13 thoughts on “Herald reporter Julie K. Brown, who broke Epstein plea deal story, responds to Secretary Acosta

  1. Yeah, miami pedo doj would let him go free ,and then appeared this brave man acosta who gave him and his unidentified pedo conspirators buddies a full immunity and put him into get out at will jail.
    Be cursed you corrupted ,filthy ,evil pedo prosecutor ,go to hell and take all your pedo buddies with .

  2. Here’s the thing found out who got to Acosta . If you start with Acosta and backtrack follow the phone calls emails who put pressure on him to backdown was it the FBI CIA extc this is bigger than him people

  3. Who cares who Rolf did I knew him most of my life I never saw or heard anything ever. I have a stunning daughter she never saw this either. Some people are clever. I cannot understand how a friend of his daughter was having a child hood sex romp with him. This would never happen to my child ever l am a very good mother no one would be standing with his balls intact. I also knew Jimmy Saville my friend went out with him we never ever saw any of this ever. So to believe l cannot understand this. Another thing how did these girls do it to start with , where were their parents my daughter and l were in showbiz she was a cold model and I did a lot of modelling also. You have to have rules and care for your self, no decent girl should hang around old guy’s like that, my daughter was never allowed to even have a sleep over with friends ever.

  4. Acosta is a liar and has something to hide. There were 40 victims already proven and their ages proven and verified during the time of the events. Epstein claimed to have inside information on bear Stearns and also claim to be part of the Mossad. This is all BS that was used as an excuse for Acosta to form a deal and cover-up all the other famous men and women who were molesting these young girls here in the United States and on Epstein's Island. This is a huge travesty of Justice

  5. This agreement about Epstein paying the lawyers of the victims is totally useless, because the victims weren‘t informed about the deal.

  6. This is an outrage LADIES get out your HATS. Pink pussy cat KNITTED ones. Take to the streets protests all young WOMEN. YOU.

  7. While Thank God someone stopped them from bringing their child sex trafficking ring to a national level. When will they be investigated under the color of law and indicted?

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