I’m Even Shocked and Stunned At What CNN Just Did!

I’m Even Shocked and Stunned At What CNN Just Did!

Okay so I’m going through and use this morning and of … course I’m looking for the article to talk about today to … dissect to go through and of course give you more contact … and information for that of course the mainstream media … will never give you and then I come across CNN and I am … absolutely shocked stuff. Mainly because. I actually did a good job. Hold on hold I don’t leave yet … please don’t leave don’t low no no no no no not here for … just one second please cuz trust me I’m not a fan of the … crap use Network in any way shape or form I confronted … Paula Zahn face-to-face before question Erin Burnett … before and of course the media darling that is … Anderson Cooper not once not twice OG what a surprise … when you type in a we are change CNN Anderson … Cooper to you too I’m trying to find out exactly how many … times I confronted him and of course nothing comes up so … does look like I just confronted him twice you just … saw how rig the algorithm is coming back to the original … Point hear CNN has even previously put out a fake … copyright strike against this very news organization of … false strike with no merit that took away our live streaming … ability for over a month and hurt this Independent News. For no reason with absolutely no ramifications at all so trust … me the love affair here doesn’t exist between me and … CNN but when it comes to this article. I think even though this hurts to say this I think they … actually did a good job but that’s why I in this video we’re … going to read along this entire article and of course be … hypercritical of it giving you an important context as we … see it to of course the bigger ramifications behind this story … and by the way this is all possible because you loved … you are support us and one way of supporting us is by … literally buying a t-shirt on teespring.com store we are … changed or you feeling good like we’ll be just into the … scription and you can buy a new shirts I would just put … out like this at the same time representing your discontent … with brainwash masses and supporting a small … Independent News organization so yeah I’m … moving forward to this article which has been actually … reposted by other alternative media that I actually trust … let’s get into this story which is titled sold to an ally lost to … an enemy exclusive report by I can’t. Scene at the byline reads the US ship weapons and secrets … to the Saudis and Emirates now some are in the hands of … Fighters linked to al-qaida and Iran story which was … developed by actually for journalists that we’re going to … get into right now now before we even get into this article … the first things are popping into my mind is number one … that this is nothing new is something that I’ve been … reporting on for a very long time with even the second … most popular video on our YouTube channel breaking … all of this down in great detail and we even knew from the … Hillary Clinton emails that were released that she knew … that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were funding Isis and allowed … it to happen we knew we knew that Obama with his … foreign policy was creating the conditions to let the … Islamic State rise he knew this knowingly and willingly … and supported those efforts because of the longer bigger … geopolitical gold the United States had which was ousting … Bashar al-assad so this is nothing new. Like CNN is giving an exclusive report on another … aspect of this now if I’m being hypercritical a little bit late to … the game since I’ve been talking about this since 2014 … and even before a lot of times that this was happening not … only by the United States and in my opinion from the … evidence that I saw on purpose let’s see if CNN … takes a very similar to take on this particular issue or maybe … if they’re just running cover for course the military … industrial complex Saudi Arabia and its Coalition … Partners have transferred American-made weapons to … Al-Qaeda Fighters Hardline selfie militants malicious and … other factions Waging War in Yemen in violation of their … agreement with the United States a scene investigation … has found the weapons have also made their way into the … hands of iranian-backed rebels battling the Coalition … for control of the country exposing some of America’s … sensitive military technology to Tehran. Potentially endangering the lives of US troops in other … conflict zones okay so here is that a bunch of weapons … were lost and there ended up ending up in a bunch of … people’s hands which it seems like it’s being … attributed to malice but we’re going to see you in a little bit … now getting this is not a surprise to me because what … I was doing on the ground reporting in Mogadishu … Somalia I also reported on the fact that the conditions … have deterred so much in Mogadishu mainly because of … so much for an intervention and not only money but guns … being sent down there but of course I’m number of … government factions and those guns ended up just … being sold to the highest bidder which is one of the major issues. The people of Somalia are dealing with right now in … those larger ramification smell again the angle that … scene and is taking here’s that this is sensitive military … technology in the hands of Iran Contra hurt American … troops if the US fights Iran again I’m already not liking … this continuing on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab … Emirates its main partner in the war have used the US … manufactured weapons as a form of currency to buy the … loyalties of malicious or tribes bolster chosen armed actors … and influence the complex political landscape according … to local commanders on the ground and Analysis who … spoke