“If he’s asking me to sleep with him, I will” – BBC Africa Eye

“If he’s asking me to sleep with him, I will” – BBC Africa Eye

I’m Grace. I’m a singer. I’m 24 turning 25 next year. I’m a musician I’m a dancer and I’m an actress. I want to become famous
and have a good life like being a Beyoncé – Vera Sidika. Even if she changed her skin colour
and did some plastic surgeries. I need to be a star. I need to be a celebrity. It’s my dream. My dad was a hustler. My mum she’s a hustler too. They tried their best to give us just what we needed. Dancing it’s the only thing I have that I
can do to earn money with my talent. Since I started dancing I can say that I’ve been making
30,000 Kenyan shillings [£230] a month. Before that I could even make, like,
only 10,000 Kenyan shillings [£77]. Or even less. It was really difficult for me. Dancing is my talent. But not dancing in clubs. I could be dancing in my videos. Working hard is doing anything as long as you’re earning money, you’re taking care of your responsibilities. I got pregnant when I was 19. She’s turning five next year, January. I just have to put her as my first priority. Write cat. Good girl! I want to be able to give her
everything that she wants. I love you. I want to take her to a good school. A school where she is going
to study without stress. I love you loads. I have a male friend. I call him and tell him “I want to pay for my house and
I only have money for shopping. I don’t have money for rent.
Can you help me?” He could give me like 5,000
Kenyan shillings [£38]. At times maybe 7,000 or 10,000. But the kind of sponsor that I need is someone that’s going to help me big time. They’re going to change my life. Having that one person, that’s better than selling your body
standing somewhere in the street. To me personally, I prefer the sponsor thing. I long for us to be
together, me and you ’til the end of time. This is where I do my recordings and this is where I’m going to
do my first single song – Tik Tok. I want you to be my guy. My biggest problem is the finance. To do good music could even cost me 100,000
Kenyan shillings [£750]. I’m looking for someone who is going to pay for my audio, pay for my video, support me with my house
rent and everything. That’s what I’m looking for. So I was thinking I should
go outside to Coast and look for one. I’ll be going to clubs. Buy the first drink and then maybe
someone sees you and they like you and then they offer to buy you more drinks. That’s how most girls like me do. At Coast there are many
white men with cash. Even black men with cash. I was thinking I would go
there and get support. Mombasa
Day 1 There’s no one here! The first day, we were really bored. The more there are many people,
the more it’s an advantage to me because at least I’ll get someone
who’ll tell me, “Let me buy you a drink.” But there’s nobody here. You know this area. You should’ve
suggested a better club for us to go to. – The best partying spots in Mombasa
are in Bamburi and Mtwapa. After asking some questions, now I have information on
where I should go tomorrow. I will get someone. Bamburi
Day 2 We went to Bamburi the second night. It was not that good because I entered and I was, like, “Oh my God, all these
ladies are wearing short dresses, and I came with a long dress, will anybody even notice me?” My competition. I don’t know if today’s
going to be my lucky day. Maybe if I stayed a little more, I could’ve… gotten lucky. It wasn’t a success. I think I had the wrong expectation of Coast. Many friends of mine tell me
that “Coast is a nice place, you’ll find many sponsors, you’ll find many good guys who are
willing to stand with you, support you.” I am still considering
going back to Mombasa. Maybe this time it failed but next time, no. I’m sure it won’t fail. I’m only looking for that sponsor
because I need a future for my music. If my dad or my mum had
that cash and they helped me, I wouldn’t even be looking for a sponsor. But because this is Kenya, they say, “You give me, I give you… you do me, I do you.” What matters the most is my baby’s future. I don’t want her to go
through what I went through. I don’t want her to depend on sponsors. I want her to depend on me. That’s why I have to look for support. If I don’t make sacrifices
then I won’t rise up. If I get someone who is willing to help me, if he’s asking me to sleep with him, I will.

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  1. BBC could you next time show us all the druggies on your streets 😂😂will be highly appreciated

  2. Am watching this in May 2019 and I don't know her……….why go through so much just to become famous??

  3. I feel pity for the super slut. Arican men should be ashamed of the country and continent they have created. One big shit hole where a womans dream is to open her legs for some money.

  4. "After asking, now I know where to go". Ya, that place is called "AIDS INN". your sponsors should be YESHUA & YAHWEH. They sponsor free of charge woman.

  5. Every race culture creed HV this type why highlight her to solicit herself…..? Wtf….never sub this rubbish

  6. There is nothin sexy about a selfish woman..still haven't mentioned what she plans to contribute…she certainly expects a lot for a bit of pleasure that can be had anywhere

  7. I wanna bust in a African chick and bail forever, just to have the satisfaction of knowing there is a half black mini me running around somewhere.

  8. Can we all just say shes a Beautiful woman/ spirit and leave it at that. Why should this video emphasize on her sexuality it sorta downgrades her

  9. Stop morning because the more viewers watch BBC AFRICA chanel the more the channel get promoted. So the best thing is to boycott the channel and they'll nothing to report.

