I Can’t Stop Falling Asleep | Living Differently

I Can’t Stop Falling Asleep | Living Differently

I mean, there are days
that I do give up, and those days make me super sad. I call my mum crying, like, I don’t want to do anything
apart from sleep. Narcolepsy has changed
my whole life. Excessive daytime sleepiness is what
I think it defines as. They say that people with narcolepsy
feel like if a normal person was not to sleep for 48 hours and
then just be put in a working day. That’s how I feel every single day. If, four years ago, you were
to put me in this position now, and tell me,
“By the way, in four years, “you’ll have to sleep
eight times a day, “you won’t really be able
to sit down for lunch, dinner “or breakfast without
falling asleep,” I’d be like, “There’s no point in
living. I don’t want to live.” The narcolepsy has changed my life. I don’t really go out and socialise
that much in the evening. I get very paranoid or, I suppose, I get very panicky
if friends invite me out, because I want to go and I want to
go and experience that sort of stuff with them, but I’m so scared
that I’m going to fall asleep. I can’t get an office job. I wanted to do interior design
at university – I couldn’t even finish school. I can’t even sit and have a meal
without struggling. I’ve had boyfriends
I’m out for dinner with, and I always start doing
something weird, and he really was like,
“What the hell are you doing?!” It made me feel so small. I’ve had boyfriends in the past
actually who have broken up with me because of it. I would say Maikel is one-of-a-kind in the way that he deals
with what I’ve got. I first met Annabelle when I was
on a skiing holiday in 2014. We went out for some pizza
that evening with a big group, and came home and then,
my brother Nick said, “Did you notice that blonde girl
just falling asleep all the time?” and we were like,
“Oh, she must have been so wasted. “Jesus, that’s weird!” The day after, I saw her
in the apres ski bar again, and I was like,
“How drunk were you last night? “You just kept falling asleep.” And then she was like,
“Well, actually, “that’s not just the alcohol.” And then, when you said that you’d
googled it and it was like, such all bad videos and
everything, and then I just said, “Just get to know me, and trust me,
it’s not like that.” I remember one time we were in Paris
and people were just staring, kind of you were some circus act.
Yeah. That was one moment where I was
really close to stepping in. So, when Belle is drifting
into an episode, I can kind of notice that
straightaway, because one moment we’re talking
about something and she’s quite lively,
and then the other moment, she’s just kind of gone, and she’ll
be talking about a completely new subject and doesn’t really
know what she’s saying. We used to watch films together,
and sometimes a series, but it’s not really fun, because… ..you know, she’s just asleep
most of the time. So now, I never watch a series
with her any more. If she doesn’t have this sleep,
she’ll stay, she’ll keep fighting and fighting
and fighting, but she won’t snap out of it,
so it’s good for her to, yeah, to be safe and have a sleep. I think she’s always quite shocked
when she wakes up. She’s like… She just wakes up, and, “How long was I gone for?”
is always the first question. What time do you guys need to go? SHE MUMBLES What time do you guys need to go? Mikey, what’s the time? It’s 4:05. What time do you want to go? At 20 past. I need to get changed. Nice little power nap! How long did I sleep for? Er, ten. Oh. Nice. I needed just that little… And just ten minutes,
then just back. Back now! So, I’m just packing my stuff now.
I’m actually going back to the UK. But I’m really excited,
I’m going to see my mum. Oh, wow! VOICEOVER: I discovered I had
narcolepsy when I was 17. I said to my mum,
“I sleep really well at night “and I’m still falling asleep in the
day. Can I go to the doctor’s?” This one, I look like, um, a genie. I remember, we were like,
“What is narcolepsy?” I remember you saying,
“Is there a cure?” And the doctor was like, “It will
only ever actually just get worse.” At school, there were a few people
in lessons that would tap each other, they would film me, my friends have drawn on my face,
like, countless times. Actually,
the teachers were the worst, because the amount of times
they’d be like, “Belle, what were you doing
last night? “Belle, maybe don’t go out so late.” A teacher threw a pen
at me once, they were like, “Don’t fall asleep in my class!
Am I that boring?” So, that’s actually why
I left school. My biggest concern
was leaving you alone – are you going to fall asleep in
a sort of dangerous situation? Yeah, because I fell asleep one time
when you were in France, and I had that really bad hallucination, and I
called you, crying my eyes out. The biggest scare
is the hallucinations. Thinking that there’s somebody
stood outside her bedroom, somebody coming in her bedroom,
somebody holding her down, and when you’re not there,
it’s very scary, because, is there somebody actually
in the house? Is there somebody going into
her bedroom? Because she really does believe
that there is somebody there. Everyone worries
about their children, it’s quite a natural thing. Less so now, because Maikel is
an absolute huge support. When I’m in the gym and I’m doing
running or high-intensity stuff, that’s when I feel the most amazing, and I thought,
“I want to be a personal trainer.” Hey, Belle. Hey. OK, let’s go! Make sure you stretch
when you get to the top. Six, five, four, three… After I’ve done an exercise class,
I literally feel – it might sound
a little bit cliched – but I just feel on top of the world, and I think that’s because I know
the extreme other end. I understand that
some people are like, “Yeah, you feel good
after exercise.” But I’m like, “You don’t
understand HOW great I feel.” After I’ve done a class, instead of
driving straight home, I normally just come in here
and take a quick nap. And these are really convenient –
I don’t actually know what they’re used for, exercise wise,
but I use them as a pillow. And then, I grab one of
these blankets. I suppose they knew I was coming
when they built the gym! It may be only, like,
10 or 15 minutes, but everyone here completely
understands and knows and they’re like, “Belle’s in
the yoga room, sleeping,” and it’s completely normal. I don’t think I could have got
to where I am today without my mum and Maikel. I think those two are the two
that really stand out. I will do everything I can to
overcome every aspect that hits me of narcolepsy, because I’ve got it,
but it doesn’t have me.