to CNN this is most likely an analyst against … someone very Anonymous we should be skeptical of this it … could most likely be an intelligence officer or … someone on the ground or even on the Pentagon but … again let’s not speculate. Moving on quote by handling off this military equipment to … third parties the saudi-led Coalition is breaking the … terms of its armed sales with the US according to the … Department of Defense. According to CNN presented its findings that you have … defense official confirmed that there was an ongoing … investigation into the issue and I predominantly … whenever you have a quotes us defense official alarm is … Source here saying that there’s an ongoing … investigation it. Not always but this is the language of guilty people … quote to the revelations raised fresh questions about … whether the US has lost control over key Ally … presiding over one of the most horrific Wars over the … past decade surprising to see CNN call the war one of the … horrific Wars in our past decades and whether Saudi … Arabia is responsible enough to be allowed to continue … buying the sophisticated arms and fighting Hardware … in investigations establish that u.s. made weapons were used as a series of deadly Saudi … Coalition attacks that killed dozens of civilians many of … them children yes that is true especially a Boeing missile … that killed children also came as Congress outrage with radio. Over the murder of journalist Jamal khashoggi last year considered. Weather to Forest and end to the Trump Administration … support for the Saudi Coalition which relies on … American weapons to conducts its war and again … it’s not only just here is that it doesn’t just rely on American … weapons it’s relies on American Personnel … American fighter jets American intelligent US … soldiers on the ground in Yemen right now as well as a … bunch of American mercenaries and contractors … private militaries from the United States who are … fighting for of course the rich Gulf Oil States most … importantly you’re a bigger aspect that I haven’t seen … since I met you yet alongside radicals alongside wahhabist … alongside Al queda and I’m not making. Share this video with your friends who don’t know … anything about what’s going on geopolitically but the … United State is a line Not only was Saudi Arabia but I’ll cater … on the ground in Yemen right now causing one of the worst … humanitarian crisis in the world. An important factors CNN I wish you would have … mentioned that once again this even came out with an … official investigation by the AP that’s found out that us allies … and I’ll carry it up or not only battling together but the … Coalition that the United States is a part of in Yemen … fighting against the coetzee iranian-backed mostly Rebels … that Coalition is going into territories where Al queda has … a bunch of control gaming Al queda a bunch of money and … saying hey just move away from here then they bring in … the reporters and say look we got rid of arcade in this region … meanwhile I’ll cater which is fighting alongside is just … incentivize and is becoming more and more financially … supported as the u.s. Coalition with Saudi Arabia is … fighting against the hood sees the United States is on … the side of Al queda I’m literally been talking about … this for years been called a crazy person Illuminati … conspiracy theorist well for freaks sakes finally a p. On the CNN or even admitting it I’m so let’s … continue on with the CNN article here in 2015 or the … coalition to oust Iranian supported hootsie Rebels … from the country’s capital and reinstate the international … recognize government of President Abu rabu Mansour … Hadi into and with it came the weapons Not Just Guns but … anti-tank missiles armored vehicles heat-seeking lasers … and artillery all flooding into an unruly and complex State … since then some of America’s beautiful military equipment … quoted as US President Donald Trump wants called it … has passed on sold stolen or banded in Yemen state of … chaos where murky alliances and frustrated politics means … little hope for any system of accountability or tracking … some Terror groups of gain from the influx of us arms but … he seen and I think it’s fair to say a lot of the terror groups … have gained by just from the influx of us ours but just from … the United States. Very first statement with all … the evidence we have provide. About two years continue nuts with the barrier of Entry … to Advanced Weaponry now lowered by the laws of supply … and demand militia leaders have been ample opportunity … to obtain military hardware in exchange for the manpower … to fight the coetzee malicious arms dealers have flourished … with trades offering to buy or sell anything from the US … manufactured rifle to a tank to the highest bidder and … Iran’s proxy so captured American weapons they can … exploit for vulnerabilities or reverse engineering for Native … production quote do you have American Guns here and … hear CNN actually portrays a video of course you can just … buy any kind of weapon and you haven’t pacifically u.s. assault rifles I’m just going to read the highlights here … where one of the arms dealers in Yemen said quote … the American Guns are expensive and sought after … the weapons trade a replied in an exchange captured by … undercover CNN cameras linked to aqap again aqap … means that. In the Arabian Peninsula the … Abu Abbas Brigade now possesses u.s. made Oshkosh armored vehicles paraded in a 2015 … show of force throughout the city bus is again declared … terrorist by the United States which of course still has … support from Saudi Arabia. Has been made. By the United States and now is literally in the hands of … al-Qaeda and the UAE. Air-dropped American-made tow anti-tank missiles on the … same Frontline where of