  10. go and look for work ……start something useful and then save some money stop depending on people …..

  11. She's a brave woman who's trying to change her life and her babies

    Fuck BBC she ain't trying to get money by sleeping with guys she's a hard worker. Why do you guys give her a bad name on the title of the video

  12. As a YouTuber and Kenyan life coach based in the USA I have helped many young women find a different path using education in the USA and on full scholarship. There are other ways to hustle…

  13. Delusions of grendure fueled by chronic stupidity as a result of abusing substances.this is prostution.

  14. …Whatever, you Goddamn Fucking Degenerate, Deranged, and Dysfunctional African Black Bitch… you are nothing more than a Nappy Headed Hoe…

  15. Britain is severely allergic to Igbo people of Biafra and never does anything to see them in positive ways nor does Britain openly condemn what their favorite Nigeria citizens are going to the rest of the Country.
    Shame on you, evil empire.

  16. Dreamer hopeful of fame and money putting none of the effort. She wants others to pay for her own lab experiment, she takes literally ANYONE'S money in exchange for sex. She's no artist, she's a ho. Some how BBC thinks this is wholesome and quality television. Later BBC promotes equality by taking from others to handout for hoes. This is the true equality agenda.

  17. You Have a Voice Can Sing and you can Dance why not Use that to Make Money…instead of looking for someone to Pay your rent…..For How Looong …

  18. Why should we blacks who was sold into slaver by these fuckin Africans,,,and build this western world,why should we give it all up n go back to Africa????when them Africans can't get themselves together?

  19. Really BBC?! There’s much more to Africa that could me showed and you choose to degrade the perception of a whole group of people. You’re about to lose a sponsor.

  20. She needs to stop being a hoe and looking for a man who supports her. Her full support should be God he is able to open any door for her

  21. I HATE it that BBC Africa has decided to dwell on Such stories. Remember the one abt night runners in nyanza that turned out to be fake

  22. She needs to step her game up and WHOLE BIGGLY LOT! #Polish (Not that I condone this lifestyle, but anything worth doing is worth doing well)

  23. Minha amiga,ou nossa amiga he he he sem stress,olha procuro uma girll que nao tenha filhos,pois eu também nao os tenho,e espero que gostes de viajar,pois vivo em Portugal,e como quero fazer familia,sem estar a sustentar,os filhos de outro-em.Que se tiveres vontade de vir a Portugal,e casar,constituir família,vai ao meu f.b. e deixa uma foto tua,e teu nome de f.b. para que possa-mos ter uma ideia a respeito ok ? Pois essa sena de sugar babes,temos por aqui uma concorrência saudável,ate breve,milhas musas dos cifrões,coisa que nao tenho só amor,o mais nobre dos sentimentos ,e ao qual todos atribuem valores,triste,muito triste,dessa forma deixo,meu nome de f.b. Rui Nogueira,ou dreamy,Grande Bem Haja todas/os,Deus esteja com nos-quo respt.. Dreamy R. N.

  24. There are white girls who are exactly like this on in London and the BBC does not tell their stories!

  25. Poor African girl, focus on your integrity not dirty money. Seek you first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you.

  26. BBC what you are covering here is real and is happening in our society but we would please publish stories of young people adding value to the society.

  27. been watching so many stories on you tube,please please BBC you can do better other than focusing on the irrelevant stories that cant attract are not educative to the youth,you should focus on the young entrepreneurs and bring about hope and encourage foreign investors to come and work with the local entrepreneurs help African nations by feeding positive vibes.#Someoneetllbbc

  28. How indignified. Education means more. Donate to my fundraiser. All proceedings got o Streetchild, an international charity that works to support and educate vulnerable children around the world. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/victoria-tarawally1?fbclid=IwAR3ax9UVnX9Dun3C7Fr6Z1DmGu8N466iAihTW7ZM9BJV-DcSa7WR9rNLvj8&utm_id=121

  29. I dont know why i love every thing about Kenya so much i will check my DNA May be i have some % of Kenya ,i will visit kenya for Safri in February 2020 God bless Kenya

  30. So BBC just needs to plaster her faults out there for the world to see! U guys r not doing it for a good cause. Sorry to say but When the west go out there throwing their naked bodies for the whole world to see they just get praises! Very sad indeed. There r 2sides of a coin! Let's b considerate.

  31. At least whatever she was paid for this episode will go a long way to cover expenses. Looking on the bright side…..

  32. It's sad that you target the sad individuals that can't change a community and surpass individuals that truly make a difference in the society. Why do u shade Africa in such a bad way

  33. This men still wants ready made chicks, show up looking dope,go to expensive places but expensive liquor,meet them half way


  35. I wonder if she ever cares or have the thought her daughter would one day find this video of her mum shaking her behind on top of tables in future. And those Kenyan producers, if she’s good with her music, why can’t they support her and make the cut from the record sales? Is it still the society of “give me I give you”, as she narrates. So sickening!

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