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  1. Is there not a medication to help her stay awake ? I mean I know there are many stimulants that could keep her awake unless those don’t affect her ?

  2. I have problems staying awake but not enough to be considered narcolepsy. I cannot imagine living life with more of a struggle to stay awake. She is a strong woman to be pushing herself forward despite it all.

  3. I am 27 and 2 years ago was diagnosed with Narcolepsy. There is a cure that i am actually into. Nobody knows nor the doctors if that pill i should take it forever or i will be able to stop it one day. I donw know if you are having also that therapie with modafinil.

  4. Hi – I feel your pain. I to have excessive daytime sleepiness and am on medication for it. I have a prescription for 3 200 mg Modafinil pills per day(one pill is good for about 15 hours) Two in the morning and one in the afternoon. I also have a moderate to severe case of sleep apnea.
    I have discovered that more and more people are having issues staying awake and slowly progressing to the state excessive daytime sleepiness.
    Knowing what I know now – I think – based on numerous online resources and written literature – we are the victims of our technological success.
    Think about this
    1. Do you keep your cellphone charging on your nightstand?
    2. Is your WiFi left on all night?
    3. Do you have a cordless telephone on your nightstand?
    4. Do you have an alarm clock plugged into your outlet on your nightstand?
    5. Is your home circuit breaker box on the other side of the wall?
    6. Do you have a smart meter that the power company installed – that not only transmits your usage data but also serves as a repeater for the house before you and then down the line?
    7. Is your TV cable provider using your cable box as a hotspot – allowing other people to have WiFi access using your cable box.
    8. Do you have a smart tv in your bedroom within 10 feet of your bed?

    All these things and more (baby monitors, electric blankets……) prevent you from getting the recuperative sleep your brain needs. All these things create “Dirty Electricity” and “Electromagnetic Fields.”
    This may not cure you but might help with your symptoms – unplug everything, turn off your cellphone or place it another room, replace the alarm clock with a battery operated one, unplug the WiFi when not in use, turn off the circuit breaker for lights and outlets for your bedroom, reverse your head on the bed or pull your bed 2 feet away from the wall.

