I lost my three sons to suicide – BBC Stories

I lost my three sons to suicide  – BBC Stories

This family is just destroyed. The question: “Why?”
will always be in my head. It’s horrendous to think that there might actually be people
who die because our strategy is not implemented. What was life like growing up with your children? Very busy. It was a very busy and noisy household. Three boys, two girls, not much between them in age. I feel creative when I come into the garden. I love watching the growth and thinking there is life, there’s life in plants and nurturing them. I’m beginning to feel like Prince Charles here talking to the plants. Have you been to where your sons are buried? When Niall first died I was up every week.
Flowers, fussing about. Kieran died, twice I went up. Stephen died,
the day of his burial that was it. I haven’t been up and that was a year ago, because I can’t
go up because I’m scared of falling apart and breaking. Because I just feel like digging them out. Saying: “You should be here, you should be here with
me, you should be here.” It’s hard. It really is hard, you know. Stephen in his last few weeks before he died,
he kept saying to me his mind was broken. It was hell, because he never got much sleep.
He paced them floors at night-time. I never got much sleep with him, because you’re
constantly aware of him walking them floors. We’ve been to mental health, begged them,
begged them to offer help and I felt as if they didn’t listen. They asked him: “If they got him somewhere would he go?”
Yes, he would go in somewhere. I said: “Right, that’s okay.” “Well you’re going to have to wait until Monday.
There’s nothing we can do until Monday.” I just got up, I just walked like that, and I went: “That’s fine.” And I just turned and I came back to the doctor
and I went like that with my finger: “We haven’t got until Monday. Just remember them
words. You’re not giving me much help here.” We could look at the economic climate in Northern
Ireland. We’re only just seeing the effects of austerity and we know that when there’s economic stressors on a
population we see an increase in the suicides there. We have some marginalised groups in Northern
Ireland such as our LGBT community here who have really high rates of mental health problems
and suicidal behaviour. The legacy of the Troubles has had its impact
on the mental health of the population here and that’s still being felt in Northern Ireland, and we through our research at
Ulster University have shown that exposure to traumatic events relating to the Troubles
is likely to increase your risk of suicidal behaviour. We discovered that 39% of the Northern Ireland population
had witnessed a trauma that would be related to the Troubles and that was really, really high. The concern is that the effects of those
traumas that their parents had witnessed is now affecting the next generation
of young people in Northern Ireland. To me it was just a statistic, that’s
what Stephen was, a statistic. They didn’t realise he was a much
loved son, brother, uncle, father and we wanted to hold onto him and keep
him precious because his two brothers died. He was the only son, my only
surviving son left in this family, and they didn’t care. They really didn’t. He was helpless at the end, helpless,
and that’s what angered me because I wouldn’t want anybody
going through what we went through and I would do anything in my power I could to stop and something needs to be put
in place to help people like that. To lose someone by suicide, it’s just dreadful and I just honestly can’t explain
to you the pain of that. My young son Philip had died in 2003, and I had no idea what the signs were of
depression or if someone was feeling suicidal. People isolating themselves away,
not wanting to be involved with anything. Even down to if they’re not looking
after their own personal care. Sometimes you can see people and they’re
smiling and laughing and everything’s okay and then you’ll get that dreaded phone call the next day.
It’s just a shock. Where did that come from? These people had families, had children, they had jobs,
all of a sudden they’re gone now, and why? You know it’s hard for a grown man and a guy who gives
a persona that he’s such a strong person on the outside to say that he’s weak on the inside. That’s the
way he looks at it, I wouldn’t say he’s weak. With the proper help and the proper
counselling, the proper support you actually feel stronger. For years we were very silent about the Troubles. ARCHIVE: The first bomb was in an auctioneer’s showroom in Great Victoria Street. Minutes later, another bomb went off nearby. We’re asking people to talk about their mental health,
we’re asking people to talk about the Troubles. This is a very big ask in a society that has
remained silent, and fearfully silent, for so long. Growing up in the Troubles was pretty intense and you can see, personally because I
grew up in the Troubles myself, why coming out the other end of that, there
would be certain issues that people could have. You were sitting in the house, you’re a young man, and this is if you’re a Catholic or
a Protestant it doesn’t matter and a car pulled up to your house, you’d be
jumping up out of your bed or off your sofa looking out the blinds to see who it was.
Your door would be barricaded every night. There are more people now who have
died by suicide than died in the conflict. That’s unbelievable. So we can’t give up. They who shout the loudest is often heard and I think I should have shouted a bit more in
all honesty, but I was so tired and weak. I think that’s why I took all the classes up, to give
me strength, keep myself going to do things. It keep me active and keeps my mind
off things, and I enjoy creating things. It’s a great class, and it’s a wee hub
as you see, all the girls here and it takes things off your mind and it gets you out
of the house instead of staring at the four walls. Ooh! I told you she’s a quiet person. It makes me feel like I’m a person.
This is me, this is what I like to do. You know, I can be of some use to the world. It’s really, really disheartening to think that we
have the strategy that people commented on, went to a lot of trouble to develop, and it’s sitting on a shelf and we can’t deliver on it because we
don’t have an executive in Stormont. The policy changes that are required and
expenditure changes that are required to deliver all of the new techniques, the new activities, we can’t actually do that. It takes people and families like myself,
where we have to put our grieving on hold to campaign to have this strategy released. When we look at Scotland a number of years
ago had rates that were higher than ours. They had a strategy, they implemented
it and the rates did go down. I don’t think there’s much being done to be honest with you. I don’t think they’re doing enough,
I think there should be more money put in. There should be more people trained up. We are the highest suicide throughout the United Kingdom and that’s what I can’t grasp. Is why? What? What?