course I’ll Kata aqap was … operating in the end this is not the first time that this is … actually happening it actually happened even in Syria … directly where Isis was fighting along and their … positions were reinforced from u.s. airdrop switch again we captured and detailed on this … channel years ago so this is nothing new and another … reason why I don’t think that this is accidental or just in the … case of Saudi Arabia doing this there’s more to the story … of course and obscene I will highlight the local officials … confirm that the airdrop happened and then scene … and try to investigate more the team was intimidated by … local government and couldn’t find out more … information they also found paperwork for other very … heavy US military equipment there this is the interesting … part here quote the United States has not authorised the … Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the United Arab. Can we transfer any equipment to party’s inside … Yemen Pentagon spokesperson Johnny … Michael told CNN the US government cannot comment … on any pending investigation that you might as well say … you’re just guilty of and use violations of Defense articles … and services transferred to our allies and partners. Iran information here not a surprise here that allegedly … Iran is assessing this US military technology very … closely TV channel broadcast images of Muhammad Al muqit. The factor rubber leader probably sitting behind the … wheels of a captured us made mrap in the capital … Sana as crowd chanted quote death to America in the back row. Minutes might as well just be Boeing slogan as we of … course discovered all of their hard. Settling Syria but now also in Yemen most likely all over … the world just in the hand of radical jihadis engineering on … CNN obtained an image showing the cereal summer … of a second American mrap in the hands of another senior … hootsie officials last year in Houdini considering on the … members of the for speaking to CNN anonymously out of … fear for his safety again probably going to telligence officer. Can’t really trust about him sources reveal that Iranian … and Hezbollah advisers have already gotten their hands on … the armored vehicles and other US military hardware … wouldn’t surprise me but I still don’t understand the … secrets to hear interesting scene in actually even … requested a comment from Iran. Living on 3rd part of this article is and bold called that … the human cost of conflict in the statement reads quote … the flood of us Weaponry is fueling a conflict that has … killed tens of thousands among them children on … school buses and families fleeing violence and pushed … Millions more to the brain. Salmon Creek correction it’s not the brink it is a famine … with some saying that it could even be the worst famine in … the last hundred years CNN actually showed up very kind … of graphic images images of a child starving which of … course we can’t show here on this channel that I think … needs to be continuing on at the end of this article it says … quote the u.s. is by far the largest supplier … of arms to both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates … and its support is crucial to the Saudi LED Coalition … continuing war in Yemen I got a very failing War which also … Jo politically has huge ramifications cuz it’s clearly … also showing the world that Saudi Arabia even with its … vast amount of money. Still can’t successfully have a victory. Militarily continuing on but there is scant evidence that … the White House wants to listen despite evidence that … the actions of a key us Ally maybe Mayer making … America less say ending it with the Donald Trump quote … when previously asked about the US arms deal to Saudi … Arabia saying quote I don’t want to lose all of the … investment being made into our country quote he said … and of article holy cow I mean. Not that bad of a job it could have been way worse … obviously I like a lot of other rational people will look at … geopolitical news do believe that you know radical islamist … like Al Qaeda and Isis are the bigger threat here compared … to of course Iran which of course this article. How old weight of that propaganda and pushed it … since you know them the bigger wahabi. Radicalized. Islamist Isis Al-Qaeda groups have been the ones that have … been committing the terrorist attack. Actually in the west and since a lot of their ideology comes … from Saudi Arabia which finances schools and … mosques and other institutions in the west that … promote that kind of core belief system I do believe that … that is a bigger problem I think it’s very clearly evident … of that other than. Iran which isn’t perfect. When you comparing the true it is absolutely backwards at … the United States allies. Which Saudi Arabia that’s my opinion A Broken Clock could … be right twice a day still kind of shocked and stunned to … see these kind of naturally bigger but like middle middle … truths presented by CNN especially in exclusive reports … that actually highlighter. Evidence of it of course I still distress CNN like I would a … fat kid with a big piece of cake is only one thing that’s … going to happen but when someone surprises you I … think it’s it’s worth mentioning and giving credit where credit … is due but if you think I’m wrong let me know why in the … comments section below I always try to answer your … questions and comments within the first hour that a … video is out so make sure you hit the notification button if … you want to be a part of these bigger discussions coming up … because we usually provide videos and a livestream too … many times a week here of course on our YouTube … channel and thank you so much for watching this is … sticking along so long with us. Love you guys stay tuned for a lot more here on YouTube, we are change.

