Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano – Behind the News

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano – Behind the News

JACK EVANS: For the past
couple of weeks, this river of red-hot rock has been causing chaos
in the streets of Hawaii. MAN: I think it’s faster
than a turtle can move. The lava doesn’t move quickly,
but nothing can stop it. And as you can see from this video,
it destroys everything in its path. The lava is coming from Kilauea, a volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island,
which is home to these guys. Aloha, BTN. I’m Fiona. Aloha, BTN. My name is Sebastian. I go to the Volcano School
of Arts & Sciences. It’s about, like,
maybe a four-minute car/bike ride to the national park,
also to the crater. Right now, the lava
is causing people to evacuate and causing homes to be damaged
and pets to possibly be killed or, like, they’re running away,
so it’s not fun. It’s a slow-moving flow,
but it’s very hot. Like, about 2,000 degrees. And it just burns
everything in its path. But since it’s slow-moving,
people have time to evacuate, which…definitely helps. Kilauea is one of the world’s
most active volcanoes. In fact, it’s part of the reason
Hawaii exists. It’s what’s known as
a hotspot volcano. They form over places
where molten rock, or magma, has built up under the Earth’s crust. When enough pressure builds up,
the magma comes out as a volcano. When it hits the water, it cools down
and solidifies, forming new islands. While the hotspot
always stays in the same place, the tectonic plates,
which make up the Earth’s crust, are constantly moving, slowly dragging the new islands
away from the hotspot, which is why Hawaii’s
chain of islands looks like this. Kilauea has been erupting
almost continuously since 1983, but this is the worst
it’s been in a long time. And there are worries, as the lava drains out
of the volcano, it could actually get more dangerous, because the molten rock
will heat up the groundwater and create steam, which could cause
the mountain to explode. If we know the steam is coming,
or any…and ash, we are ready to evacuate. Sebastian and Fiona say
it’s a scary time for Hawaii locals, and they’re really sad
for their neighbours who have lost their homes. But it’s also been amazing to see
just how powerful nature can be. I was actually filming some footage
of the ash cloud, and, yes, I was very scared,
but excited too, because…cool, you don’t see that every day.

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  1. If u can then fight with such a natural disaster not against of religion , region, country, or individual people … invent the weapon against such disaster for prevent not against of human’s life …

  2. Don't worry, this is normal. It's gonna make the island bigger… It's how it was created to start with.


  4. God! Its like a pore and the oil in our face rhat will explode as a mountain or volcano like a PiMPLE!!!😁

  5. Y dont u all try to stop it …since when a volcanic eruption took place then only red lava comes out since it comes in direct contact with oxygen resulting in vast lava ….so u can either stop it from coming out or let it come out n then stop…if it doesnt come out we dont know wht can happen n so we shouldnt try that bt we can control it after it comes out by layering it in a style that it flows in one direction only n tgen digging wells into a little far place when all lava eventually enter …letting it spread will have devasting effect …so y nt dig a well long enough to fit in…

  6. And they said the new Geo Thermal plant would have no effect!!?? They should have listened to the senior volcanologists. Of course extracting that much heat from a flowing lava tube would cause cooling and plugging of the lava in the tube, Dah!!!!

  7. very scared and excited too. maybe he's not aware that his parents about to lose everything they own.

  8. I swear to god if there was lava coming towards my house my dog will see it and come outside and be like “Oooh” “is that my teddy bear” like FR 😂😂

  9. When the Lava flows to the sea and cools . Who will one the land that the volcano lava flow will create .

  10. When I went to hawaii after that everyone from the big island was in Oahu honalulu and it was packed we couldn't even go to pools and the ocean was packed we still had fun tho I hope nothing else happens mainly to Oahu because I love hawaii it's really fun

  11. Cool!?!?!!?!!!? I would just cry and cry and cry and i would never stop i’m so scared of lava and if our house burned down i would scream so hard the my lungs would exploded!!!!!!!!

  12. When I was in Hawaii my dad and his friend and I were pig hunting and we’re were on a papaya field and the next day this volcano erupted and now its covered in lava

  13. My grandma was telling me that if fissures connected around Kïlauea, it would collapse the part of Kïlauea and cause s huge tsunami, and I live right next to the volcano.

  14. My class every tuesday has a BTN day so we list 5 facts about the topic draw a picture of it ask a question and write the title

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