How to Become a Radio Announcer : Voice Technique for Radio Announcers

How to Become a Radio Announcer : Voice Technique for Radio Announcers

Hi, there. This is Eddie Matthews on behalf
of Expert Village. A few tips for announcers trying to get a career in radio. In this segment,
we’re going to talk about sincerity and voice technique. Because this is one thing that
you cannot fake at all. Sincerity is one thing that you have to have it or you don’t. You
can smile; you can do these little things that really enhance how you’re going to sound.
Especially to the listeners. It’s one thing, when we’re sharing a medium like television
right now, but when you’re communicating with someone on the radio, they’re listening to
you. You may be talking to a whole lot of people, but it’s one at a time. And you’ve
got to have that sincerity. The way that you address the client, you’ve got to know your
audience. And with mic technique as well. We all want to have that big, bassy voice,
but you’re stuck with what you’re blessed with. You can use different mics that may
enhance and try to add a bit more bass to your voice. But once again, listeners don’t
really care too much about that. They want to hear someone that they feel comfortable
listening to. Someone that has that sincerity, that friendly voice, someone that they can
listen to. Because they have that friendship, they have that bond with you. They’re going
to listen to you for a long time. You’ve got to have that sincerity. Sincerity works, and
that’ll keep you going for years to come.

41 thoughts on “How to Become a Radio Announcer : Voice Technique for Radio Announcers

  1. Good video right on the spot

    I am a radio announcer , and what I think is that you have to have what it takes in you. Nou course will teach you certain things, certain personality an charisma and other talents are within you.

  2. Hello Ryan, I have heard the same thing. You have encouraged me to do the same, and do my best at making a demo. Well, you have a new friend if you want one. My name is Kevin. Good luck, and I will be sincere with my opinion, as I would hope you would do for me.


  3. Just giving you a heads up, I have worked in radio for 10 years. Have a back up plan. Broadcasting is NOT a stable medium to work in. Many MANY many broadcasters are out of work right now doing something they hate. Many more have moved onto something that pays better.

  4. Yeah at are we have the Wey Vally Radio and when are class went for a look around the guy said when i tested it that i had a good radio vocie but i stutter when im talking too 🙁

  5. for the BS advice they dish out….have u ever viewed one of thier tech vids…?????…surprised thier advice on the tech vids has not killed someone yet.
    As for radio voices.Ted Williams is the real deal

  6. @casualthug07 Wow, seriously dude! just becuase you saw a homeless guy with a great voice doesnt mean everyone out there should have a voice like that! wake up.

  7. II have a very good radio voice, im currently 16 and working at ESPN 1430 radio station, maybe youll hear me somtime. =D

  8. I really liked it. Pity it is just a few videos.Q: Do you believe your tips could be used in any part of the World for radio announcers?

  9. @casualthug07 I don't think he's trying, dude. He's just giving tips. He's not using his radio voice.

  10. I worked in radio announcing in Denver and Colorado Springs. It's not a money job and now it's a dead career to have. Sad thing, but true.

  11. Nice advice and delivery Eddie Mathews. Surprising how many people want to attack something. Probably not satisfied with their own life and want to scapegoat hoping they'll feel bigger. But it won't work, only eventually reap what they sow. Cheers.
    Check out Beautiful music. Visionary Radio. God bless.

  12. I agree with you about the 'You can't fake it'. Emotion is one of things, some people just sound fake, even if there voice would make James Earl Jones jealous.

    I have listened to hundreds of audio books, and Jeremy Irons is the best narrator I have ever heard. Maybe it is the slight 'British' accent, but he just sounds sincere in everything I have listened to.

    The thing that helped me the most is to just slow down. I find if I slow down, my brain doesn't try and fill in silence with 'Um, and so's and 'continuation' words. When I get excited and talk fast is when I have to do a lot of audio editing.

    And since you read past the 'Read More', the you can't fake it reminds me of Max Hardcore. He used to always say about porn stars 'They can't fake anal'.

  13. What they can do to make radio announcement better is not to hire people with that bad nasal smokers voice. A lot of women have that on news radio here in NY. The other big problems are the women that talk with that vocal fry. It does not sound intelligent or professional, but more like a frog got stuck in their throat and they were sucking on helium. It was never like that years ago. What is with this big trend these days???

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