100 thoughts on “How did the US get to this point in the impeachment process?

  1. Are there, “bombshells,” to come? We better hope so? And, we better SHOW UP! Protest! Elections will be FAKED in 2020, if Trump remains, and Putin’s help will bring experience to the table, and traitors in top positions. Democracy will be MEANINGLESS. When the Impeachment is over, either Trump, OR the Republic will be GONE forever.

  2. Impeachment is nonsense and it will never happen ‼️
    Ok enquiry is approved, so let Adam Schiff and Nancy Peloci answer the congress first as witnesses that how have they created the Fake whistleblower 😚👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Old Nancy and Schiff for brains state of California is literally burning to the ground. Poo and homelessness is off the charts along with every democrat controlled major city. Yet the left soaks up lying CNN like a sponge and are willfully propagandized to the point of losing there souls.

  4. Dems are shameless–trying to destroy an innocent man because the upset in 2016 was so traumatic for them. Sorry losers–the whipping will continue! Viva la TRUMP REVOLUTION!

  5. Comedy news network:enema of the people 🤡
    It began the day after his election… by Democrats incensed that Clinton lost.
    No matter… if and when it gets to the Senate, it will be squashed

  6. That's easy Con News Network bastards is a fucking scam and attempted coup by the Marxists Communists against President Trump!


  8. Stage 4 DTS is heavy in the fake news drive by media. May the Dems go the same way as haman did. God said he was going to send a strong delusion in the last days to those that reject His Truth ( the Bible) and reject his son Jesus Christ’s death as payment for their sins. Got Jesus Christ? It’s hell without him.

  9. If he doesn’t get impeached, which I am betting it never gets through the senate. It means doom for the Democratic Party and mainstream news credibility.


  11. https://710wor.iheart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2019-03-09-the-list-of-president-trumps-accomplishments-so-far/

  12. Dems need to stay focused, but absolutely should not overlook Trump's obstruction of justice as described by Mueller. Think of Lewandowski's stupidly open admission that DT ordered him to deliver an llegal message to Jeff Sessions.

  13. They got to this point, coz of sheer dimcrat panic…they have no worthy candidates for the 2020, they have a lot of skeletons in the closet that wants to come out and they are trying, trying, trying to stay on top of it with counter measures…..trying is the keyword, coz its backfiring big time and Trump will obviously win again and we will have many dimcrats going to prison from bottom tiers to the very top, coz corruption, sex, power grabs and the usual $$$$$$$$$$ has gotten to the very core of DNC. Get out your popcorn and watch how the dimcrats will tear down the US and its people to stay a float…

  14. Its so hard to hear such bias talk, you guys so desperately feed your own thoughts they build a tower of impossibility thus drowning out your own common sense, then engineering your word language to create your own bias hate , and now when no proof is found again, I hope you all fire yourselves and learn to open your mind…..stop your hate, your only hurting yourselves!

  15. The Trump circus never ends!!! Best reality TV ever. If anyone thought a Trump Presidency would be any other way needs their head examined!!

  16. You swore to uphold The Constitution and held aid to another country for Political Gain therefore violating the Constitution and getting IMPEACHED !!!!

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  19. Why are we spending all this MONEY, on a case where nothing will happen. (You keep him IN or you KICK him out.. This is all government (BS) protecting each other.

  20. Donald Trump’s behavior has raised fundamental legal and constitutional questions: Did Trump as candidate criminally violate election laws? And once in office, has Trump as President failed to fulfill his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”? And if in fact, Trump has failed to take the lead in protecting our elections from foreign intrusion, is that an impeachable offense?


    These passages explain that, despite all the political rhetoric emanating from the White House, the Capitol building and elements of the media, if the House impeached and the Senate convicted Donald Trump, the only result of that Congressional action would be his removal from the Presidency.

    The President, Vice President and civil officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    — Article II, section 4, U.S. Constitution

    “Judgment in cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office … but the party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.”

    — Article I, section 9, U.S. Constitution

    👉 There is no language in the Constitution providing the President with any immunity from prosecution by the appropriate criminal authorities: he is subject to the ordinary criminal processes of “Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to law.” Furthermore, there is not one syllable directly putting the President beyond the reach of the criminal law even if Congress does not impeach.

    The argument that the President is immune from the criminal laws is just that — an argument.


    Trump has a secret plan to evade the Constitution


    Watch "All the Ways Trump Has 'Destroyed the Norms' of American Life | NowThis" on YouTube


    Ex-Ethics Chief Tweets Very Long List Of Bad Signs From Donald Trump’s Presidency


    Trump made the admission during a lengthy interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity.


