House Democrats announce surprise addition to Mueller testimony

House Democrats announce surprise addition to Mueller testimony

100 thoughts on “House Democrats announce surprise addition to Mueller testimony

  1. Corrupt KGB Comey FBI/DOJ are BLOATED multi-billion dollar GOV agency's that could not ascertain that the Trump dossier (used to secure FISA wire tap warrants on Americans) was a political attack funded by Clinton ORG Crime Family but ONLY KGB COMEY was FIRED … FBI/DOJ needs to be GUTTED, they are agencies attempting a third world banana republic junta.

  2. KGB Comey, mystified Mueller, Strzok and "mistress" Paige are Clinton KGB agents! Their sole task is protecting Clinton Oligarch Crime Family .. Why the $145,000,000 Kremlin donation to Clinton Foundation once again from the Kremlin and Imelda Clinton and predator henchman BILL almost got back into White House! FBI/DOJ third world banana republic agencies, GUT THEM.

  3. Department of justice wants to limit what mueller can say. But this isn’t obstruction of justice because….erm… I can’t finish this sentence. It’s definitely obstruction of justice.

  4. Where are U.S. STATE Dept barn servers stolen by the Clinton ORG Crime Family, who has them what is deep state hiding from Americans, is this SEDITION or simple TREASON while Mueller remains "mystified" ?

  5. Kremlin paid $145,000,000 to the Clinton Oligarch Crime Family "pay to play" money laundering foundation but got PATRIOT Donald Trump as President NOT Imelda Clinton and predator henchman BILL! PUTIN ANGRY, Bruce and Nellie Orh peddling the Weissmen kosher "insurance policy" via Obama Rosenstien team FAILED and Kremlin wants their $145,000,000 back now! Dangerous for Clinton's to travel.

  6. Mueller is American KGB operating in plain sight, sole task is protecting Clinton Oligarch Crime Family. Fidel Obama corrupt DOJFBI responsible. Vote 2020, rid USA of DEM/KGB Clinton menace!

  7. As a left leaner, what a waste of time and tax payer money. I wish that politics stuck to the issues that need to be fixed. Healthcare, education, infrastructure, foreign relations, veterans, climate control and the economy. Look, Trump is what he is so just let him run his course and try and win out the election the old fashioned way. We shouldn’t be paying for this, period.

  8. When you meat puppets stop jumping everytime your strings are pulled, I will know the truth has put an end to your constant Mean Stream Media lies and stupidity. You should have NEVER got in bed with DemonRats!

  9. What waste, no one will ask a real question, none of these clowns will be held accountable. Hillary will get away with it all. This will be a zoo, and the cable "news" will talk and talk and talk about nothing.

  10. From Zimbabwe
    Surprise addition to Mùller? Mhhh! I smell a dead donkey, oh, its the Democrat party, trapped in the putrid globalist swamp.
    Congrats to you beloved President Trump, you are very effective. When you get a minute, just one tweet to my Zimbabwe please, we too have a swamp, its killing us.
    Fox News I'm proud of you.
    CNN continue dying, I can't wait for funeral in 2020. Congrats to Acosta and gang for a splendid job killing it.

  11. The world is looking on as Congress here makes a fool of our political system. 🇺🇸 USA has become more divided, and with division comes weakness.🤔 what a soap opera

  12. Mueller wasn't nothing but a name they used he not write the report he about as sharp as butter knife an that being respectful they going to catch him in a lie watch them republicans sharp as a shelfs knife

    Now, Question Mister Mueller :

  14. One more liar to push the false narrative
    God bless president Trump and Patriots!

  15. Trump supporters are like the porn stars he sleeps with. They will swallow anything the Orange Idiot  churns out for them.

  16. This is another stunt . We can see right through this scam. Democrats have no shame because they have no conscience. What a pity for them. They are just hurting themselves more and more while trying to hurt others.

