How the disgustingly hilarious Rihanna memes began – BBC

How the disgustingly hilarious Rihanna memes began – BBC

Rihanna she owns She owns the Met Gala Oh yeah she’s the queen You were the host this year. Yes, I hosted it. oh, yes and the theme was heavenly bodies here you are in your lovely What is it on your head, because the Bishop said he lent you that Stole the hat Yeah, you stole the hat. She’s a thief Stole it The thing. I don’t know when you see these pictures of all these people do these amazing dress I was gonna think how did you get there? Because that’s not a car outfit She had the Batmobile Just go off wave With a wineglass Yeah where’s your glass? Don’t ask. How do you get there? Well one was a piece of cake compared to the yellow situation we’ve got the yellow, this is you in 2015 Look at that! Amazing! You’re not getting out of the car in that either? I did. No! How? I had to choreograph. I gotta stretch no more girls. I know better. okay I put the Garment- Omelette? yeah the Omlette , I put it in the car first and then you stop the Then you stopped dropped and rolled like into the rest into the car? Car then I had to put it on in the car, but she was eating when you got in no stop So you were straining when you got into the car? No. Okay I helped, I was.. The train actually had to come out first so that I was this many people?.. dragging it out. yeah did somebody help you? Six people Six people. Okay, and it was all choreographed. and were they in the car with you? I’m with a in the car with you. Yes. Yes. Yes Under the Omelette? I can’t lift that thing by myself, I swear How did you get up the stairs? There’s six people.. were there? Six people helped me up the stairs. So what what happens with it now? yeah, where is it now? Hey you were every breakfast to you I either keep them in archive or I have to send it back so now You would think you would think that people would just see this beautiful garment on the on the world wide web and you just admire it It kind of, doesn’t Rihanna look lovely. But of course they can’t they they do compare it, as you said to.. this omelette They also they also turned it into a pizza Perhaps most delicious of all against this beef slice

100 thoughts on “How the disgustingly hilarious Rihanna memes began – BBC

  1. I have to say: gaining weight didn't make her uglier at all.

    Her glowing skin, her presence, her sassy attitude, her self-confidence, her aura…

    Haters gonna hate BUT she will always be an outstandingly beautiful woman!

  2. Sarah is in love with Rihanna 🥰. Can’t keep her eyes off her. I’d be the same way too. But I’m in love with Sarah P. 🥰😍😌🤷🏾‍♀️ she’s beautiful

  3. Sandra bullock made a mistake trying to drink water in one of ocean's 8 interviews, she almost spit it out haha bcuz someone made a joke. All ocean's 8 interviews have been so funny and intertaining to watch, i normally never watch movie interviews.

  4. I'll never understand why Rihanna gets so much attention,I don't see anything special about her music.I don't dislike her but all I like is her makeup brand.


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  7. can anyone please tell me which blazer brand sarah is wearing? i want to buy it because it looks just stunning. thank you very much!

  8. Everyone has a crush on her…
    Try proving me wrong, look at sarahs face when shes talking, SHES DYING INSIDE TRYING NOT TO SAY SOMETHING STUPID

  9. To all those who are saying "while riri /rihana is speaking THE OTHER LADIES interrupt.. Its annoying etc" we'll hello there. First of all they all are good friends sharing a good bond. Second of all they are not simply "other ladies" they are too famous and successful. Its OK to be a riri fan but stop being annoying. Anyway I like rihana she is an inspiration

  10. Rihanna’s yellow dress was completely lined with real fox fur. Rihanna supports animals to be killed and skinned for clothing. Please watch on u tube raccoon dogs skinned alive in China for clothing. Please educate yourself about the disgusting fur trade. Then please don’t support celebrities that support and advertise the horrific fur trade.

  11. everyone is asking why they keep interrupting her, if you look at any other interviews with the cast you will notice the Cate and Sarah are "interrupters", they get so excited that continuously talk. Watch the Hoda interview with just Sarah and Cate, she could not handle them at all, at one point they were just sitting on each others laps. It was wild and they are just excitable people which is the opposite of Rihanna who is more chill.

  12. Please shut up and wait your turn. Let the beautiful black talented girl with amazing skin talk. Sheesh.

  13. Ya'll are saying "they keep talking over her" lmao all I see a group of people helping their friend explain something bc they couldn't get the words out themselves 😂

  14. Stop hating on the other girls for relating to rihanna's story. Rihanna is quiet, they are loud and most of all, they are all women chatting on a couch, sitting 5 cms away from each other. They were chatting like girlfriends…

  15. They’re so exited that it’s Rihana that’s why they keep asking and interrupt her explaining so I can’t say they’re annoying cuz I’d do the same

  16. I ahte that when someoine try all the time to finish your sentences, this is sooooooooooooo boring

  17. I think that rihanna isn't someone to rush her words, so every time she pauses the others clamour to help her respond rather than letting her say what she wants to say. Especially here, with so many people, we're all familiar with talking fast and abruptly so you can be heard over the group and not missed. I've been watching a few interviews and it seems like she is super calm about conversations, which contradicts how a lot of interviews work. Gotta get the most information in that 5-10 minutes timeslot, yknow?

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