22 thoughts on “Historic Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

  1. Interesting conversation. I'd like to find out more about the transfer of wealth from African Americans to white Americans.

  2. That this, the unspeakable brutality of slavery, surprises anyone is shocking. Americans are notoriously ignorant of their own history, but that educated people, a reviewer for "The Economist," lack the education, experience and imagination to apprehend this debased state of humanity, is the most disturbing thing of all.

  3. This guy's book is the worst EVER written! Industry is creating jobs, wealth in the north while the south has slavery. If the slavery was so great, where were the thriving metropolis's? Were the immigrants flooding to the south???? NO!!! In fact EVERYWHERE there was slavery, it DID NOT WORK!!! Slavery NEVER helped America!! FACT!!!

  4. Fascinating. I see alot of people online saying slavery would have eventually died out because it wasnt productive, but this suggests otherwise…

  5. "the softer interpretations of….slavery?"Thats a tough one, as the host points out….and what emerges is the concentration camp aspect of the romantic "old plantation" of the mystified Southern Past. The soft ball historians have been legion…and its good, citizens. to see that the truth…albeit slowly and painfully – is just beginning to emerge. The old South was a horror show built on rape and torture- not a Gone With the Wind fantasy.

  6. In capitalism you will always have poverty and produce more losers than winners in an ever growing population. This can't be debunked by anyone.

  7. This was an incredible book. This author is particularly sensitive. The African American didn't need to know how to read, or understand French cooking or use copper pots, read/wright, etc. We became disembodied hands. Even kids and old people could pick cotton. Major disruption occurred here and this is the stage, unfortunately for us today is what most people remember.

  8. American slavery had far more to do with the banksters who finance people like Tim Wise than "White people". Wise and his marxist comrades hold deep contempt for White folks and pity Black people as pathetic losers who can't function without their help. You see, they have a plan.

  9. Africa and the Americas (pre-colonialism) had slavery for years yet they never went anywhere so I’m confused 🤷🏽‍♂️

  10. How do you think Wall Street made it's first fortune? How do you think most family out of the New England Family made their wealth ? You better believe that a big chunk of it came from slavery . M

  11. Thank you Edward Bapist, for your research and honesty. I will purchase your book. You are one white man that I will listen to. Most whites don't and won't talk about these topics. Thank you so much!

  12. All white men, whether slave owners, overseers, or non slavevowners were in fact villains and evil. Now the lynchings have been exchanged for police brutality and white people gunning down unarmed black people. What has really changed? Economists stated that it will take 250 years for black wealth to catch up to white wealth.

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