Hayes On Whether The American Media Is About To Repeat The Same Mistakes Of 2016 | All In | MSNBC

Hayes On Whether The American Media Is About To Repeat The Same Mistakes Of 2016 | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Hayes On Whether The American Media Is About To Repeat The Same Mistakes Of 2016 | All In | MSNBC

  1. Chris you need to talk to your fellow MSNBC hosts, start with Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews.

    Chris Matthews compared Sanders winning Nevada to Hitler overthrowing France.

  2. Thank you! Some others on your network and the others have been getting quite hysterical and hyperbolic in how they talk about certain candidates, and it's already getting ridiculous.

  3. Watching Chris all this time… I’m gonna say “facts” even before I watch the video. He’s in tune with our generation and it’s issues unlike boomers.

  4. It would be nice if MSNBC put up the full show rather then just a few small pieces. There are many people like myself who do not have cable TV, or cannot get MSNBC where we live. I visit other news sites and while they do have news articles, they do not have video, and if they do have video they do not have narration about the videos they show. Yes, some actually show news videos with goofy music apparently made by 4th graders! My local TV stations have good coverage of local news, but only brief items of national worth. I need REAl news in a complete format!

  5. If the media did did its jobs completely & accurately, we'd hv all of the news, each with equivalent amounts of time, 1 as part of US news today, another as political, another as world news, etc. Equal time & weight in news coverage would mean a more educated & intelligent citizenry when it comes time for a hopefully intelligent electorate to vote based on facts (not fake news) & not based on emotion.

  6. Take it from someone who fled India in 2015, it really is a shitshow over there right now with LITERAL state sponsored terrorism

  7. MSNBCannibals trying to get ahead of themselves.. MSNBCannibals behind the destruction of the USA!! * MSNBC === Mass Consumer Fraud!!*

  8. Morning joe today was like Fox News gaslighting it’s viewers and doing trump’s work. Chris Hays could use his platform to criticize msnbc more directly if he chooses to. The commentariat is as broken as government.

  9. you denied Bernie once and that was a huge mistake. You had swing voters saying they would vote for Bernie OR Trump. Im pretty sure Bernies "fauxsocialism" is looking pretty good right about now. All you Trump fans – take an honest look at your life, not at how you feel! not how proud you are to be 'Merican – do a quick audit of your life. Are you getting more income? paying less taxes? have access to new opportunities that werent ther before? is your childrens education more affordable? do you have a good job? Would you be able to find another job that perhaps might bring you more happiness, better healthcare, more time with your family? We are all susceptible to influences that ignite strong feelings inside us – some compel us to feel compassiion for each other, some light our patriotic fire and fill us with a sense of pride, but the one you need to be most mindful of is the strongest of all – fear. We are terified of the unknown, and because defensive when we hear of a potential threat that we do not know and cannot see. Bad things happen when we act from fear. Dont let it happen to you.

  10. Its amazing how Democrats and socialist think Americans are stupid and many are but not the whole population omg! The things they say about Trump is ridiculous.
    Democrats are an insult to Americans.

  11. Disappointed to see Dems using GOP talking points to attack ideas our base (and the county) support.

    A majority of Americans Support:

    📍A Green New Deal
    📍Medicare for All
    📍Student Debt Cancellation
    📍Criminal Justice Reform
    📍Living wages
    📍Free College


  12. ty mr hayes. i can agree in part, but we must know about them in order to make an intelligent choice as to which democratic candidate should get our votes. trumputin must go, and we had better choose wisely! if sanders is still praising castro and the nicaraguan dictators then we have the right to know! don't pander to any candidate. if he or she doesn't have values that we consider in keeping with what our government should be or is unelectable we have the right to know. especially while there is still time to choose another one. by all means, let us know how repulsively trumputin acts, or what he says. but we have the same right with the other candidates as well.

  13. Wheres my free stuff!! I want my free stuff!! When I get all my free stuff , I dont want to pay for the next guys free stuff!!…Socialism in a nutshell…Like Bernie it's a Failure!…

  14. This is EXACTLY the point I made to my husband when watching the debates….like they are seriously going to make a bfd about some Castro comment Bernie made when Trump cosies up to EVERY dictator the planet has to offer like they are his best best buds?! THANKYOU CHRIS

  15. This is complete misrepresentation of Citizenship Amendment Act of India

    There are quite a few Hindus left in Indias neighborhood ( Pakistan, Afganistan and Bangladesh) who are persecuted under Islamist regimes over there.

