How The World Is Reacting To Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

How The World Is Reacting To Hong Kong Protests | NBC News Now

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  1. HK must continue the monentumnto fight for their freedom. if they give up, they will loose everything . The police can stop 100 protesters, but they can not stop 1 millions. The entire HK populations of 8 millions should be on the street to fight for their freedom. The world are watching and supporting HK.

  2. The title: How The World Is Reacting To Hong Kong Protests

    The content: Only talks about how the U.S. react

    Fake news confirmed

  3. We support you, Hong Kong people! Please continue your blockade of the airport. Please stand strong!

  4. HK police must be given the authority to shot to defend themselves. Otherwise they're being fried and seen as weaklings and not restraint.
    How can police control safety if they cannot even defend themselves and even their police station are being attack with petrolbombs and they are still fighting back with rubbish bullets. Is this a joke? How safe is HK with such useless enforcement officer without power. Even with 2 millions police is useless if such restraint policy remains.
    Looking at the HK police is a Shame to all other countries enforcement unit. The authorities should empower them to enable them to do their duty.

  5. Supporting the independence of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The Malvinas Islands belongs to Argentina, Jersey and Guernsey belongs to France and Gibraltar belongs to Spain.

  6. You want to know how the World is reacting to HK protesters? Why don't you interview those people (I am sure you will find many Americans) who are currently forced to stay at HK airport and cannot go home or even go out because the protesters do not let them.

  7. Look, these thugs kept beating a man, even when he is already on a stretcher to the hospital, using American flag. I guess that is what American flag stands for: THUGS AND VIOLENCE

  8. Is assaulting and beating innocent civilians who don’t agree with them part of democracy and freedom?

  9. Lol the western media is doing such a great job fooling the internet by showing ONE SIDE OF THE PICTURE. HK please think again. You're smart people.
    Blessing from the US

  10. Yeah but if you were in Trump's position, you'd want to be DAMNED CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY… because you could inadvertently start WW3…

  11. Break the chains China! Take back your country! Don't let your oppressors get away with it any further! Who if not you can decide!!!!

  12. The video was not comprehensive at all. He only photographed the police arresting the mob, but did not take pictures of the mob attacking the police and the mob attacking tourists and civilians.

  13. Gordon Chan what nonsense are you talking about? FYI, if such a thing were to happen in a U.S. airport.the U.S. Government, the so call leader of the free world would have send in 4,000 U.S. Army, Marine to quell the civil disorder as they did during the 1993 L.A. unrest. see this link "President Bush deployed 4,000 Army and Marine troops in the effort to end two days of urban anarchy."
    The Washington Post see this link The HK protest is more like I quote: "the brutality of a mob, pure and simple." He said he would "use whatever force necessary" to restore order. that what President Bush said during the 1993 L.A. anarchy relating to Rodney King. China & HK government have been very restrained in their actions so far. It has been the protesters blocking the freedom of the rest. This I like to bring to the attention of the general public.

  14. 洋人:let the chinese fight the chinese, we just sit back and relax, spread some news then grab some popcorns and sit tight. watch it like train to busan.
    香港人:police use violent, we use violent back, because it's china fault!
    中国人: 。。。。。(无语) speechless

  15. Hong Kong people have spoken that they refuse the thuggish regime, China should take a No for an answer and move on.

  16. While the CCP controls 100% of the news inside 🇨🇳China, it sends thousands of trolls, the so called 50 Cent Army, here to exercise their freedom of speech 😂

    Their task is to MANIPULATE public opinion to the CCP propagandas.
    They praise China at all cost,  click Like China on all issues. On the other hands,  they belittle anyone else and try to muddy obvious facts.

    Some commenters don't even know English but still make comments by using online Chinese-English translators.  As a result, some comments look awkward and have dumb meaning. 😣

  17. how about showing the footage of that innocent man got tied up, humuliated and beaten up till unconscious, and that chinese reporter got bashed alsmost to death by those "protesters", it's a witchhunt, it's a riot, it's a shame,
    oh wait, this is NBC, nevermind.