    Watch "Trump Asked Ukranian President to Investigate Biden's Son 8 Times // Malcolm Nance AM Joy MSNBC" on YouTube


    White House Violated Law With Plan To Move Hundreds Of USDA Workers: Inspector General

    Just days earlier, Trump’s budget director bragged about how many workers quit because of the pending relocation.


    Trump committed obstruction of justice and should be indicted, says Fox News analyst, Judge Napolitano.


    Some Members Of Trump's Exclusive Clubs Appear To Have Been Invited To An Air Force One Tour


    Trump's Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here's a complete guide


    Remember that time trump said the President Should Be Fired for a Government Shutdown?

    “If you say who gets fired, it always has to be the top,” Trump told co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck when she asked, “Apprentice”-style, who should get fired and bear the brunt of the responsibility for a shutdown.

    Watch "Donald Trump Talks Government Shutdown, Sep 20 2013" on YouTube


    Donald Trump “stealing” military construction money to pay for his “xenophobic vanity wall project” on the U.S. border with Mexico.


    This Mar-A-Lago Member Had A Great Time Photographing Trump Handling A National Security Crisis


    Trump is stealing from Military Pensions to build his wall.


  21. Dem0rats have accomplished nothing since being elected. The people voting them in are finally realizing that REPUBLICANS are the only 0nes with integrity

  22. Should have begun the process a long time ago! Now…IT thinks IT can use the bribe tactics with any n all countries that don't do as IT says- wants!

  23. Mississippi is the poorest state in the union. I hope they know President Shithole is not going to pay for this rally.

  24. My Family always voted Democrat since Pres Kennedy. But now they stand4 Uranium1, Benghazi,Drug &Human Trafficking,Abortion,Russia Hoax, Anti Constitution, Anti Free Speech, Anti Guns, & r the worst Cheaters &Traitors! I hope they all fall into a black hole!


  26. Donald Trump is a congenital IDIOT! … this kind of STUPID cannot be taught! … it is a gift from the spiritual realms, conveyed at birth, probably directly from SATAN! On top of that he is a draft-dodging COWARD!

    The issue is: The US Constitution is apparently full of phony and false clauses and amendments … like Donald Trump saying, the "phony Emoluments Clause" … next will be the totally false Second Amendment maybe?

  27. How did the US get to this point in the impeachment process? When this nation allowed the infestation of Trump into the WH. We have got to use better exterminators in the public electorate! And frankly, after all, this deplorable and filthy despot or a scoundrel had already done, it is even shameful that he was allowed to squat in the WH, but it underscores the darkness that lurks in the heart of this country before him! And I certainly thought that we were better than this but I guess I was wrong. I hope that this loud wake-up call has been enough to shake the rafters of this country that we need to desperately change the political landscape of this nation in both parties!

  28. The two democrats that aligned themselves with these rotten ass Republicans – signed their political death warrants!

  29. Since when did criminals, and witnesses to criminal activities, get to decide whether or not they testify? If any of these Trump minions refuse to appear in the House, throw them in the House jail until they comply!

  30. There is a right way and a wrong way to do everything. I've been scratching my head from the very start of these procedings wondering just what they are trying to accomplish. Impeachment is one of the most serious and sad dutys that our Congress has. Because it involves removing an official elected Nationwide by the people of the United States it must be done properly. These procedings have been anything but proper. First you have weeks of secret meetings behind closed doors instead of keeping the American People informed step by step. Then you have selective partisan leaking to the media of hearsay, half truths and speculation to inflame the masses. Then you deprive the accused of his Constitutional right to due process by not allowing his counsel to be present. What this boils down to is a massive waste of time and taxpayer dollars on a case that any Judge would laugh right out of court. Surely these members of Congress are intelligent enough to know this. This leads me to think one of two things. One, this is a smokescreen to cover up for their own swamp dealings. Two, a deliberate attempt to devide the American People. By following either of those two paths those said members of Congress are themselves guilty of Sedition and or High Treason.

  31. Pledge of Allegiance having been banned, it should be something the President should recite before he Addresses the United States.

  32. We got to this point by electing evil, greedy, devil worshipping, baby killing, lbgt supporting, anti American liberals.

