How Saudi News Media Is Spinning Khashoggi’s Disappearance | NYT News

How Saudi News Media Is Spinning Khashoggi’s Disappearance | NYT News

The disappearance of
Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi made international headlines. “The mystery deepens
tonight over the fate of Jamal Khashoggi. Did the Saudi royal family
have him murdered?” News outlets from Saudi Arabia
broadcast their own theories of what they say
really happened. Khashoggi is a former adviser
to senior Saudi officials. He moved to
the U.S. last year and has been working
as a columnist for The Washington Post. “We in Saudi Arabia had
about 10,000 royalties who were acting around us
like little kings.” He’s recently been critical
of the Saudi government. Turkish authorities say
Khashoggi was killed by a team of 15 men,
who arrived in Istanbul on private jets
from Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government has
denied any involvement. But here’s the story
Saudi media is telling: This segment says the team
of 15 men from Saudi Arabia were simply tourists,
not killers. In this segment,
the anchors applaud a tweet that implies the
Turkish media is spreading false information about
the jet allegedly used to fly the Saudi hitmen. The theory revolves around
a picture of the jet that the TV commentators
agree is suspicious. But the picture is actually
a generic stock image photographed at
least two years earlier. One popular theory is that
Qatar, a neighboring arrival of Saudi Arabia, is spreading
the narrative that the Saudi royal family had
Khashoggi killed. This theory is pervasive
in Saudi media. Al Riyadh, a prominent
pro-government daily newspaper, ran this op-ed on
its front page. This headline reads:
The Qatari media fails again in the Khashoggi
disappearance case. But what really happened to
Khashoggi remains a mystery.

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  1. Jamal is dead. He died in the consulate. Too many hackers can backdoor CCTV. He never left… On foot alive. In a car and pzs….

  2. 160

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    There is much anger in the world, disappointment and fear amongst My children. Tell them that these events are ignited by Satan and that further turmoil will erupt and intensify before The Warning.

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    Pray, My children, for all those who will suffer because of unrest in the world. For few countries will escape these outbursts of fury and destruction. This war of hatred will be seen within various countries and nations. Confusion, terror and sorrow will be felt by many.

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  3. Media controls the mass, and that's what will happen when Trump will support Saudi Arabia in a way to soften the scandal.
    Sheeps will follow.

  4. The Saudi official statement was first they had no idea what happened to Kashoggi (debunked by video evidence showing him entering the embassy but never leaving), then they flipped and said he snuck out the back door, and now, less than 24 hours after Trump tried to provide cover for them they say it was rogue elements that tortured and killed him, thus the Saudi's are echoing what Trump said. The Saudi's, with their actions here, their actions in Yemen, how they have treated other citizens, and so on, shows they are a terror-sponsoring nation.

  5. Prince MBS should be held accountable for assassination of Jamal killing in Cold blood, what the Saudi government is doing is wrong and everyone should expose them to the world

  6. It does not remain a mystery! what is wrong with u? it's clear like the sun. saudi royal mafia did this before many times. it's just the first time they got caught on audio and video doing it to a washington post contributor.

  7. What actually happened was he didn't really want to get married so he made a brilliant plan to go inside the saudi arabia consulate , commit suicide then afterwards rise up as a zombie then dismember himself as an ultimate escape plan/ plan to tarnish the totally innocent angels from saudi arabia.

  8. Khashoggi was NOT a US citizen … legally the US dose'nt have a foot to stand on … more media BS that we don't care about

  9. saudis have now admitted killing him in an interrogation gone wrong. who doesn't bring a bone saw to an interrogation? the lies just keep on coming!

  10. He was not a dissident, he wrote some very mild criticism, was close to Bin Laden, there are pictures of the them together.
    He was very pro Palestinian, except when writing in the US.
    Watch the Real News regarding Khasoghogi.

  11. Screw this terrorist sympathizer!

    His death isn't our (America's) concern, a non-citizen working for an anti-American leftist rag (Washington Post).