    Many have sought asylum in India, if they had come before 2014 Dec 31, they can apply for citizenship in 6 years instead of 12.

    For Muslims from those countries it is still 12 years, like it used to be.

    Some Muslims started opposing it.

    Let's say before WW 2, if America had made it easier for Jews to seek asylum than for non Jews from Germany, and KKK is calling it discrimination against white race – this is exactly what this is

  16. The word freedom is only used to mean the destruction of freedom. If you say freedom to me I know you don't believe in freedom.

  17. aThanks Chris. The focus is on the wrong direction. Retake the Senate for Democrats and keep the House Democrats. The Democratic leadership is playing into Trump/Republican hands with the media focused on the Democratic candidates and not the Senate. Whatever Democrat if elected will be powerless if the Senate is controlled by the Senate. There is no approval of judicial appointees, no impeachment followup, no balancing the budge to middle-working class advantages. The Supreme Court & Federal courts have more conservative judges now and needs to be tempered out, but without Senate confirmation, that will never happen. A Democratic President, whoever it would be, would never get a budget passed if the Republicans are in control. Fighting over the Democratic candidates only fragments the Democrat base to sit out the election if their candidate doesn't get pick and allows Trump to continue for another term. It wastes time, money, and resources for the General election, allowing Trump/Republicans to win again and keeping the Senate Republican. Removing Trump will not undo the Conservative/Republican agenda already put into place if Mitch/Republicans still controls the Senate. Stop trying to win the battle, win the war by retaking the Senate and keep the House.

  18. Cute story. Now you can go back to hyper bashing Bernie and calling yourselves "fair" as your producers and writers go back on social media scripts tomorrow.. This is why people get their news from comedy programming these days.

  19. TRUMP 2020! Don't get complacent, organize and get out and vote RED! Organize and defeat the left for generations to come!

  20. Good story, thank you for shining a light on this (not just bringing it to the attention of the US but those of us around the world. I've heard nothing of it here in Aus.)

  21. Journalism has failed us on so many levels which includes MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, CNN, CBC, etc. With respect to India, where is the Army? Unfortunately, the police are regionally based and have their biases. Army personnel need to be stationed throughout the country to maintain consistent and fair order.

  22. Trump has been visiting Modi so that Modi can help him in cyber attacks to help him for 2020 to be re elected….period…

  23. To simplify it for my American friends Berinie would like to move the country so it is the same as the other members of the G7. Health Care for all, reasonable tuition for post secondary education, lower drug prices, common sense gun laws, a country that believes in science and climate change, a woman's choice to choose what is right for herself, no gerrymandering to rig elections for example the Republicans, does not suppress the vote of minorities, believes in equality for all, and does not have the money from corporations or what you call super pacs influence our voters. American Democracy that Americans preach to the world is a frigging joke!!!! Trump will get reelected as he got elected in 2016 with less than 50% of the population supporting him and with Russia's help. Land of the free? Land of Laws? Equal Rights? NOT! America is a joke and in another four years a laughing stock of a country! I wish the Canadian Border Patrol would screen Americans on IQ and EQ because we do not want them diluting the Canadian Gene Pool. America has a population of about 367 million people and the world's population is 7.8 Billion people so they are slowly becoming insignificant. Leader of the free world? NOT!

  24. The CBS moderators are asking Bloomberg about his policy on sugary drinks and trans fats in New York.They won't ask him about spying on Muslims in New York.
    Muslims have less value in the US media than sugary drinks and trans fats. @medirhasan

  25. Do my eyes deceive me? Is msnbc doing a legitimate critique on the failings of the media (i.e. them)? Is this opposite world? Why isnt msnbc disingenuously attacking Bernie Sanders without facts? Whats going on!!!!!!

  26. Very well presented. These are the failings of corporate media pandering to the consumer. I can't help but think of the phrase (or book title?) "And the Band Played On" when it comes to the world picture that is offered up to the famously ill-informed US public. Chris Hayes did good work with this.

  27. If you want to cease helping to spread Trumpism, cease broadcasting the lies.
    If Trump says something that your fact-checkers say is not true, do not broadcast it.
    Stop giving attention to that which doesn't better our world by knowing it.
    Give attention to the things that we need to know to have a better world.

