Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam in leaked secret recording – BBC News

I don’t want to spend your time, or waste your time, for you to ask me what went wrong, and why [it] went wrong. But for a chief executive… [sniffles] to have caused this huge havoc to Hong Kong, is unforgivable. It’s just unforgivable. If I have a choice, the first thing [I would do] is to quit, having made a deep apology, is to step down. So I, I, I… I make a plea to you for your forgiveness. I have never tendered a resignation to the Central People’s Government. I have not even contemplated to discuss a resignation with the Central People’s Government. The choice of not resigning is my own choice. But if you want to understand, because in a private session, I just attempted to explain that as an individual, given the very difficult circumstances, [it] might be, it was an easy choice to leave. But I told myself repeatedly in the last three months that I and my team should stay on to help Hong Kong

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