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  1. If you or someone you know has been affected by the issues in this film, then organisations that may be able to help can be found here http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/4WLs5NlwrySXJR2n8Snszdg/emotional-distress-information-and-support

  2. Poor woman. This is to much ! My God , so much respect for this mother . This strong woman deserves now good things, much love . What can I say

  3. I don't think the weather helps TBH. I get super depressed when it's cloudy out. OBVIOUSLY there are more serious contributors but being SO high might have something to do with the lack of sun and vit d. Just wondering, don't @ me

  4. People Don’t Want to Kill Themselves They Just Don’t Know How to Kill the Pain!!!!!!!!!

    Every Thunderstorm Runs Out of Rain!!!!!!

  5. i believe that LBGT causes a lot of the male suicides too. Ruining mens' lives over false accusations etc.

  6. There is a WORLDWIDE mental health crisis. I truly believe that a number of our worlds most pressing issues have mental health issues at the root. It’s so stigmatized still, it is difficult to ask for help, find good help, and afford the care they need. Then you have the treatment itself which can be lifelong, and arduous. It’s absolutely unacceptable. Our mental health needs to be accommodated just as our physical health. They are undeniably interconnected too. We have come really far as a world community, but in this regard we are stuck in the dark ages.

  7. There should be suicide acceptance. Many people feel that they aren't understood. I am one of them. People shouldn't be forced to live

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  9. I’m from a crap hole town in the north of England I work six days a week I’m 24 living at home with no savings. I hate the thought of doing this to my mum, I’m an only child. I just can’t deal with this dull pointless life. I don’t think people in my social class get happy endings, I can’t stand the thought of been in my 40s and still living on the same council estate I was born on.

  10. Do not fall for satans lies! Do not kill yourself! Jesus Christ loves you! IF you seek Him you WILL find Him. You think by killing yourself you will be escaping earthy sorrows, but in reality m, the moment you die, you will descend into hell which is a place of torment and anguish for ETERNITY! Repent of your sins and follow Jesus Christ! Submit to Christ Jesus and His will and be healed!

  11. My life sucks so I understand being sad at times but sometimes I cry for no apparent reason, I just have the wave of sadness wash over me so I cry till I come to my sense and stop. As a kid a child from my school died and I being a 6th grader was balling my eyes out because she was 6 years old and killed in q crash. The school called my parents saying they were worried I was crying (I was not the only one). My mom told them she wasnt worried because I had more compassion than most. Which is true, and at times I absolutely hate it because it just adds to my never ending sad. I want to be normal and be able to have compassion but not let it eat away at me for the next two years. But I cant and that's what in chasingafter. I dont want to care as much as I do.