  18. US support a damage to China. CIA planned and supported those protests and violence. US know what they are doing and is just making lies here

  19. They were Not pro-democracy protestors, and they were terrorists. I saw innocent Chinese reporter was kidnapped and beaten at HK airport by those rioters yesterday. For God sake, those rioters must be stopped and punished❗️

  20. 香港属于中国,香港是中国的一部分!
    Hong Kong belongs to China and Hong Kong is a part of China!

  21. shame of Hong Kong!Some Hong Kong people do not wanna be dignified and imposing the Chinese ,they wanna keep going be dogs of UK people!

  22. protests hurt innocent travellers in airport and do not allow nurses to resuce the victims. it is not democracy it is terrorism that aims to splitting the country, causing panic by violent

  23. It's weird how the western media appear to portray HK police and government as people who use violence on the protesters, but as if their own government don't use violence on their own people? USA hello?

  24. One side opinion news, nowadays the media and news is becoming more like a weapon, losing justice and faith. What a shame on you.

  25. Why Nbc news won't show the protesters waving American flags and singing American anthem? Since in every Democrat run American City, they would be attacked and called a "Nazi".

  26. The US Army M320 Grenade Launcher is in the protesters' hand. There is no denying that the US is the black hand behind HK's chaos.

  27. 狗近平! 你不要忘记天安门事件。这一年再要发生一摸一样的。你得紧张了。韩国人支持香港人。香港加油! Free Hong Kong!

  28. Boy NBC you’re so out of touch one is really happening in Hong Kong. May be you should learn how to speak cantonese or mandarin

  29. The Tiananmen Square protests were student-led demonstrations calling for democracy, free speech and a free press in China. They were halted in a bloody crackdown, known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre, by the Chinese government on June 4 and 5, 1989.

    Pro-democracy protesters, mostly students, initially marched through Beijing to Tiananmen Square following the death of Hu Yaobang. Hu, a former Communist Party leader, had worked to introduce democratic reform in China. In mourning Hu, the students called for a more open, democratic government. Eventually thousands of people joined the students in Tiananmen Square, with the protest’s numbers increasing to the tens of thousands by mid-May.

    READ MORE: Communism Timeline

    At issue was a frustration with the limits on political freedom in the country—given its one-party form of government, with the Communist Party holding sway—and ongoing economic troubles. Although China’s government had instituted a number of reforms in the 1980s that established a limited form of capitalism in the country, the poor and working-class Chinese still faced significant challenges, including lack of jobs and increased poverty.

    The students also argued that China’s educational system did not adequately prepare them for an economic system with elements of free-market capitalism.

    Some leaders within China’s government were sympathetic to the protesters’ cause, while others saw them as a political threat.

    Martial Law Declared

    On May 13, a number of the student protesters initiated a hunger strike, which inspired other similar strikes and protests across China. As the movement grew, the Chinese government became increasingly uncomfortable with the protests, particularly as they disrupted a visit by Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union on May 15.

    A welcome ceremony for Gorbachev originally scheduled for Tiananmen Square was instead held at the airport, although otherwise his visit passed without incident. Even so, feeling the demonstrations needed to be curtailed, the Chinese government declared martial law on May 20 and 250,000 troops entered Beijing.

    By the end of May more than one million protesters had gathered in Tiananmen Square. They held daily marches and vigils, and images of the events were transmitted by media organizations to audiences in the United States and Europe.

    Tiananmen Square Massacre

    While the initial presence of the military failed to quell the protests, the Chinese authorities decided to increase their aggression. At 1 a.m. on June 4, Chinese soldiers and police stormed Tiananmen Square, firing live rounds into the crowd.

    Although thousands of protesters simply tried to escape, others fought back, stoning the attacking troops and setting fire to military vehicles. Reporters and Western diplomats there that day estimated that hundreds to thousands of protesters were killed in the Tiananmen Square Massacre, and as many as 10,000 were arrested.

    Leaders worldwide, including Gorbachev, condemned the military action and, less than a month later, the United States Congress voted to impose economic sanctions against China, citing human rights violations.

