Ice Cream Lickers Could Do Hard Time

Ice Cream Lickers Could Do Hard Time

>>People throughout the country are getting
caught licking tubs of ice cream and then placing it back on the shelves. And they could be facing some serious lengthy
prison sentences as a result of doing this. Now, this story came up involving a young
girl in Texas. She’s under age, so her identity hasn’t been
revealed. But there has been footage, which has been
viewed more than 11 million times, showing this girl running her tongue across the ice
cream. Then laughing as she places the violated dessert
back in the freezer at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas. So we’re gonna show you the video real quick,
okay? And then we’re gonna discuss what the penalty
should be.>>From Travis.>>Man, if you lick it, lick it, you foul,
put it back, put it back, put it back, put it back. You-
>>Aah!>>You’re a-
>>Okay, I’m so amused that the guy in the background was like, put it back, put it back.>>No, earlier, her boyfriend was encouraging
her and apparently was yelling, lick it, lick it. But I originally misread it, and I thought
he was going, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, lick. And I was like, well, does he watch TYT?>>Put it back, put it back.>>Tick, tick, tick, tick, okay, yes.>>Now here’s the issue, though, all right,
seems like it was just a prank, it was gross, you shouldn’t do it. But before police knew the girl’s identity,
they said that she could face a second-degree felony charge of tampering with a consumer
product. Which comes with a 2 to 20-year prison term
and up to $10,000 in fines. And that’s according to the Texas state penal
code.>>So a couple of reasons for this, so this
sounds extreme. She’s not really gonna get 20 years, okay,
but she might get a lengthy sentence.>>She’s a minor, so that’s why there was
that caveat of, before police knew the girl’s identity. So as a minor, she will be treated as a juvenile
and probably will not face 20 years in prison.>>But her boyfriend’s also in trouble, even
though he didn’t do it, they’re like, well, he encouraged her.>>Put it back, put it back.>>Lick it, lick it, lick it, put it back,
put it back, put it back.>>And he’s an adult.>>Yeah, and he’s an adult, so etc., so why,
I mean, if you licked a person, you’d probably get less jail time. Why is it set that way, for two reasons, one
is historical. Back in the day, people messed with Tylenol,
and that created a panic in the country, and so that was a real danger. So now, the second reason is because messing
with people’s money, especially corporate money, is a much bigger offense than messing
with actual human beings. So now Blue Bell’s gonna have issues selling
their ice cream. So they’re gonna bring the full weight of
the law on you, and you’re gonna get ice creamed, if you will. Okay, one of the worst-
>>Creamed is a very uncomfortable word, I just don’t-
>>Well, that’s true, that’s true.>>I don’t like to hear creamed, but-
>>I thought you were gonna say it was an uncomfortable joke, which is also true.>>Yeah, that is true.>>Yeah, and look, last week we presented
a story to you all about how a judge in New Jersey did not want to prosecute a 16-year-old
rapist. I mean, he filmed himself raping someone.>>And then he said that it was rape in the
explanation of the video.>>Yeah, in the video, he referred to what
he was doing as rape. Now, the judge didn’t wanna prosecute him
as an adult. Which, look, is a separate debate, I’ve talked
about that before, I think it’s a legitimate debate. But he didn’t wanna go after this rapist too
aggressively because he came from a good family. So you have this insane justice system where
literal rapists get the benefit of the doubt. And then you have a young person doing something
stupid, I’ll admit. Possibly facing 20 years in prison for licking
a tub of ice cream and putting it back on the shelf, come on.>>Okay, now I wanna get back to the fun part,
so that’s the depressing irony of the situation.>>I know, I apologize.>>Okay, now, but why, guys, why, people are
dying to be famous. So cops are looking for the person who licked
it initially, right? And a whole bunch of people raise their hand
and goes, it was me, it was me. And then there’s a woman who has a very similar
name and also has an account, and says, yeah, I really did that. You can call it the Flu Bell ice cream now
cuz I was a little sick last week. Repost yourself doing this, let’s see if we
can start an epidemic, literally. And the cops come, they’re like, I guess this
is it. This is the person, they’re gonna go in 2
to 20 years, and she’s like, I was just playing, why, why did you do that?>>And there were others, there were others
who tried to take credit for this. But then, eventually, the cops were able to
find the right person who actually committed this crime. Now, look, it’s gross, it’s gross, don’t do
that, come on, I mean, it’s ice cream, everyone should be able to enjoy it. It’s one of the few pleasures left in life,
you’re gonna rob us of that? So I do believe that it is a bit of a crime
but not worth 20 years, or even any time behind bars. Maybe community service, maybe you’ve gotta
churn some fresh ice cream for the masses, I don’t know.>>I don’t know.>>We’ll just sentence you to hard time of
churning ice cream. Okay, see how that turns out for you, churning
point USA.>>By the way-
>>That was good.>>Why, thank you, working for Turning Point
USA would be hard time. And then you learn how to live like a capitalist.>>Okay, apparently my jokes got better throughout
the segment. Okay, so by the way-
>>My God.>>Now people are doing copycat lickings,
correct?>>Yeah.>>And so there’s now, in Louisiana, a guy,
a 36-year-old, cuz we’re all dying to get famous, right? So a 36-year-old said, yeah, I can lick ice
cream better than you. And going to work on it, and he doesn’t know
the kinda trouble that he’s in. But now the cops are after all these guys,
and even people who didn’t do it are like, please arrest me cuz I wanna be famous.>>I know it’s crazy, it’s crazy, by the way,
a man in Louisiana did get arrested. But then he was like, look, I know I licked
it and it looked like I put it back on the shelf, but I actually bought it. And there was video evidence that he actually
bought the ice cream, he didn’t put it back on the shelf. He’s a black man in Louisiana, got arrested
anyway.>>Okay, but I liked that he had a conscience,
he’s like, yeah, I’m gonna get involved in this. I’m gonna get famous, I lick it, I put it
back, and he’s like, it doesn’t feel right, I’m gonna go buy it.>>Yeah, he’s a good guy, he’s a good guy.>>All right.>>But don’t do the videos either.

