Iguana chased by snakes – Planet Earth II: Islands – BBC One

Iguana chased by snakes – Planet Earth II: Islands – BBC One

A snake’s eyes aren’t any good, but they can detect movement. so, if the hatchling keeps its nerve it may just avoid detection a near miraculous escape

100 thoughts on “Iguana chased by snakes – Planet Earth II: Islands – BBC One

  1. His mother Laid a egg there LOL 😂.. He woke up on hell and watched his siblings be eaten alive… He planned his escape…

  2. That ending was the most cinematic thing I've ever seen. The kick in the face, the close pursuit, then the drop in the pit. It's like it was written on a screenplay.

  3. When you're more invested in a lizard running from some danger noodles than season 8 of Game of Thrones.

  4. I think , I've watched it already 20 times , so its so impressive and interesting ,sometimes I'm thinking it is not real

  5. Man! Those snakes are ganging up on the little fella. He doesn't seem to be built for fast running, either — but he can jump!

  6. Natural instinct is so mind boggling to me. This iguana is only a few minutes old, never had any sort of teaching experience, but somehow still knows how to do all of this.

  7. Wow. That was intense. That iguana was a scrapper. He was NOT going to be lunch to those snakes. Those snakes that instantly multiplied from one to 100 as the iguana kept running. Whoa. Then the iguanas life saving leap across that open space as the last snake tried to catch him…., his narrow escape of being captured I thought "NO, BBC never shows things getting killed on this channel!" Thank you.

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