How to Promote Your YouTube Channel with Social Media

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel with Social Media

So how do you use social media to promote
your YouTube channel and should you have a different account from
your personal account to do that? we are going to talk about that and more coming up hey whats up guys Sean here Benji here and
this is video influencers where we help you build your influence your income
and your impact with online video today’s question comes from Andrea Hi Benji
and Sean this is Andrea from SweetPaisleys World thanks so much for your tips they’ve helped
me to grow my channel from 5 subscribers to 94 my question from you guys is how do I effectively
use social media to promote my channel should I use my personal facebook
or Instagram or should I create special pages for my channel and that alone Great question and
I love the energy we are gonna actually break this down to two parts Yeah absolutely the
first part we heard it was just how you promote your YouTube channel in social media and I
think that one thing that you could do is really focus on one or two platforms and we want
to give a couple of examples and so the first would be Facebook and one of the best things to do
right now to promote your YouTube channel would be to upload native videos and specifically
we just posted an interview with a youtuber and that was a long interview it was really long I think
almost 30 minutes but we took like a funny moment a shareable moment in this case where I was
beat boxing and he is free style rapping pick time from my wicked rhymes look at the
times shared that on Facebook natively and then put a little call
to action in the end to the YouTube channel and one of the tips
is Facebook will actually not promote your post though completely barely
let anybody see it if you include links outside of Facebook in
the post because they want to keep people in that world so we didn’t
post any links to it just like brought some awareness with
this kinda funny more shareable tip of content and then anybody
that wanted to go see on YouTube could then go check that
out so that’s like a practical niche strategy
of something that we did to promote our YouTube channel with an
external social media account yeah and an additional strategy you
can use for platforms like twitter and Instagram is utilize the
hashtags now specially when you are first starting off you need to go
and find the audience they might not be finding you on YouTube yet
so use twitter use Instagram post up your imagines or post and utilize
all the hashtags that are relevant to your type of content because people are using
those hashtags that find that type of content on those respective platforms
and you can do a call to action back to your channel yeah and you actually
have an example you where helping somebody up that’s in the fitness
niche and what’s specifically was one of .. I’m actually helping my cousin right
now build out her fitness modeling Instagram account so I was telling her to
find all the relevant hashtags and find the ones that might not be used as much
and make sure you are using those because if people are searching for something
using a certain hashtag and a lot of people aren’t using it then you
are going to have a competitive edge early on to be able to get that traffic the
second answer to your question is about using your personal account to promote
what ever you are doing I definitely think you should be creating
a separate account something that represents your brand or your channel or whatever
you are doing because you never know where your YouTube channel
is gonna go and it’s really good to keep those separate but one tip I would
have is to utilize your personal Facebook or your personal account to be able
to promote the one page that you start Yes so an example there is that
if you are taking your YouTube channel seriously and any influencers watching you
definitely should secure all the propertys for your channel but one of the examples is
like we have a video influencers Instagram we have’t started using it yet but we wanted
to secure that property so we’ve got a big vision for the channel so secure those
but we use our personal now so the answer is kinda like both so if you want to get like
really tactical or strategic if you create a facebook fan page like on video influencers you can
do a post about your video and your content and then actually share that in your personal
page kinda cross promoting but as far as using your personal absolutely and one
demonstration I like to give it’s is kinda like network marketing and like if you do network marketing
you don’t have like this big audience yet you are not speaking on like a big stage yet
they say hey family and friends is where this is going to start if you have some protein
powder or some mary kay I mean it starts with your inner circle so absolutely use your personal
but potentially have a strategy to a bigger vision for expanding to another accounts in
the future Question of the day Influencers what would be your tips for promoting your
YouTube channel with social media let us know in the comments below and remember
some of the best tips and conversation happens from the video influencer community
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out with us search examples and so one was like athletic
althetic pleasure athlepleasure no is not athleisure athleisure being athletic
and leisure athle and pleasure I don’t know if that really goes hand and hand really at leisure

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