  17. Pray for God to intervene in hearts and minds of this Mueller to have peace and love pepple and,and stop being selfish and greedy .
    And respect others and stop pointing fingers but fixed the mess

  18. the dossier that the FBI submitted to the court system was fake they should have never been and investigation in the Donald Trump and his campaign this is a waste of taxpayers money the people that needs to be put in to the court or the people that made the dossier and suede for the money the government wasted on this investigation and the ongoing Congress wasting more money they need to made pay all of this the people at made the dossier report at will be Justice

  19. It is all a bunch of Dems grandstanding. And Mueller would look really good with a 50 CAL hole in his head. He is a dirty cop. End of story.

  20. Oh, so Mueller needs his lawyer and he's a long time law expert but General Flynn is able to be interviewed by the FBI and is told he doesn't need a lawyer even though he is not an expert in law matters. Funny how the standards only apply to one side.

  21. They made their choice to make a mockery out of America and it's justice system. Mueller swearing in is a joke, he does not believe in God , he is a satanist. He spent his end of service selling out his country nothing inspirational about that. That Adam Shifty sits up there having a say in any of this is another injustice. It is like having a rapist asking the victim questions . Hillary's aide is just another joke. Either way they are all going to hell in a hand basket where they will meet the evil one up close and personal .

  22. Are they trying to make Mueller look like he was/is incapable of running any investigation so the Dems can start the investigation again and appoint someone else.

  23. the house voted NOT TO IMPEACH Trump. democrats should stop whining and move on like grown ups. democrats are acting like spoiled children having a tantrum for being told NO


  25. What nonsense that democrat hack spoke, except when he had that slip and called Mueller a "consummate politician" then tried to cover it up by saying Mueller was a great lawyer. Ok, is he a great lawyer or is he so ignorant of the law he needs to have a lawyer at his side during questioning?.

  26. Justin Cooper was an IT staff clown to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Justin Cooper solicited help online to aid him in deleting information that had been subpeonaed by the government.
    Justin Coopers attorney in that matter was……
    Aaron Zelby?

    We saw Hillarys Clinton Foundation attorney join Muellers special counsel team.
    Jeannie Rhee. Jeannie Rhee is married to a man who controls a large media organization.

    If this is how the DOJ runs, then it should be shutdown in it's entirety and then rebuilt. Everybody has to be fired and blacklisted at this point.
    Too corrupt.

  27. House and Senate judiciary oversight committee members – public corruption – 1998 Clinton administration – anti trust exemption for the health insurance industry to defraud all federal health care programs and beneficiaries without fear of a United States government investigation, civil or administrative – enactment of a government grievance procedure title18cfr242crime, and to avoid exclusion. Congress votes every year to continue this federal health insurance fraud and abuse, every year.

  28. Muller is a crook and would have no memory on republicans questions but with the democrats loathing over him he’s answering everything what a set up that’s going to crash and burn them.

  29. What a total charade!!!!!!!!!
    Adam Schitt is an despicable freak. An embarrassment to California and the United States of America.

  30. What a total charade!!!!!!!!!
    Adam Schitt is an despicable freak. An embarrassment to California and the United States of America.

  31. What a total charade!!!!!!!!!
    Adam Schitt is an despicable freak. An embarrassment to California and the United States of America.

  32. Muller needed his deputy by his side, as he appeared to be confused and slow witted. It appears he signed a report he didn't actually write. He doesn't appear to be fully aware of what's going on around him. I think he should have had a nurse with him as well.

  33. I love it when Trump tweets and fights back against this crooked, vile, evil bunch of scumbags. Keep tweeting Prez Trump.

  34. What A phoney dosier from the beginning??Paid for by HRC.Sore losers getting ready for 2020.Smear wraps are all the Dems and Gang are good for.