  33. How did we get to impeachment?? Lol 😂
    Has CNN not been paying attention? This process started before the inauguration. Impeachment has always been the goal, everything else has been to come up with an excuse. CNN already has the identity of the whistleblower, they are hiding it because this same individual was also involved in starting the Trump/Russia Collusion hoax. I believe that the house will vote to impeach but not because they are protecting democracy, they will vote yes because they know it’s their only chance of winning the Whitehouse. It’s a very dangerous gamble, it could well guarantee a Trump win as well as losing the house. Go Nancy go, keep your faith in Schiff. 😂😂😂

  34. How did we get here? Well for starters the dems are desperate to save themselves from the illegal email server in Hillary's bedroom closet that they used to sell state secrets and pay for play for years, selling uranium to Russia w Mueller, and obama ILLEGALLY spying on TRUMP , which led to the FAKE Russian dossiers that Hillary paid for, and Biden withholding Ukraine's money if the prosecutor wasnt fired, which all led to this fake impeachment which leads us to TRUMP 2020 and all the dirty dems like hillary and obama, Comey Struzk page carter brennon the Ors, going to jail from AG BARR and Durhams report due this week. Oh boy. Lets go!

  35. The reason we're here is the same Democrats in both branches who ALL publicly said they believed Christine Ford on a proved partisan hack attempt – are the same Democrats who ALL publicly believed Jesse Smoliet's attack – are the same Democrats who ALL publicly said they believed Trump was a Russian spy even though in ALL THOSE CASES, it was "obviously" not true. Same thing going on right now. It's not true people. It's the Democrats in office trying to play you again. How many times do you have to be fooled before you get smarter?

  36. The only reason for impeachment is because Pelosi wants to turn America black, and she's mad at Trump for wanting to keep America white. The Sturm Abtilung change the rule for whistleblowers, and guess what happens, a whistleblower crawls out of the woodwork. Then a month later all kinds of shit starts floating around. It doesn't take Dick Tracey to smell a pile of shit, a snake and a dead fish.

  37. Seeing how the corrupted bureaucrats have a majority vote, it's easy to say how you got to this point! And i'm glad they did cause after the impeachment joke a lot of them will face criminal investigations and hopefully get removed. But more on that very soon….can't wait!
    Wonder what scam they will pull off after this one…

  38. I am shocked that the Democrats who did not receive 100% of their support do not feel ashamed of themselves for pushing a soviet era vote and inquiry.

  39. The impeachment will phizzle out by March 2020 @ a cost of $100 million to the poor people of USA . And then in November 2020 Trump will win by a Landslide.

  40. After 16 years voting democrat including 2016 I’m glad Democrats will never get a vote from me and my family. I voted for Hillary too we lost get over it it’s been 3 years.

  41. You guys are so mad at Trump but its us the voters that's gonna keep him in office. You better Impeach its your best bet of winning 2020 .

  42. A 2nd or 3rd hand whistleblower with the official complaint form being altered from only 1st hand account. IF of DNI stated that person is biased. Now we know the person worked for Biden, Brennan, Rice, & Obama. Another set up

  43. How long can Republicans tow a White House that has no line to throw out? They will turn on Trump the second its safe and then he is done.

  44. Lies, fake "whistle blowers", and corrupt political elites. Not to mention the Fake News being the enemy of the people.
    God bless America
    God bless President Trump
    Trump 2020 – See Clearly

  45. For 3 yrs….
    A COUP DE TA!!!
    Are the people so stupid to belive all this shit?
    Imagine the Billons spent …what could have been done with all that money
    the lawyers got??
    pelosi has lost it period.
    She`s suckin shiff off to block everything..??
    Shiff is one piece of work…he`s comey in disguise !!

  46. Lots of fraud by the Democrats who know they are going to lose big in the election.
    and that's why.

  47. Quite easily with the CURRUPTABLES Democrats And shifty Schiff And his failed Rail Roading Impeachment Enquiry Which is going nowhere like the Muller Report, now CNN stop all your Trump on the Brain Fake News, And Watch the real Truth News by Proffesionals At FOX News you might learn something, and save some of the very few viewers you have left

  48. Listen up Trump haters Democrat snowflakes. time to school you guys. Impeachment inquiry they don't have evidence they are looking for evidence. If they had evidence solid evidence they would skip all this and just vote on impeaching him right now. That is the difference they don't have evidence.

  49. Those of you that don't see how fake this is by the Democrats then I feel for you. Democrats will not get my vote this election.

  50. Oops… No longer in the secret basement… Cross-examining Obama and Biden is going to be fun. A Ukrainian prosecutor who disappeared… Giving away American intellectual property to China in return for contracting genius Biden jr…..

  51. Well what's taking you so long, DemonRats? Get rid of that U.S. resident Donald Trump, already. I thought politicians were about taking action? This is why the newer generation is starting to stay home, on November 5th.

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