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  2. If cnn is reporting on this, it’s because they want us mad at Iran and apparently Saudi Arabia for giving our weapons to terrorists. We are going after Iran. Is this another “weapons of mass destruction” movement by the establishment..but with actual weapons? It’s nothing but propaganda. They are definitely downplaying our real roles and the fact that we knew damn well what Saudi has been doing with our weapons. And it’s conclusion is that Trump is the problem? Not the fact that every modern president has been allowing this type of behavior..not just Trump.

  3. Would be good to see the exact conditions on the ground in Venezuela before trump, bolton and Co bomb the shit out of them to end their suffering.

  4. Wait for the other shoe to drop. Painting the frame to blame Trump for 20 years before. While the rogues continue to do what they have been doing all along.

  5. Isis has chemical weapons of mass destruction given them by the United states to iraq left over from the bathasts used on Syrian people to frame Bashar Assad the enemy of my enemy is my friend it's only matter of time before they make it to Iran and stick it on a ICBM and make a dirty bomb the United states is I'll prepared for such an event this is why that there is saber rattling against Iran after all we are the great satan to them fuck em we dint need their oil with new advances in fracking the alliance with Saudi Arabia will eventually wane if the U.s. government wants peace it shouldn't be done with war but with peace however those fundamentalists only understand power and bloodshed.

  6. Fire77, you're right. The biggest catastrophe for the USA people, those that hold true to the ideals of the founding fathers, is, was and will always be the Zionist Mafia that controls every aspect of USA. Trump promised to end wars, recently Syria and Afghanistan and Senate has said no and he obviously has capitulated. This is just one example. Zionists are the biggest enemy not all these people USA is fighting against.

  7. Thank you Luke for the real news. I am here in Southern Africa and love your channel big time. Keep them coming.

  8. If there was a war being fought in Cincinnati would there be dead children ? Would this be unavoidable ? Are civilian casualties abnormal when fighting among civilians ?
    If the enemy smartly and immorally house themselves and try their best to be where civilians are and use their deaths as propaganda against their enemies what do we do ? Do we remove the advantage of larger and more effective weapons safely guarded at a distance and lower our fighting capabilities nearly to that of an inferior enemy ? Will this result in more of our troops being killed ? No advanced Army can use its advantages when avoiding civilian casualties are a ROE. Who is responsible for the civilian casualties when your enemy uses them as human shields ? Do we use civilians as human shields or do we have areas where we keep them out of where there is only our military and those civilians who willingly put themselves in those areas ? We call them bases. IF the enemy had bases like us then civilian casualties would be greatly reduced. We play with a drastically more moral set of rules than they do and we are to blame for the children the enemy strap to their chests ? Not literally of course.

  9. They did it to justify a war with Iran by association with the terrorist group, and now that time is fast approaching and they need to start to roll the drums of war. Like always, nothing new or original here.

  10. Our troops are tried and convicted and imprisoned when they violate our rules of engagement which often state that avoiding civilian deaths are of more importance than the killing of the enemy. Our enemies have no such rules and are subject to nothing but praise when they purposefully house and move among their civilian shields. The fault of most of the civilian deaths goes to the enemy who receive no punishment and the press blames us, always. Believe it or not war is not pretty, precise or exact. Death is not abnormal in war and blame should be at least 50/50 !

  11. The alliance with the evil totalitarian Soviet Union was a necessity to the winning of WW2. 20 Russian soldiers to 1 American died to defeat the Nazis. Without their cannon fodder who knows what would have happened ? The armchair moralist would never allow such an alliance and thank God those ignorant fools are not in charge. Hint hint WeAreChange. Fk all Monday morning quarterback morons !
    American mercenaries are free non government military that fight for money alone. Linking them to America as some sort of problem with American government or US military is fking moronic ! The only objection one can morally take is if they take up arms against America ! Idiot !

  12. For faaaarrrk sakes America stop selling your shit to arseholes for good oil deals and stuff. That's like a junkie bringing their house hold items to a drug dealer bc they're desperate to keep their addiction going.

  13. One thing you don't mention is the why… keep up the good work but real yourself in on the why. Old guard vs the new guard in SA. Get to your point which is….?

