How SNL’s parody compared with the real CNN LGBTQ 2020 town hall

How SNL’s parody compared with the real CNN LGBTQ 2020 town hall

-This town hall will discuss
the issues affecting our community — LGBTQ and straight girls
that make Pride about them. -I’m so excited to be here. I had some apple slices
backstage, and they are hitting me
like cocaine. Y’all know I’m not a lesbian, but all the ingredients
are there. -So, Senator, let’s say you were
on the campaign trail. -I have been. -And a supporter
approaches you — -How would you respond
if someone said to you, “I’m old-fashioned,
and my faith teaches me that marriage is between
one man and one woman”? -Look — I’m gonna assume
it’s a guy who said that. And I’m gonna say,
“Then just marry one woman. I’m cool with that.” -Sir, tell me your bus stop ’cause I want to know
where you get off. What else?
What else? If someone doesn’t want to serve
gay people at their small business, I bet that’s not
the only thing that’s small. And when people say gay
and trans people shouldn’t be included
in Civil Rights Act protections, well, I wish their parents
had used protection. -I was raised by a dad
who was — it was a real simple,
basic issue. I remember getting out of a car
when I was trying to be dropped off
at the local city hall to get a job
to be the only white employee in the east side of town
in the neighborhood, in the projects, as a lifeguard. And as I got out, there were
two guys in the corner in Rodney Square
they call it, which is the sort of
corporate capital of the world. It’s where the Chancery Court
and all of that is. And these two guys,
well-dressed — this is back in 196– [clicking tongue]
probably 1963. -I’m glad you asked
that question, and let me answer
by telling you a false memory. Now, the year was 19–
[clicking tongue] 26, and I was in downtown
Dover with my father. And we see two well-dressed men. -Kissed one another as I was
opening the door. And I hadn’t seen that before. -You know what I mean
by well-dressed, right? -One walked off
to the DuPont Building, one walked off to what used
to be called the Hercules Corporation. And I looked at my dad,
and he just looked at me and said, “It’s simple, honey. They love each other. It’s just basic. There’s nothing complicated
about it.” That’s how I was raised,
for real. -And I say, “What the huh?” And he said, “Baby,
they were born this way.” -How do you respond to those who say
you’re not gay in the right way? -You know, I’ve heard that,
but there’s no wrong way to be gay,
unless you’re Ellen this week. -During the game, they showed
a shot of George and me laughing together,
and so, people were upset. They thought, “Why is a gay
Hollywood liberal sitting next to a conservative
Republican president?” Didn’t even notice I’m holding
the brand-new iPhone 11. I’m friends with George Bush. In fact, I’m friends with a lot
of people who don’t share
the same beliefs that I have. We’re all different, and I think
that we’ve forgotten that that’s okay
that we’re all different. Just because I don’t agree
with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I’m not
gonna be friends with him. When I say,
“Be kind to one another,” I don’t mean only the people that think
the same way that you do. I mean, be kind to everyone. Doesn’t matter.

23 thoughts on “How SNL’s parody compared with the real CNN LGBTQ 2020 town hall

  1. SNL is genius, but more importantly hilarious, thanks for doing this, anyone offended by being portrayed by them has no sense of humor, I hear trump hates it, is way above his head. If you are not on SNL your a nobody. 😁

  2. Liberals and progressives socialist radicals are vindictive bigots, indoctrinating our school with hate and socialist ideas, indoctrination recruitments center for the left. The Republican Party is now the Trump Party for our nation because he unleashes the republicans and conservatives to fight back and fight back corruption in the government and not apologize because he wants transparence for this great nation. Trump is a patriot and he is willing to stand up for the American citizen of this great nation. As a patriot nation President Trump has won our ideology, because these politicians’ radicals, liberals socialist and progressives hate Christians, hate white people, they attack conventions rallies and chant “Dead to America” burned our flag, they hate America. President Trump 2020!!

  3. SNL should have had CNN anchors under the podiums blowing Cory Booker, Mayer Buttplug , Beto and castro …the four hom0s.

  4. Again, purposely making Joe look like a fool. Hope we don't all come to rue how the late night shows all support the radicals.

  5. Tepid and weak. They are kissing the asses of the LGBTs and the DNC. Also, you can tell they are going out if their way to be non offensive while virtue signaling at the same time. Good comedy would never be so desperate to protect the feelings of the audience. They should of went a little further, especially after the complete train wreck that was the real town hall. That was funnier than the skit and definitely could of been a parody if it wasnt reality.

  6. First off, Ellen is AWESOME and for people to attack her really shows where we are at with fake outrage and identity politics and the Left pushing the narrative that if someone doesn't agree with them or "steps out of their line", there will be hell to pay and you will be attacked!! I mean, Congresswoman said to attack, demean, encircle, yell at, and bully Republicans and their supporters out at dinner or wherever you see them. She did it on NATIONAL television so there's no denying it and that's what they not only think is ok, but if you were to return that behavior in kind, you'd be branded a racist or bigot or xenophobic, etc…. It's out of control!!!!!!! I have Gay friends and family members and they HATE the left and what they're doing to the community and other communities with their identity politics and rhetoric!!!!!! It's wrong and they play games with their rhetoric and false narratives. They don't understand how pissed off people are at them and that they can see what's happening!!!!!

  7. There is zero chance that story from Biden is true. His father was a wealthy man and his family was catholic. Do you really think Joe's Dad saw two dudes kissing each other in 1963 and said "they love each other?" No way. Americans couldn't even accept black Americans as equals back then. Gay tolerance did not exist in the early 60's.

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