  28. We are not looking for a conman for four more years. This is not a game. This is serious business and this man Trump will do more damage to United States with four more years.The man has no morals. Disgusting!!!!

  29. Too much self-interest, ignorance and hypocrisy. I think sooner or later Trump is going to cause a big tragedy, in the US or internationally.

  30. Some hindu man are beating muslims and other schudle cast people…and modi is giving permition to him for this..

  31. Chris, you’re aware you’re going to get fired for this kind of stuff a few days in a row, right?

  32. I am from India n i want to thank this channel to bring to light all the negativity n violence bought in by this MODI govt. The hindu brothers we ate n had good time with are nw against us , just because of this politician. Riots is wht is he known for. Pray for India.

  33. We really need Your help of covering the violence going in India . The Media here also now we call them Godi media, it doesn't cover these reports rather edits it. please bring the attention of United Nations. Muslime are being brutally killed. Children and women are not spared. They are geting beaten up with sharp objects, bricks, bats, sticks. We need your help.

  34. My guess is, Fox News did not show that mass violence against a religious minority while Trump praised the leader who inspired it.

  35. I don't blame Trump for not talking about the violence. I don't remember Obama saying anything against Modi either so why would Trump when he needs those hotels built asap. I do blame the media for ignoring it. So big ups to Chris on covering it and also pointing out the anti-Bernie bias. 👍

  36. Trumpers are lying about Bernie. He would be a centrist in Europe. All the policies he wants–they have had for ages: Green jobs, Universal Healthcare, affordable college, environmental regulations. America needs to catch up.

  37. A smart man learns from the his own mistakes; a Wise man learns from the mistakes of others. MSNBC has yet to do either. Their hatred of Donald Trump superceeds any semblance of intellect, because Hatred breed contempt, and contempt has no place in the world of being rational. Which is why MSNBC, despite knowing that they're going to FK up, they will champion forward with their Hatred and FK up BIG TIME. I so am looking forward to Nov. 2020. Hayes, you are one major Bufoon

  38. Shame on your president US. Now because he has boosted Modi, he will clamp down harder on Muslims here. The blood is on your hands too

  39. Wow. MSNBC made Trump look so dumb and out-of-touch in this segment. "India has worked so hard for religious freedom," says Trump, as a huge Hindu stick comes crashing down on the head of a Muslim during a riot.

  40. YEEEESSSSS! I think Putin himself actually said American politics does more harm than what was accused of Russia. Of course he was defending himself, as they did interfere, but American media only focus on salacious points to create "fighter" and "underdog" narratives in a process that is suppose to be told with weight of newsworthyness.

  41. 2:38 Get your facts right man! "Literally makes it easier for people of every religion except Muslims." Wow dude can you read at all? Go to Indian Senate's website and read the law before making such a blunder. The Amended law only fastracks citizenship for persecuted religious minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These countries are 99% Muslims. You want us to let all Pakistanis in? Why dont you set an example by fastracking Green Card for INdians in US who are legally waiting last 40 + years? You guys have a Lautenberg Specter Amendment for protecting Christians in Iran and scoffing at US for doing the same ? Wow man Wow!

  42. Yup. Your definitely making the same mistakes. This vid. Is a perfect example. Thanks for the landslide Trump💪 2020. Nobody wants socialism. And just what exactly is a democratic socialist oppose to a straight up socialist? Seriously,you people and the fake news media are the biggest threat to democracy. Not russians making propaganda vids for facebook. I can unequivocally tell you all that no russians are making me vote for Trump. The 4 year Trump derangement syndrome and the constant russia russia russia. Uranium 1. Fusion gps. Benghazi. Schiff spying on and doxing american citizens. Permoting dictators. And the list goes on and on. That's just a few of many reasons i am a former democrat and now very much independent and without question i will be voting for MY PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP💪. Russia has nothing to do with my vote and im sick and tired of the media setting the narrative of trump wins only with russian interference. American voters are NOT russian iterference! You have all gone mad and i will never vote democrat again in my life.

  43. Chris Hayes, we’re destined to repeat 2016 if journalists do not commit to unbiased reporting, like you’re thankfully doing right now!

  44. Media: Cuba is to Burnie is what were the E-MAILS used AGAINST HILLARY which was Trump's HOAX and now the MEDIA who WERE instrumental in Trump being elected!

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