    You have a good platform, use it. What are you afraid of? Seriously?

  14. almost 600k subs!! that's such a big deal !! been with you since the 9/11 days luke. keep up the great work!!! <3 <3 <3

  15. Is it possible that the swamp media knows they are going to be exposed and are trying to establish credibility? They must be in a civil war. Imagine being them in meetings trying to deal with this. My Mother always said "Son , You have to admit when You are wrong" ..It has always been easy for Me because I never had a Paycheck like Don Lemon gets…!!!! Great job , We are change..

  16. It's even more dangerous for a news media to mix truth with lies. I prefer them telling nothing but lies instead of giving a false sense of good reporting. They could sprinkle lies in separate articles or completely spin it, or they could have good articles among the BS. Not trustworthy in any sense.

  17. it's not like they couldn't see it coming.
    and there's been that many documentaries on the illegal arms trade, it seems that it's only the governments of the USA and it's allies that don't know where their weapons are going. they are the only who have no idea where all weapons are going, but on sheer sales alone. the suadis must be sitting on a massive stockpile or are arming every rebel group in the M-E. so the US and UK are bankrolling terror in the M-E, while blaming IRAN AND BEFORE, SYRIA

  18. CNN will only be setting Trump Admin up here – he's the only one mentioned. No Obama, No Kerry, No Clinton, No Rice,

  19. I forgot I was subscribed to this channel, must've been all the clickbait videos that made me not watch the channel anymore

  20. Many people have known this for years. Hell, even Iron Man (the first movie in 2008) touched up on this where US made weapons ended up in the hands of terrorists, because the US arms companies were selling to them!…and that's just the tip of the iceberg, where reality is far worse than fiction and more fucked up…or in military terms, SNAFU (Situation Normal, All Fucked UP).

  21. Well there you have it! The reason CNN reported the truth is because they oppose Trump, period. When Obama was doing the exact same things it was OK but as soon as Trump does it, report against it and attack Trump.

  22. The algorithym is "rigged" because you added CNN to your search, and didn't have CNN in the title of your video… jesus, nice scare tactic there, but you can't really be that naive, are you?

    Type in wearechange anderson cooper… and tell me I'm wrong, come on man…



  24. So people sold weapons to other people who gave them to more people who are going to use them against people? So whats new?

  25. Wait, Luke, dig into the actual units or the organization the GCC, you might find the level of sophistication oil money can buy impressive. Then, do you know the difference between the Houthi Movement and the Houthi ethnic group, because they are different, this Yemen thing is more complicated and that "student"movement will have a familiar ring to it's rhetoric if you dig into them.

  26. Something must have given, they wouldn't have published this if they didn't need to cover up the Benghazi FOIA and now testimony going on. Very interesting, something big is about to happen and this is spinning before it lands.

  27. SO, maybe what David Wilcock Said is True,
    If they really are arresting all the scumbags,
    why wouldn’t they start reporting the truth?
    Oh wait, I get it……
    The Step back before the leap forward?

  28. SO, maybe what David Wilcock Said is True,
    If they really are arresting all the scumbags,
    why wouldn’t they start reporting the truth?
    Oh wait, I get it……
    The Step back before the leap forward?

  29. SO, maybe what David Wilcock Said is True,
    If they really are arresting all the scumbags,
    why wouldn’t they start reporting the truth?
    Oh wait, I get it……
    The Step back before the leap forward?

  30. During the Obama Administration, ISIS was shipping oil to Turkey and then to the U.S. In return, the U.S. was providing weapons to ISIS. John McCain was frequently meeting with ISIS leaders (making deals). It's a shame that many of those U.S. weapons were used against our own troops. If only people knew the truth about dirty politics.

  31. What happens when Western intellectuals drop/force war into the economic domain ? Protracted wars break out all over the globe. It means we're infantile in our social skills. When war goes 'economic'… all hell breaks loose !

  32. always going after CNN but leaving even faker news outlets like Fox News and INFOWARS off the hook. You dont get faker than info wars.

  33. It's about controlling narratives, if you can lead each faction (right vs left) you essentially control populations and the system. It's also not clear who corporations back, it certainly is not always a certain country, often it's larger corporate banking global narratives. So yes you find truth in news but it's usually about what they don't report on that is more damning and each network may have differing allegiances. Information is a interesting thing to dissect these days.

  34. It could be… could be that the so called transferred technology and weapons has secret tracking devices and it is being used to track the rebels. You never know.