  30. Go Hong Kong. I'm very proud of you. You actually stand up for freedom not like those spineless citizens in mainland China.

  31. Joshua banana 🍌 wrong has a big deal with US to start a spring in China for a regime change, and make him emperor of Hong Kong forever.

  32. So China has only the army as the only answer: seen from here it seems so un-civilized and anything but wise.

  33. Just because america buy tons of CRAP 'Made in Hong Kong. doesn't mean we need to fight a war with China.

  34. One side opinion news, nowadays the media and news is becoming more like a weapon, losing justice and faith. What a shame on you.

  35. If you don't understand the HK protesters, just go visit any city of Mainland China. Straight up savages and animals living there.

  36. Mainland China's people are brain washed by propaganda injected from Beijing! You people in the mainland forget to easily of the massacre at Tiananmen Square.

    Mainland China's goverment is so corrupt, they don't care about the people of mainland Chinia or Hong Kong, they only want "Power" to control the common rights all people should have.

    Hong Kong today, and mainland China in the future will be suppressed by this corrupt power hungry goverment , unless the people stand up to them. Don't blame the western counties, remember your bothers and sisters that gave up their lives in Tiananmen !

  37. No American political rep. should talk about repression, censorship or the imprisonment of millions – especially Mitt Romney. These are two-faced politicians, especially in the light of slavery, racism, terrorism upon American citizens by American citizens – practices that have been going on for CENTURIES. American politicians need to "clean their own house" first before criticizing other countries.

  38. Why the western media do this to China? This is not true, the protesters are doing terrible thing to the police and innocent journalists. If this happens in us or uk, how do the government gonna do about it. They r not peaceful protesters.

  39. ect08: "Yeah another U.S media bias 1-sided story telling news or fffffffake nnnnnews" /////
    you are Correct in your observation…..Pretending to report the News…..Chosen SELECTIVE NEWS & OPINION : TO PUSH THAT
    TO ONE POLITICAL STAND. The guy "Gordon" is NOT chinese, but acts on behalf of some CIA-linked outfit based in the U.S.

  40. This is what a totalitarian government looks like. Beware the world this is what they want for all of us. Make no mistake it will be your turn soon. The people singing the US anthem are bought and paid for to create trouble. You only think you are free because you can't see the bars.

  41. I THINK THE PROtesters should be more violent and LESS respectful. The guy in here advocating the opposite wants NOTHING to happen. That's proven to be an unrealistic position, to put it mildly. My position is IF YOU ARE willing to fight to get results, and hitting with an umbrella isn't making a dent, it's time to pick up a million 2X4s. And you keep picking up a scarier weapon, until you really have the bad guy's attention. And never stop until you're standing and the other guy isn't. Or quit now and go home.

  42. This seems like history in the making. From what seems evident in all this civil war, most intelligent casual observers and professional analysts seem to think that an armed army assault could destroy the China's economy, as Asia and the west would join forces and isolate China from global trade of any significance and then there will be riots at home as people loose their jobs. Hong Kong is like the Berlin wall on steroids. The mainland , beyond utter destruction of Hong Kong ( if that floats their boat, all be it in alignment with tyrannical communist dictatorial thinking – i.e. crush the enemy within ) , now being in a no win situation, especially long term. If they do nothing they are doomed long term as it becomes a victory for democracy and if they invade Hong Kong, they are doomed long term, as it damages their international reputation. I don't think the rest of the world would forgive China if they invade Hong Kong with armed forces and Taiwan would be game over in terms of the west's relationship with China. They are damned and doomed either way. Taiwan will become more vocal as they could be next in line. Again the mainland tyrannical forces would be damned if they do and damned if they don't. It seems like the beginning of a new cultural revolution. Those cultural revolution seeds were sown in Hong Kong decades ago via British colonization. The British forefathers must have had great futuristic vision and foreseen this situation well long before the secession of Hong Kong to the mainland. Some might see that as a masterstroke of the British Empire. That seems to be the only logical way to read this situation. Truly astonishing. Truly amazing. It will surely go down in history books and form great legends of the past, for future generations.

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