    Try this for 30 days. Reducing the impact of Dirty Electricity and EMF may or may not help you. It has helped me – I am down to on average 1.5 pills per day.
    These recommendations apply to everyone. The slow cumulative affect of all these add up and affect some people a lot more than others. Great YouTube resource Dr. Devra Davis, Dr Samuel Milhelm, TedX video by Jerome Johnson -“Wireless Wakeup Call”. AND if you have kids – if all these things aren’t bad enough – they are bombarded by WiFi 100 times stronger at their schools.
    Read about the state of Maryland, USA and their WiFi ban. “No WiFi allowed in new schools” , “WiFi at existing schools must be reduced, laptops and tablets must be on a wooden desk and not on laps.”
    Unfortunately, all this has a profound effect on kids developing brains, some may be non verbal or are too young to express their condition or discomfort and have mild to severe behavior issues.
    Oftentimes – these behavioral issues start to get worse at about 6 to 7 years old. Hmmmm – at school – again – hypersensitive from all you baby monitors, WiFi, Dirty Electricity at home and then the schools WiFi that is probably 100 times stronger than at home and if there are 20 kids working on tablets or wireless laptops boom – overload. More and more kids are being diagnosed with Autism or the Spectrum about that age.
    Well, let’s pop them with pills, let’s treat the symptom and fail to establish the cause.
    Easy test. Take a transistor radio and tune in on AM station far left frequency (near 560) or far right (around 1600) to a spot where you hear nothing but white noise. Walk around your house along your walls with the radio at waist high. If the volume becomes higher In certain spots – that shows emf or Dirty Electricity hotspots that affect your health and your family’s health.
    Tune in the same AM station in your vehicles and you’ll hear the very same thing. Unfortunately, you will discover that it gets much louder as you are driving past a school. Also, if you have your kids in the car and you discover hotspots as you are driving down the road – take a quick glance at your kids. See if they show discomfort or are affected while in that electro-smog. Pick a different route. If while approaching the school the white noises flares up and you notice their demeanor change – your child is hypersensitive.
    Another good YouTube resource – Dr Hagas, Canadian doctor.
    The slow cumulative affect of all these things are causing sleep disorders, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes (Dr Hagas “oxidative effects of EMF leading to Diabetes 3”)
    As you can see this is a very complex disorder that has profound effects on our health. We can treat it with pills to keep us awake but we will never get better without looking for the cause. Another good book -“Toxic Electricity” by Steven Magee (Amazon). He has made many discoveries because he lived through nightmare of electro-smog. He discovered people’s personalities changed through years of exposure – making people mean who were once so very nice.
    I wish you the best of luck.

  5. Tbh if shes upfront about it, it's not really a problem…I'd be happy for my girlfriend to fall asleep during a film,the crap she talks…ffs

  6. There’s no point in her wearing makeup cuz every time she fall asleep, she’s gonna have to wipe it off :/

  7. Having narcolepsy gets harder specially when you go to high school. I can't stay awake in most classes because of narcolepsy though as she said i only and only need 10 minutes to sleep and then i get energetic and become awake like the other students again…

  8. Beautiful woman…… the halluciantions sound like night terrors.. I've had that.. it's almost like you can feel a presence in the room, sometimes even see a shadow of someone, but you are kind of asleep/awake… quite freaky

  9. My mom has narcolepsy its very difficult to deal with because i can never spend time with her like movies and board games or even sitting down and talking

  10. I've had this since age 3 from a tonsillitis infection. It completely destroyed my human life. Hopefully, my spiritual life is better!! My mom had this in her adult life from laryngitis.

  11. I wish i could sleep even for an hour like any human without pills , i cried so much cuz i wasn't able to sleep but seeing her suffering from sleeping too much made me realize that sometimes we wish something is like a curse to someone else :'(

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