  35. What you're saying is so true, so true and correct. So insightful and so honest when others lie. I know the truth and you know the truth but those others, they lie and lie. And in lying, they fail to tell the TRUTH but I have the red pill. And because I do, I will buy T-shirts and stuff because I know TRUTH and the rest of the people, they do not know TRUTH.

  36. You officially count as the mainstream media friend. Netflix is to cable media as YouTube is to news media. They're just the millennial version. You're using the same forms of research as everybody else. Why do you think your resources are any more valid than CNN? You are much more easier to corrupt than a corporation or other organization. You're susceptible to conditioning like the rest of us and more likely to be a target than any of us. Just like Joe Rogan.

  37. Good Job CNN. Looking at Evidence, that's One very Important Step to Developing a Story, that's why Nobody buys ur Trump/Russia Bullshit, see, Because there is no Evidence.

  38. The Obama administration left Billions in the form of military hardware keys in the vehicles when we withdrew from Iraq. The only thing Trump really had to do to stop Isis was to stop the funding via the CIA. Ambassador Stephens gave his life due to the coverup of weapons being shipped to Syria. All this started with Bush Sr. and his N.W.O. Nation building agenda and possibly back to Jimmy Carter who destabilized the entire middle East when he pulled his backing of the Shaw of Iran setting up the takeover by the Ayatollah's . GLOBALISM IS REAL they will not stop until there is a One World Government , currency , and Religion.

  39. maybe it was sold directly from the US to AlQaida. As we know they support ISIS too. But since the Khashoggi story they want now Arab's oil and by the way, attack Iran. Easy, blame them for selling (US) weapons to terrorists…real propaganda CNN news!

  40. I understand that their TV reporting is different from their written content. With the written content, you actually have to do research fit for a journalist. On the TV, you can just yell.

  41. Main problem is saudi soilders are basically cannon fodder,they are one of the worst train militaries out there. The u.s. has tried to help train them but they just dont get it. Id say 50% or more was lost by Saudis due to getting there asses kicked other 50% i say they were handed over. The problem with walking away from saudi is if we walk away they will just go to russia and that is a major problem. The world is very fd up place,and believe it or not regardless if its right or wrong u.s. is just playing checkers,trying to guard its interests. Same thing in VENEZUELA, china owns 49% of Venezuelan oil,russia 15% and now owns Venezuelan gold mines. U.s. is playing checkers there to stick a knife in the eye of china and russia ,if u.s. gets there guy in there ,china and Russia loose there foot hold and loose a shitload of money. Every one blames u.s. but nothing said about what china and russia have to do and why there involved. Same in syria ,russia ,turkey and iran all due to pipeline, blocking qatar ,saudi and u.s. pipelines. They are all crooked ,russia and china are no saviors there all doing same thing

  42. Btw 80% arms in middle eat are russian,been proven. Middle east does not have a ak 47 plant,or rpg plant ,and russian anti aircraft guns in middle east. Russia ships shitoad of arms in. So dosnt china. They all do. Trillion dollar business. War is big money china,russia,u.s.a all want war to sell arms

  43. ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligence Service. All wars in th Middle East are primarly for Israel's benefit. If one understans it the genosiding wars all around israel make 100 % sense. Remember the Yinon plan for greater Israhell.

  44. The thing about "liberal" MSM is that they will report on honest news if it makes Trump look bad. If news ever makes Trump look good then MSM keeps it under wraps. That is not to say Trump and his Fox News mouthpiece don't do the exact opposite. Trump gives himself credit for all that is going good and deflects blame for all that is going badly. It's all about controlling the narrative to manufacture consent.

  45. The rats are very restless it seems. They use the salami tactic, a thin slice truth is released as it cant be denied anymore, it is a huge rotten salami however.

  46. holy fuck bro, how can you call yourself news when you cant read. how is the saudi capital spelled? read it then say it out loud

  47. Our military is separate from our government. The president has no power over them as the Commander in Chief, nor the House of Representatives, the Senate, or the Supreme Court.
    And if the military has run rampant, they need to be dismantled, arrested for treason, and rebuilt.
    Soo in other words, this article will be used to slam Trump as unsanctioned aid to enemies of the state. It's this kind of ponzi-scheme that is too blatantly obvious to not ignore.
    When your horse isn't broken in and refuses to give in, all you gotta do is shoot it in the head, and get another horse to break that one in. The public and government would need a pretty massive stick to take down this corrupt military industrial complex.

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