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  2. the problem is, that this law "tampering with food" might be applied here while its intention wasnt to prosecute a simple lick. i suspect this law was implemented against people poisoning food and blackmailing companies… am i right?
    why isnt the ice cream cup sealed by the way? too expensive?

  3. simple punishment: have her work at the icecream factory till she earns the equivalent of what it cost to create the amount of spoiled icecream from the time it the milk leaves the cow, its shipped to the factory, made into icecream, shipped to the store and stocked on the shelf. She would then have a proper appreciation for what she destroyed.

  4. Many people have a compromised immune system…this is not just gross..ask anyone with leukemia if they think this is just gross..or life threatening

  5. my little cousin suffers from a serious health condition and if that girl had really had the flu and my cousin had eat it, she'd be dead or very close to it in a hospital.. she'd need to be rushed to Cincinnati OH because that's the only place with the specialists for her condition.. we all have to sanitize our hands and our house when she visits she has no use of her arms and is as of this week barely able to breath.. my cousin doesn't deserve to have to take a risk like that because she one day wants ice cream.. these people might have only been playing but they can at times put others lives at risk at the least they should be in jail for a year or 2 at the least.. and the other guy is not a nice guy he might have bought it later but he was making the video inciting others to want to do the same that's wrong.. we need more Health Protections in this country not less..

  6. I have always wondered why ice cream containers don't have a plastic seal under the lid. It's like the only product, that people consume that is not protected from tampering

  7. The girl looks Black. Is this why she was suddenly threatened with 20 years more than if she had been white, or " after they found out who she was ". Well it is Texas, the Racist "cowboy" state,.. I guess putting women or Girls in jail for life is how its done,. especially Black young women,. It IS Texas you know,..

  8. So you can be a corrupt government official, or a corrupt greedy immoral ceo, a gluttonous pharmaceutical company, a murderer, a pedophile and get a slap on the hand, but if you lick icecream (gross) you can get 20 years!!! So much for America being a moral compass.

  9. Blue Belle should put plastic covers bon their ice cream. The first time I had Blue Belle I put it back because I thought it had already been opened.

  10. A minor tampering with ice cream by licking it – potentially 2 to 20 years in prison. Tampering with a minor by licking her – nothing to see here.

  11. This is overkill. Ice cream lickers should be fined but that's it. I guess those private prisons want more inmates.

  12. The human mouth is the most bacteria filled orifice of body. A human is more dangerous than an animal bite regarding infection. Nuff said.

  13. What about the germs she left for someone else to eat? What if someone with weak immune system gets ILL??? its a gross thing and she should be punished. Its not just about money or product, its about the people who will consume it.

  14. She's 14 and the boyfriend is an adult? I think he's got more problems than product tampering, which is gross and should be a crime. Who knows what diseases those two are sharing for fun.

