How baby flamingos get their pink colour | Animal Super Parents – BBC

How baby flamingos get their pink colour | Animal Super Parents – BBC

These Caribbean flamingos are the brightest members of the flamingo family Their unusual in many ways Their curved bill is a specialist bit of equipment containing a unique Structure that filters algae and small crustaceans out of the water And this bill is the key to their parenting strategy Their chicks are born with straight spells that can’t yet filter water to feed So these bird parents produce milk It’s made in F rose and comes out of their mouths But has the same amount of protein and fat as milk The hormone prolactin stimulates milk production the same as for humans Except here. Both parents have prolactin so Dad produces milk, too The mark is bright red as it contains the chemicals that give the chicken color until it can feed itself The feeding drains the parents of their own color and they start to look a bit washed out a feeling most parents are familiar with With both parents working together They managed to produce enough milk to sustain their chicken till its bill has developed And it’s able to stand on its own two feet

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  1. So basically. Its like an heirloom. They give their color to their child. And they give it to their children and those children give it to their children and those children give it to their children. Then their newborn will one day pass it on their children. Those children grow up to have their own child and pass on the color……. gawd the cyle xD (this is just a joke)

  2. The more I learn about flamingos the more I realize nothing about them is what I thought it would be. I thought they lived in cool tropical spots. Nope, they live in inhabitable wastelands. I thought they were pink naturally. Nope its because flamingo milk.

  3. It's mind boggling to me that most people in the comment section never knew that flamingos could fly! These are people who have used Google their entire lives, and yet they are incapable of asking the question: Can flamingos fly? Why are most of these people mentally incapable of using Google??? They even have the ability to ask Siri or Alexa at this point. Is it really that difficult to ask Siri about flamingos??? Go read a book about flamingos at the library, or read about flamingos on a website. It's really that simple. smh…

  4. Some weird looking birds, tell you what.
    Stupidly long legs ✅
    Hose-like neck ✅
    Strangely curved beaks ✅
    At all proportional ❌

  5. How many shrimps do you have to eat?
    Before you make your skin turn pink.
    Eat too much and you'll get sick.
    Shrimps are pretty rich.
    *Flute sounds*

  6. awwww flamingo🤤❤…. i have a weird habbit of writing flamingo on the last page of note book when im bored in class or if i have to check weather pen is working properly

  7. I don’t get it how can some people think that is there is no creator for this Universal it’s a perfect system.

  8. Want to know how Flamingos turn pink in a fun way?
    Here is how!

    Listen to Kero Kero Bonito's song "Flamingo" oh oh oooho your pretty either way~

  9. When I see a washedout colored flamingo.
    Before the video:Wow What hurricane did that to the poor bird.
    After The Video: Oh you must have devoid-ed your color to feed your young in a bloody liquid you spew into their beaks, from your own. ….How ..cute.

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  11. omg that's so saddddddd it's like they're draining the life out of themselves to give the babies color 😭😭😭😭

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  13. so this is 2019 and what I wanna ask to flamingo is,

    how many shrimps do you have to eat before you make your skin turn pink?

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