  35. If there is a horse dead for a few months on the back forty and you go and administer an adrenaline shot right into the dead heart, you will not even get a twitch!! That is what Dems are doing with Mueller!! They keep trying to resurrect the Russianitus Nonsense and it needs to end!! They will be hard pressed to do that but they have nothing left to get Trump!! They need to start talking policy that will advance American Citizens….but they have nothing to say. So the circus continues!! No policy advanced….just the circus of name calling and other nonsense!!

  36. Im a Trump fan and I hope he beats whoever wins the Democratic nomination. But I don't believe anyone should crap on Mueller now. He served his country all his life and clearly old age is getting to him. Why make fun of him? I dont think that is right.

  37. You have to remember that HALF of the population is NOT AS SMART as the other half is!!!! Think about that for a second. That means that a HUGE part of the AMERICAN population does NOT necessarily have the INTELLIGENCE and LOGIC needed to make an accurate determination in their lives! And many of those (not so smart) people have been voted in to POWER by their supporters that also lack the smarts to choose wisely. That may help to explain why there are so many illogical people in positions of HUGE POWER in the United States that say and do and want STUPID IRRESPONSIBLE THINGS that logically would mean the collapse/failure of our AMERICAN economy. THESE IDIOTS LIKESCHIFF AND MUELLER AND HIS DEMOCRATIC CRONIES LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!! And their POWERFUL IDIOT "leaders" want to CAUSE US MORE HARM TOO!!!! Things like getting rid of airplanes, clean coal, approving of the murdering of newborn infants, making the 2nd Amendment null and void, and so many more MORONIC ideas by these IDIOTS shows you that the SMARTER people in the United States need to stay together to VOTE and TAKE OUT THESE UTTERLY STUPID PEOPLE that are hell-bent on things that are IMMORAL, ILLOGICAL and INSANELY STUPID!!!! When the smarter people can, they must VOTE to TAKE OUT THE TRASH that is trying to CAUSE HARM to the smarter half of United States!!!!

  38. It appears to me based on listening to Mueller that he is suffering either from dementia or Alzheimer's. He was disoriented, disorganized, could not answer direct questions nor legal questions that should have been easy for him to answer. He just appears medically not fit to testify .

  39. Sad state of affairs watching the Democratic Socialists waste the taxpayers dollars.   Nadler and Schiff need to both get a life outside of politics, fast.   One may not like Trump's in-your-face style or lack of eloquence, but he clearly has the American  taxpaying citizens interests above those of who are not.   Democratic Socialists wish to remake this country into something our forefathers would be appalled at – and would be the basis for another civil war.

  40. What we learned today is that Mueller did not write the Mueller report! We also learned he is nothing more than a yes man, a puppet but what we still dont know is who the puppet master is?

  41. In reporting about President Trump, no one is asking why the Russian connection is the same for both parties, yet only Republicans have been indicted . Mueller indicates that the Russian operative connected with the Democrats first, who then created a dossier with misleading and false information to be given to the Trump campaign. If meetings with Russian operatives is illegal for one party , why not both?? The number of meetings with the Democratic party liaison and the Russian operative was higher. It appears the Russians played both sides and Hillary Clinton got double-crossed.

  42. Does Muller give a dam about the feelings of what they did to General Flynn, No! Did he Hell. So why should we consider his feelings when adding up the lies and false statements and facts he's admitted to. Him and All those criminals he's been abetting must be prosecuted and punished for the harm they've done to justice. Let no man be above the Law.

  43. I'd have to pay 50 quid to watch this in the west end. Somehow I still want my money back even though I haven't spent it (not being an American tax payer)

  44. HERE'S THE FIRST AND BEST WAY WE COULD "FIND THE TRUTH"— pass the "Citizens' Equality Act"—-that will show their LOYALTY or their GUILT, if they do not want the people to have a voice in OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. "OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, and FOR THE PEOPLE"—not THIEVES and TRAITORS ! The "Citizens' Equality Act" will be the litmus test for all political "allegiance" /integrity. Resume your BASHING…

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