  12. Hubby and I are accomplished cooks. In our kitchen, we use a smaller version of a bone-saw..for butchering meat. So when I first heard the story about Mr. Khashoggi's 'unusual disappearance', I couldn't believe my ears…

  13. I'll translate Trumpspeak on the topic for you all:
    Here's a made-up story about rogue killers — report on this, otherwise you'll disrupt my business deals with the Saudis! #MakeTrumpRichAgain

  14. I think America will emerge as the biggest winner from all this. America will get Saudi Aramco listed on the NYSE. Saudi Aramco is now part of bargaining chip thanks to moron MBS!

  15. Lame. Anyone with half a brain can see what a lame attempt at obfuscation this is. Then again, it's not like they care.

  16. Look at the qatari owned media “aljazirah” what they tweet !! They just tweeted that the guy who killed kashuggi ordered to play soothing music while dismantling the body !! Really is this dixter or some kind of a tv show ?

  17. Saudi King & his son completely lost their mind…

    The killer MBS is at his final weeks or maybe days !

    R.I.P Jamal Khashoggi
    May god bless your soul…

  18. Pompeo flew to SA and helped plot the coverup. Yeah well wgo would Hack up a body with a Bonesaw during interrogations.

  19. He was far too opinionated instead of being an neutral reporter as he should be. Much like a referee in a match must not play favorites. He chose to take sides against his leader and this is a problem for the Saudis, as his propaganda could be dangerous. I trust governments vision over this man's vision, wouldn't you? Or would you rather disassemble the government and have Khashoggi make all of your decisions? Let Saudi Arabia deal with Saudi Arabia, not our place to tell them anything.

  20. Khashoggi's case in which oil is mixed with blood is today’s the real test of the values of the superpowers that have recognized the principles of universal human rights.

  21. Two days ago you posted a video questioning if Saudi denials were credible.
    I responded that a audio tape from the Turkish intelligence agency would clear things up.
    An hour later you pulled the video off the internet. ? ? ?
    Now you post an article stating that a audio tape from the Turkish intelligence would provide Grissly details ? ? What gives ? To political ?

  22. May be the US has bugged the embassy… and just may be someone who heard and know the tape want to expose the kind of Arab cruelty in place.

  23. I find it weird because the man who owns Al arabiya was arrested by the Saudi authorities in those November corruption raids

  24. If you cut an opposition journalist into many pieces, you will not get many new small opposition journalists, you will get just nothing. And nothing else.

  25. Trump does not want any sort of problems with MBS because firstly he wants to rip him off and gets the money (Military support), and second thing, he does not want a great leader to come who has his own decisions about oil production like king Faisal.

  26. Yes correct
    The Wahhabi monarchy
    He hates the United States and forces the people to enmity with America and to diminish respect for the Americans
    Those who oppose it are killed, hidden and other crimes
    The Wahhabi monarchy should be replaced as we did in Iraq and the rule of Saddam Hussein changed. It is time to move
    Did you know that the monarchy: Wahhabi:
    The people are forced not to buy American products and put high taxes on them
    It also forbids the people from entering and buying from American restaurants and even medical drugs: The American is banned from dealing with the Americans on the personal and commercial level is being killed, imprisoned, cut and hide
    Did you know that the monarchy: Wahhabi:
    Seeks a large-scale destruction of the American economy and distorting the American image and exploiting the power to achieve these goals in all available ways.
    "Beringham Palace and the White House" Declaration of the state of danger and the replacement of the monarchy: Wahhabism: before the situation worsens
    And made the "democratic Hijaz State" capital: Jeddah: constitutional monarchy as soon as possible.
    thank you

  27. …Khashoggi wasn't killed by Saudi Arabia he was Murdered by Israel ..and Turkey's Erdogan helped them! Don't believe it…then follow the Money..or actually follow the "Skullduggery" because all the Skullduggery in the Middle East is conceived and instigated by Israel.What did they have to gain by this Murder…Israel now has a tighter grip on the shaky and hapless Saudi Govt which gives them more access to Saudi Oil and Saudi Wealth.It's Israel's signature "Greedy War of Attrition" to Destroy all the Arab Middle East Countries and Dispossess them of their Political Power and any Wealth they might possess!

  28. Top down there bunch of spoiled brats that don't have to work for s*** because the oil come out of the ground

  29. One thing I find interesting is how the method of flying out a team to do the hit is very similar how the same was done for the team that did 9/11. It’s not speculation I just find similarity in tactics to be interesting.

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