  12. wtf sucide is getting out of hand and no body still cares and still not much support for it in uk !!! also for crappy austisum sorry I have it 😑😑😑💪

  13. I cant believe that Youtube put up a warning on this video that I had to click on to just watch this story…unbelievable condescending hypocrites

  14. Do you know what happens to children when they are raised on lies and illusions and don't conform ?

    Since the invention of television and liarsvision suicide rates skyrocket because some children can't handle all the lies and illusions.

    They don't see the psychogical warfare on children….

    They see psychogical warfare as entertainment…

    I can easily tell you what the prolonged exposure to lies and illusions to children who are obsessed with truth ..

    They are opposite the pathelogical liars,…

    Some Children actually figure out a life of desception….

    Some children see the lies and illusions for what they are doing….

    And nobody believes them ..
    Nobody protects the children from the crowns psychogical warfare…

    Television and 24 hours of Liarsvision….

    How many lies and illusions must a child endure till they become fools or liars or Psychopaths?
    Or just burn out….

    England crown of desception ruling in lies and illusions like a twisted wizard of Oz…

    The crown said rule them in lies and illusions with liarsvision on television…

    Raising children on lies and illusions and never question media's….

    How about that….

  15. Kind a weird three boys are dead and left with two girls she have are still alive, that is unusual to be all the brothers instead of one, but the sisters I was glad they never had suicides.

  16. 6:06 – " Sometimes you can see people and they`re smiling and laughing and everything is okay and you`ll get that dreaded phone call the next day.It`s just a shock. Where did that come from " ? – it`s called a – smiling depression ! The fact that a person is smiling, doesn`t mean shit ! It doesn`t mean that everything is okay ! On the contrary, it means that the person is going through pain and suffering, in other words – through hell, but at the same time is doing his best to conceal his pain from others, by wearing a " smiling mask".

  17. Suicide: from frying pan to fire.

    Nothing disqualifies anyone from the love of God.

    Finding God helps find meaning, purpose, hope, acceptance, love, eternity, human value, human dignity, equality, God-given talents, family values, health, rest, peace, joy, compassion.

    Prevents suicides.

    Sin is pre-existing in all. Sin pre-dates The Bible. The Bible explains origins of sin. The Bible provides remedy for pre-existing sin, through Jesus Christ death and resurrection. The Bible is best selling book in the world for this reason.

    In The Bible we know Who made the world, who marred it, who ransacked it, and Who restored it.

    God created universe, natural laws, made man, gave talents, instructed man to explore and multiply. We are made good with good purpose. We are good. Then sin entered and we fallen. Disease, despair, death entered. Sin plays spoilsport.

    Sin is the opium.

    Media, Police, Defense, Judiciary, Penitentiary, Security, Contracts, confirm sin exists.

    Jesus Christ came from heaven (first Christmas), died on The Cross (first Good Friday), and resurrected (on The Third Day, also linked to Easter). To save us from pre-existing sin, and hell. For free.

    Religion says "Do". Jesus Christ says "Done".

    Heaven is holy, sin cannot enter. Jesus Christ made entry to heaven easy and free.

    Hell is where sin is quarantined.

    Unable to find any motive for Jesus Christ to die on The Cross and resurrect – except His love to save us from pre-existing sin, and hell. For free.

    It is a lie to say that we are not loved. God loves us unconditionally. He died willingly on The Cross and resurrected, to save us from pre-existing sin and hell.

    The God who died for us, is for us. Not against us.

    Jesus Christ forgave who crucified Him, and today forgives all even who ridicule Him. Has authority to forgive sins.

    Following God's morals have health, psychological and economic benefits, to individuals, families and nations. Provides equilibrium. Following rules helps.

    Believe, repent of sins in Jesus Christ and be saved. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

    There is more to life.

    (My journey to life. After testing every 'ism', after swallowing pride and egos.)

  18. 3 suggests an innate predisposed inclination
    This brings up the whole free will argument, you can't
    Choose your path if you are given a sick mind
    Like a Peter dinklage cant choose to be a professional basketball player, same thing!

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