  15. Stop defending what that idiot did. Someone bought that icecream after the moron put her saliva on it,stop defending and comparing with other situations it makes no sense at all. She should stay behind bars and she should pay a hefty fine and so should do that moron "lick it lick it put it back".

  16. In Anas socialist utopia everyone can lick anything they want in a grocery store an there will be no consequences

  17. meanwhile it has been ruled that having sex with people and not telling them you have AIDS is not a crime

  18. This sh*t isn't funny. This has nothing to do with messing with corporate money, you communist ret*rds. It's potentially hazzardous to lick food and put it back on the shelf. That little b*tch should get punished, no doubt. And anyone else who also participates in this crap.

  19. Wow they should have just stoled the ice cream instead, that would have been a lesser charge. In some states you might have got 2 weeks in jail for stealing food.

  20. This is one of the first times I’ve disagreed with TYT, if you’re going to lick ice cream and put it back I want you to rot for 20+ years, stupid bitch

  21. So the potential prison time for this offense, if the perpetrator was an adult, would be longer than what Jeffrey Epstein served for the crimes he committed? Makes sense.

  22. Ana doesn't like the word 'creamed', lol. You know her mind is always in the gutter. She has to know Cenk's dad joke sense of humor by now.

  23. Take they ass to jail and let them lick on Big Betsy and Big Earl since they wana be nasty and funny…take em take em. People are so damn dumb these days.

  24. Accountability regardless of her age. She should know better. Her parents must be proud. Thats so Disgusting…. ugh..

  25. Ppl who are on immune suppressants or immune compromised could DIE from this " prank"! Glad TYT seem to think it's so funny and not a big deal.

  26. She should be forced to pay for the damaged goods and then barred from the store till she's legally an adult.

  27. Hours of food safety videos?
    Including a tour of a company to show how products are made safely and rules followed to be sure we are all safe when we buy food.

  28. Ok, I'm probably going to catch all kinds of sh– for saying this, but these goofy kids did the companies and the public a favor. Why on earth, in this day and age, are there any cartons of any food WITHOUT SAFETY SEALS??????? If the company is too cheap to provide a safety seal, then don't buy the product. And, if the product has a safety seal that has been tampered with, don't buy the product.

  29. She should be hard time for this – look at it this way if a person does not tell their sex partners they have AIDS They HAVE past on micros that can KILL not just that one person but all they have sex with and anyone the has contact with their blood. Would you use her toothbrush??? NO – so why the hell would you want something she has used. It is as if she has done this to how every buys the ice cream. How would you like to give it to your baby and then you baby need to go to hospital because of some reaction to what ever this lady has. Babies can and so die from a kiss.

    So hell yes – she should be jailed for this, and anyone that does anything like this, it is like putting needles in strawberries.

  30. Because of retards like these two everything is sealed nowadays… They should spend 2 weeks doing community work.

  31. Why is this ice cream not in containers with sealed lids. In UK they have an inner transparent lid that has to be torn off. The solution is so simple.

  32. I found out my friend was ejaculating into the gelato at his place of work. I believe he should do jail time.

  33. There's a racist, gay, mexican guy called Larz on instagram who ate the icecream with his bare hands and then put it back in the fridge. He did it multiple times. He should get arrested too.

  34. I disagree with him, it's not messing with the companies money! They're messing with the health of others. What if they had a disease? I have a compromised immune system. They deserve the full arm of the law.

  35. these are spoiled and inconsiderate millennial pieces of shit . hope they get to do time and take it in the ass, start using and ruin their lives

  36. There nothing funny about this. Mainly unknown nothing about tr he girl. And hate to disappoint u slavia can carry infectious devices and the cold can keep the contagion alive. Nope this ain't just messing with people's money it messing with people's health.

  37. So she's a minor who is licking ice cream and encouraged by her adult boyfriend. Does anybody see a bigger problem with this than Ice Cream leaking?

  38. Sorry, Ana, it's really not funny. Lots of things can be spread through body fluids, even saliva. People with compromised immune systems could die. Play stupid games, get stupid prizes. Yeah, of course the rapists should get aggressively prosecuted, but we all know how quickly social media pranks spread like wildfire. How long before people up the ante and put other fluids into unsealed foods???

  39. These people who tamper with products should be prosecuted. But they should not be sent to prison, that's ridiculous. Have them pay some fines and get them on probation, and hopefully they learn a lesson.

  40. They didn't mention that she was spreading germs. With a bad enough diagnosis that girl could infect people.

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