environmentalists, 'elites' like Hillary Clinton who are thought to look down on struggling middle-class whites, and the LGBTQ community and pro-abortion groups, who threaten the religious right's 'traditional' values to a point they consider much worse than Trump's moral depravity.

    Their greatest enemy may be the traditional politician, who has allowed the middle class to falter. Trump is unconventional, different from anyone before him. As long as their president is disrupting the status quo, change is happening, and any change, his supporters believe, is likely to defeat one or more of their enemies.

    3. They Refuse to Admit They Were Wrong

    In fact, the more they're proven wrong the stronger their resolve. This is called cognitive dissonance. It's common for conservatives to construct their personal beliefs on a moral basis, to adhere to them in the face of any controversy, and if necessary to reshape the evidence to fit these beliefs. Many conservatives continue to fall for Trump's hyperbole about a 'booming' economy and new jobs and better times to come.

    Conservatives even tend to believe that inequality is part of the natural order, and that any attempt to change it is senseless. Cognitive dissonance kicks in for them when they are confronted with the overwhelming evidence for a collapsing middle class. Rather than re-evaluating their beliefs, they go to the other extreme and defend the widening fracture in U.S. society as a natural consequence of an imagined meritocracy.

    So Now what do you think we as republicans should do after the fall of the worst “president” in our country?

  16. Anybody who doesn't think that there is collusion between the networks is a liar. MSN, CNN, and CBS all have queers as their main anchor. Don't even try to tell me that that's not on purpose.

  17. Hay Hannity you and judge Jeanine had fun at Vacation with Trump did he grease up your ass before sticking his little dick up your ass . Did judge Jeanine film it off cures because she doesn't like women she is a lizbean 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. This is so stupid, he is talking about accusations against Clinton as though they are fact and totally ignoring the same accusation against trump.. are you guys falling for this transparent BS? Sad.

  19. CNN, You guys would have crucified Jesus several times (over). This CNN would put Judas in the welfare line up. Creepy Cooper. Double talking Wolfy in sheep clothing and the ballot dancer JOKE TAPPER would put Hillary Rotten Clinton (The creator of LIES) out of business. 'Thou shalt not bear witness 'against' thy neighbors'. Have you ever thought of look at your own past before pointing fingers? You know the saying, 'People who live in glass houses should not (THROW) STONES?' —- THAT WAS THE OLD SAYING. THE NEW SAYING: "SHOULD NOT CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES WITH LIGHTS ON". This is very appropriate FOR CNN — you do not need lights on? NO, NO WHY? Because you have no SHAME.

  20. Hannity you are an embarrassment! no dignity and no honesty, keep licking trump's ass and dragging yourself down his shithole defending him!

  21. Love this guy! My dad loves this guy! My son will love this guy! Keep up the good work it’s that simple and show us the truth like you always do and I’ll love your show forever.. this guy is 100%

  22. Good grief. What color was his drawers, is he cut or uncut, does he like it hard or soft, upside down or sideways?😆

  23. Sean you put together an awesome piece… The double standard on the left, especially looking back at the 90's… How quick we forget. At this point it's just about getting their 15 minutes of "tabloid" fame.

  24. So glad they are talking about it so much, being married, having kids, and then having an affair.

    Trump deserves all he gets… bring it on!

    Or does FOX news think that adultery is okay now?

    If you want to revisit Clinton from 1994, please do, i deplore any behaviour from someone in office behaving like this when they are married, but stop having your head so far up Trumps arse that you excuse his behaviour as 'consensual behaviour between two consenting adults'.

    Infidelity and adultery is infidelity and adultery, they are both wrong, become a real journalist and be neutral not biased.

    If you cant, then kiss Trumps arse whilst you are there.

  25. |Oh, i forgot to mention. Is Hannity fair and balanced? what, with him and Trump sharing a lawyer and all. Facts are the only thing that matters in things like this if you care about the truth that is.

  26. I think you should follow your own advice. 😂 fox is not news. http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/tv/fox/.
    And much much more. This was just a quick search. Fox is just commentary. Hosts espousing a preprogrammed narrative.

  27. Sean is rambling cause he got exposed with his pants pulled down. Not entertaining any more. He sounds like his boyfriend in the whitehouse full of distractions and with a chip on his shoulder. WATCH the blood pressure Sean!!!!!

  28. It's not just CNN Sean.Its NBC,MSNBC,ABC,CBS….Lets face it. It's entertaining. And no one knows better than YOU and your brother in the whitehouse that people LOVE to be entertained. Face it, you got burned by the lawyer and it was funny. Now stop distracting and retire to your corner and lick your wounds YOU BIG BABY!!!

  29. As if you're not a hypocrite Sean? You were obsessing over Monica Lewinsky at a time when the economy was doing way better than today. I didn't hear you making the same stupid arguments you do now. If this was Obama you'd be all over it. Stop trying to pretend you wouldn't be doing the same thing if it were a Democrat. What about the fact that Trump supported Clinton in the 90s when he was being accused of the same things. Fucking hypocrite!

  30. the left fake news media have many talking point but sorry stormy we have known trump yrs we dont care sex affairs

  31. .. wow you still here?…talking about other people?..you need to worry about your little sneaky self.. have you got that lawyer yet?…remember now…not cohen.. he took the 5th…still talking about other people?…wow…amazing…

  32. So Its ok for Clinton to get Head in the oval office, but its not ok for Trump a private citizen at the time 15 years ago to have sex with a porn star?

  33. She isn't only a pornography start she is infamous start now with all this,,,good for you girl,,,and a millionare paying for pleasure ",who won't? ,come on people. Be real,,,

  34. Why in the hell is CNN focusing on that STORMY issue…there are other important issues Fxck Fxke News

  35. So glad Hannity’s integrity is impeachable. He’d never use a fixer lawyer to pay off a former Playboy Bunny

  36. It is time for Hannity to get off the air and let the real newsmen report…………..it is time for America to fact check this "donny con lap dog".. If he is going to act like a newsman then he should be treated like one!!!!!!KING OF FAKE!!!!

  37. So, rather then accurately report the news Faux news wastes time ranting about other news networks accurately reporting the news… in the word of the president; Sad!

  38. Danm if i was president they would have a field day going back finding all the women i have had. This is just another big nothing

  39. I like Fox news and Hannity but all this stupid news from CNN and the democrats is distracting Americans from Jewish bankers who are stealing their money.

  40. I stopped watching Orielly because he interrupted his guests but Hannity is even worse,SHUT UP and let your guest make their point

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