How does a radio telescope work?

How does a radio telescope work?

(soft music) – Our radio telescopes
that we use for SETI, the observing systems that
we use at radio telescopes are not dissimilar from this radio. Now, if I turned on this radio,
all you would hear is static at most places on the radio dial. But at certain places on the radio dial, there’s music, or there’s talk radio. There’s a signal there. And a signal from an
extraterrestrial technology would look very much the same. It would have extra energy
or some kind of a signal at only one channel, at only
one channel on the radio dial. Luckily, we don’t have to tune
a dial with our instruments. Our instruments can actually
monitor billions of different radio frequencies, all at the
same time instantaneously. So if we see any radio station, if we see a signal that
pops up against the static, then we know that there’s
something interesting there. (“Love You Like A Love
Song” by Selena Gomez)

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  1. will it help advance the knowing of this knowledge : , , ?

  2. That was probably the worst and most incomplete explanation that I've ever heard. This can't even be classified as "for dummies" b/c this is less than. Do better! One minute I'll never get back!

  3. How much does it cost to build radio telescopes like the Allen Telescope Array? Seriously can't be cheap and difficult to find funding and donations

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